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PPC Expert in Delhi, India

PPC expert in delhi

We are one of the best PPC Expert in Delhi - India. We are passionate about our work and keep our knowledge base updated with latest developments in the field, by being well connected with various online communities. As a PPC Expert we make sure that our customers (you) are charged very nominally from Google and get the best position too.

There are many PPC Expert in Delhi - India but, as a Google Certified Partner, we are thoroughly acquainted with the principles and ethics of their criteria.

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Below are some tips on how to choose a PPC Expert & whether you require a PPC Expert or not:

Why Do You Need a PPC Expert?

Google updates its features regularly and as a businessman, you wish to see increasing sales margins driven by high profits yet you are not able to handle these prepositions since it requires conspicuous knowledge and intricacies to manage your Google AdWords account which only a professional can materialize. Hence, the failure to do so places your ad position on the descent or makes your CPC cost go high. Ultimately you lose more money.

Being an ardent PPC Expert in India, Gurgaon and Chennai, we are in constant touch with new developments and are applying those changes/new features into your/client account, making you far ahead of your competitor and churning out the best ROI from Google advertisement.

How to choose the Best PPC Expert:

As above, you must be clear what is Pay Per Click. Now, we will move on towards How to choose the person (PPC Expert) who can give us the ultimate result for our product.

We have listed few questions which you should ask before finalizing the contract with any company or individual:

Are you certified from Google?

How many accounts do you handle?

What is your exposure on handling AdWords?

How many hours will you devote to my account?

What kind of reports will you be giving to me?

What about the user ID or password of AdWords account?

What if I dislike your services, so how will you go further?

What will be my monthly Expenditure on Adwords?

Can I pause my Adwords account or target the customer geographically?

How will you handle my competitor?

How many people will work on my account?

What will be the Account Structure Strategy?

Even when you have finalized the Agency/individual for promotion on Google, your work is still not over. Actively and regularly ask the performance of your AdWords campaign. Just check the report on a weekly or bimonthly basis if you don't have the time to see it daily.

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What are the benefits of PPC advertising & PPC Management:

Payment Measurement: In PPC advertisement you are obliged to pay only when an interested person clicks on your ad. Your money flow is restricted till the bars of an interested consumer, not random surfers.

Controlled Budget: In PPC you can set the budget according to your needs. Moreover the set budget is not firm, it is rather flexible i.e. you can change it according to your needs.

Reaching Target Customers Is Easier: In PPC advertisement, you can place your ad at relevant pages and design it according to your target customers. This makes reaching the target easier.

Quicker Results: PPC can show results more quickly as compared to organic search. Depending upon a variety of factors, PPC campaign results are quickly noticeable.

What Kind of Report should I ask him to give?

You should get regular reports of your marketing campaign from the expert to know how well your money is being utilized. Ask if the expert provides monthly or weekly report. The reports should be transparent, and should be able to tell you which one is producing results and what needs more work.
The Main Important metric of the report will be conversion per cost. You can also ask about impression visibility, Click payout or the percentage of products being clicked also.

How we manage Google Quality Score?

Click through Rate or CTR is an important factor of Quality Scoring. So we closely observe the CTR of each Keywords, Ads. If anything alarming is noticed by us during optimization, we take immediate action on it and correct it.

Will you make Banner Ads also?

Yes, we have an inhouse team of professional graphic designers who make very attractive and appealing banner ads. Once we make an ad, we upload it on Google Adwords only after your prior approval.

Will the charges of Banner Ads be extra?

The making of banner ads will be absolutely free of cost.

Will you make Remarketing Campaign also & What is the benefit of this?

Yes we will be definitely running remarketing campaign as it is the most important strategy of campaign planning because we can trail back to the customer who has shown interest in the ad and expect good promotion from him because the chances of conversion from that customer are very high.Google Remarketing Services seems easy to apply but it is a strategic science and only a solid result oriented remarketing campaign can bring benefit provided it is created by a professional digital marketing company.

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