Top 10 PPC Myths That Every Marketer Should Know

Jul, 05 2018
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Top 10 PPC Myths That Every Marketer Should Know

Like Other Marketing Strategies Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising also have many misinformation or myths associated with it. Today, PPC has become one of the most powerful way to fetch traffic to your websites, to improve your return on investment (ROI), to reach to the quality customers who are most likely to convert, so on & so forth. But instead having so many benefits, people have many misconceptions about PPC, With time some of the misconceptions has been cleared but some of them have taken the form of Myths and today we are going to talk about Top 10 Myths about PPC.    

Top 10 Myths About PPC:

Myth No. 1. PPC is too Expensive: 

PPC can be Expensive in some cases but this is not always true. There may be times when things don’t work for you in the way you want them to do and you have to bear some kind of loss but that doesn’t mean that this will happen every time and you shouldn’t try PPC again. 

For getting the required results you need to have patience and give the campaigns enough time to perform. You can set budget according to your spending capacity over ads, you can also set the bids of keywords according to their performance and also can redefine the keywords if they are spending more.

And with time when you link keywords, ad copy and landing pages you will start generating revenue and that will result in reducing the cost. So basically there is no chance of spending more unless you change the budget of your campaigns. You are the only one who can control the spend over advertising.

Myth No. 2. PPC is not required if Organic Position is High: 

Many People have a mindset that if they are doing Search Engine Optimization for their websites which is generating traffic at lesser cost, then why to have a paid advertising like PPC. But this is not at all a fact, in fact having SEO and PPC together can double your results if we talk about the traffic and ROI.

Obviously getting something free is always better than getting it by paying money but it is also important that your ads are visible more to the targeted audience who are more willing to be converted and for that reason you need PPC even if you have high ranking in you organic results.

But even today some people totally neglect one of these two important tactics of marketing i.e. if they are doing SEO they will neglect PPC or vice versa. But the fact is something different which says that combination of these 2 strategies together works best for you website.

Myth No. 3. Being on #1 Position is Most Profitable: 

It is true that being on #1 position is good with the view of visibility and exposure but when it come to conversion and ROI there are chances that #1 position does not work in the way you want. Because #1 position brings some searches which are probably only searching and doesn’t have any intention of making a purchase.

And it can actually cost you much more that you have ever thought. If your business goal is to increase the awareness of your brand then #1 Position is a great position for you. But if you are more inclined towards conversions and sales you need to be cautious of being #1.

And if you keep experimenting the positions then you will be able to know the right position for your website to be at, which can give you the required business goals.

Myth No. 4. No One Clicks On PPC Ads:     

A lot of people have a view that no one cares about PPC advertising and they don’t click on the PPC ads but if it would be right then what about the businessmen at all levels (whether small, medium or large) who are making huge profits by PPC advertising.

And another thing is that Google is making a large part of its revenue from PPC advertising only because in PPC advertising when someone clicks on the ad the advertiser has to pay some fee for every click to Google. 

Google is one of the most profitable digital company in the world and how it is possible if no one clicks on the PPC ads. Many people don’t know the difference between an organic and paid ad and therefore both the organic and paid ads receive the clicks.

Myth No. 5. You Can Set & Forget PPC:     

PPC not at all a Set and Forget Scheme, many people believe that once you have created the campaigns for PPC advertising, set bid, budget, targeted keywords and forget it but in true sense it is totally wrong. You should never try this set & forget policy.

For getting best returns over what you are spending, you need to continuously keep a watch on the campaigns and keep experimenting various factors of a PPC Campaigns rather to leave it. You need to monitor performance of ads and keywords, need to add negative keywords as and when required and adjustment of bids and budget when required.

Because search engine algorithm changes so you need to be updated with the latest changes so that to be competitive in the market, PPC advertising needs continuous time and effort that’s why advertisers chooses some Outsource PPC Experts to manage their PPC advertising who can devote their proper time and effort to their campaigns.

Myth No. 6. PPC affects the Organic Position:  

There is a very simple explanation for this myth, PPC has nothing to do with the organic position of your product/service. Because traffic generated by organic ranking is free but generated by PPC campaigns is paid, and if the search queries are super relevant to your organic and PPC ads then both your ads will be shown by Google.

Myth No. 7. Turn off the Ads at Night as No One Searches for them at Night:

By Turning Off Your ads at night or by sticking to a particular time of the day, you can lose a lot of traffic as gone are the days when people were searching for something in the day hours only but now-a-days Online advertising is needed 24/7.

Switching Off your account at night is a very bad idea, in fact by doing this you will definitely lose some of your potential customers. Just because you are sleeping at night doesn’t mean that everyone or your potential customers are also asleep.

By Google Analytics You can know the peak time for your ads and then you can schedule your ads according to that but you have to be cautious before adapting the scheme, make sure you have done a proper research and you have a solid data backed. Because internet today is not restricted by hours it is available 24/7 and you must take advantage of it.

Myth No. 8. Google is The Only Search Engine Worth Advertising On:

This is true that Google comes on first position when talking about PPC advertising but this is not the only platform to advertise on, Yahoo, Bing etc. are other search engines you can worth advertise your products/ services on. For Some Accounts yahoo and bing are doing better than Google in getting better ROI and more conversions.

The CPC (Cost Per Click) for Bing and Yahoo are also less comparative to Google that means by spending less you can get more traffic on your website. And may be you surprisingly get better performance from those advertising platforms.

Myth No. 9. Test Ads All the Time:

This is true that you must test various factors of PPC advertising campaigns but this is not justifiable if you do it very frequently. First you need to give proper and required time to your campaigns so that they can show their performance in terms of attracting potential customers.

And just because if a campaign is not working well that doesn’t mean that it is a waste you can check for the reasons that what factors are making it non performing and then you need to test other element on that campaign. But before making final changes in a campaign wait for at least 100 clicks over that particular campaign.

By being very quick and impatient in pausing the ads or campaigns can possibly give you the loss of a potential ad which could give you the expecting results. You can hire a Google Certified Partner Company For better management of your campaigns.

Myth No.10. More Keywords Leads to Better Performance:

This is the most powerful myth that marketers are confused about even today, if you have more keywords then definitely you will get more impressions and more clicks on our ads but this is not guaranteed in the case of conversions. And Obviously our goal of running a PPC campaign is to get more conversions rather than more impressions and clicks only.

You should never overstuff your campaigns with more and more keywords, instead you can measure the relevance of the keywords according to your business goals and needs and then you can target the relevant keywords only.

You should constantly have a watch on the performance of the keywords and then adjust the bids of the keywords according to their performance. Choose a higher bid for performing keywords and a lower bid for non performing ones.


Marketers should not get deceived by these wrong beliefs or myths about PPC and should take advantage of running PPC Campaigns for their business/website. Because it can give them the unexpected result sometimes, if they be patient and have proper knowledge about the elements or factors of PPC. Before Hiring any Outsource PPC Services please check their Social Media Presence first.

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The Author is PPC Expert working with India’s Best PPC Company named as jeewangarg.com, She has been assisting hundreds of organizations across the world to provide the best returns at minimum investment. She has been writing articles and blogs to clear PPC strategies and techniques, how one can get the desired business returns on their investment and what are the latest PPC tricks and techniques? If you have any questions, send us a email @ info@jeewangarg.com

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