What are the benefits of Online Advertising? Types of Online Advertising

Feb, 05 2018
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Online advertising is the best type of marketing among all and surpassing all other types of advertising today like a pro. If you are running along with the time and have updated yourself then the chances increase that you are getting the majority of the traffic, and profits you will be benefiting from.

The term "online advertising" refers to everything from banner ads, to YouTube video ads, dynamic retargeting, and keyword search.

Following are the types of online advertising:-

Banner Ads

It is image based ads that are displayed on other websites. These ads are generally shown on news sites, blogs, other service websites etc. These ads are shown in the form of banners and with a captivating image.

Display Ads

It is the original form of online advertisement; these are the ads which display on the 3rd part website related to your content. Display ads have evolved from the basic form of banner ads. Nowadays, display ads have updated and it comes as:

  • Static Banner images 
  • Floating banner ads
  • Popup ads 
  • Video ads etc.

Social Media Ads

Social Media advertising is great way to target majority of the crowd and due presence of huge traffic of people online social media ads have become the tool to target your audience perfectly. For instance, Facebook ads include age, region, interests, educational background and many more.

In retargeting you can run another sequence of the ad to get few more chance to capture your target market. The market you have targeted seems that you may not convert the first time they see your online ads; that happens quite often. In online marketing, the remarketing is the best way to remind your customers that they are missing out something valuable.

Video Ads

Video ads are shown in the online videos to grab more traffic. Basically, video ads are run on the videos which are on the famous and most used platforms like Youtube, Facebook etc. It is very efficient for branding because your products and services will be demonstrated visually which is easy to understand.

Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising is the most important part of the successful advertising on the internet. The coming era is the mobile era where everyone will be fully dependent on mobile only. So targeting mobile advertising is the great thing to do for the bright future.

Email ads

Email ads are the popular one among all and it is very common nowadays. You’ll get ads as emails on your email id and it doesn’t seem like the ad at all. Simply, open your inbox and you're likely to see advertisements promotion on your email.

You can see that how times have changed so expeditiously. A few days back we were focused on billboards and door to door advertising but now all these tasks have become digital and performing well as compared to traditional marketing. People have come online, businesses have also come online so what to think about. Maximum targeting should be done online or digitally.

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The Author is PPC Expert working with India’s Best PPC Company named as jeewangarg.com, She has been assisting hundreds of organizations across the world to provide the best returns at minimum investment. She has been writing articles and blogs to clear PPC strategies and techniques, how one can get the desired business returns on their investment and what are the latest PPC tricks and techniques? If you have any questions, send us a email @ info@jeewangarg.com

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