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What is Amazon SEO Services

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Many of us might not have heard about Amazon SEO, since SEO as name suggests is Search Engine Optimization and Amazon in not a search engine for many of us. Amazon does not give answers/results to service related category (Cranes on rent, Dentist in Delhi etc.) and many other type of search queries, but if we talk about product search here is what Eric Schmidt (Google’s Executive Chairman) has said about Amazon in his blog

A third of people looking to buy something started on Amazon -- that’s more than twice the number who went straight to Google

Hence, Amazon is a search engine for products and to rank the product on Amazon, one has to take Amazon SEO Services by any professional.


Do you really Need Amazon SEO Services :

If you have sufficient time to optimize your listing yourself, then you should not, Otherwise you can take the help on any SEO Expert.

If you have fairly large category and variety of products then also, it is advised to get it managed from SEO Professional. Taking professional help is also recommended since it will help save your time and energy, which you can use to focus on product improvements.

Tips to boost your ranking on Amazon

Below are few Tips which can be used by anybody to rank his/her products on Amazon.

  • 1. Use proper words in the Product title - There are many Keyword tools (Google Keyword Planner, Keyword.io, open site explorer by MOZ ) through which you can find out what keywords potential customer use to buy any product.
    Also, if you are running Sponsored products on Amazon you have Search term report which will give you exact data what keywords are converting for your products. Use them in your product title, bullet points, description & backend search term.
  • 2. Right Category: Listing your product in right category is also important.For some products Category is quite obvious, for others it has to be decided carefully between two/three options.Choose the category most closely related to your product and in which searches are high for your product.
  • 3. Reviews: Reviews are important factor of ranking algorithm. Try to get many review by enticing your customers.Positive reviews add to your ranking while a negative one is not good for product ranking.
  • 4. Use of social Media: Use social media wisely and post your product and send visitor to Amazon product page. Any referral traffic is a Big ranking factor of Amazon Algorithm.
  • 5. Backlinks: You can get backlinks to your product pages from many other website like directory submission, Bookmarking etc.

We at Jeewan garg.com provide SEO Services for Google also you can get in touch with us for further consultation on same.

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