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Sep, 17 2018
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Google has announced the new Google AdWords Interface as the only interface from now, as it has rolled out through July 2017 but it was then possible to switch between the old and new interface. However the new interface has been receiving the mixed responses, as the long term users of old Google AdWords Interface are finding it difficult to switching themselves to a totally new Interface of AdWords. But as a Google AdWords Patner in Delhi, India we gonna discuss about the advantages of some new functionality which the new AdWords Interface have i.e. 

1. The new overview tab which provides better insights and analysis for users.

2. New Keyword Planner Tool, Which enables you to better plan your keywords for the future.

3. New Keyboard Shortcuts for easy navigation. 

Let us now discuss in detail about these functionalities of new interface:

1. Overview Tab

The new Overview tab introduced in the new AdWords Interface provides you an opportunity of displaying and analyzing data on a single page. This Overview tab has replaced the Home tab of the old interface. It shows a number of summary cards, each having a link which allows you to click and go through the more information. 

These cards are basically based on the information which Google thinks important and useful. These are not according to the saved filters from your account, which were used in creating the old Home tab. These graphs are also more graphical as the data in the Home tab was used to be in tabular form.

Here are the examples of the cards used in Overview tab:

Summary Graph By Date This comes with four main metrics each can be added to the graph.

Summary Graph By Date

Biggest Changes

It shows the Increases and decreases i.e. the biggest changes occur in the selected period of time with the ability to choose from 10 metrics i.e. cost, conversion, CTR etc.

Biggest Changes

Campaigns:  It shows all the campaigns’ summary in a table with cost, clicks and CTR. With the help of this you can take the quick decisions about the campaigns needed immediate action.


Search Keywords

 It provides a summary table of the search keywords with cost, clicks and CTR (It can be chosen from the total of 12 metric for each column).

Search Term or Keywords

 It shows the most searched search term or words in the selected time frame with the impressions, clicks and conversions. From here you can easily choose the search terms or words to add in the campaigns as a positive o negative keywords. You have no longer needed to download the report every time to find out the keywords.

Search Term or Keywords

Most Shown Search ads : This card shows which of your search ad has been shown the most. It also includes Impression, Click and CTR etc. It also has given an option to choose from total of 10 metrics.

Most Shown Search ads

Display Ads

It also shows the summary of all the display ads running with the impression, click, conversions etc. It again provides you the opportunity to choose from total of 10 metrics.

Display Ads

Devices: This shows a bar graph which splits the data from three devices i.e. computers, tablets and mobile phones with data for cost, clicks and conversions.



It shows a bar graph which splits the networks (i.e. Google Searches, Search Partners and Display Networks) with the data clicks, cost and average CPC.


Day & Hour

They have plotted it in a tiles form in which you can choose from a list of 16 metrics and here a color coding is also used in this card.

Day & Hour

2. Keyword Planner

In the new Google AdWords Interface Google has been rolling out a restructured form of Keyword Planner. The workflow of the new version of keyword planner is very much efficient and time saving as it is designed with Google’s Material Design, which matches the new Interface of AdWords. 

The best indication of this new version of keyword planner can be notified immediately from the start screen. In the older version where we were having multiple options and links, the new start screen has streamlined it to just 2 options: “Find new keywords” and “Get metrics and forecast for your keywords”.

In the following images we can see the screenshots of different start screens for the old and new version of Google AdWords.

old Start Screen

New Start Screen

Let us now discuss about the changes you will find in the new keywords planner tool:

Keywords Ideas

The chart of keyword ideas in the new Interface shows not only the total monthly search volume, but shows mobile search volume in the main chart as well. In the older version the facility to see the mobile search volume was available only in the drop down menu of the search volume trends.

Keywords Ideas

In the new Interface’s keyword planner user can filter out the negatives and the keywords already included in the account by clicking the filter button below the chart. Because in the new keywords planner the ability to see ad impression share comparisons to competitors and market leaders’ domains is not available from dropdown in search volume trends.

Two new metrics are available in Keyword Ideas, now user can see Organic Impression Share and Organic average position for the keywords if a site ranks for those keywords and if the enough data is available. For that you need to link the AdWords and Search console accounts and also need to add the column to the keyword ideas report.

Keywords Ideas


In the old version of AddWords, users needed to set a bid to get forecasting and users can adjust the slider in the chart to see that how changes made in the bid affects the other performance metrics, you can see it below in the screenshot.


But in the new AdWords interface forecast section immediately shows total estimated performance impact, also include the maximum CPC for a keyword. It also provides you an option to play with bid settings, you can click the drop down on the plan estimates or can select the maximum CPC field.

AdWords interface forecast

Now in the new interface you have no need to toggle between menu tabs to see location breakouts and device breakouts, the new plan overview includes cards for location as well as devices. 

toggle between menu

It will take you some time to getting used to, but overall changes are made to be an improvement on the older version of keyword planner. 

3. Keyboard Shortcuts 

The primary goal of the new AdWords Interface is to help you better manage your campaigns in a easy and convenient way i.e. more efficiently. So Google also wanted you to provide some more conveniences which you find in other Google Products i.e. keyboard shortcuts. Just like in Gmail you can quickly navigate between different account without using your mouse, now in the new AdWords interface you have a number of Keyboard Shortcuts at the tips of your fingers.

Global navigation:

g then o: Go to All Online Campaigns

g then c: Go to Campaigns tab

g then r: Go to Ad groups tab

g then k: Go to Keywords tab

g then n: Go to Networks tab

g then a: Go to Ads tab

g then s: Go to Settings tab

Table navigation and actions

j/k: Next/previous row in the primary data table

x:  To Select the current row (Shift + x for multiple rows)

e: Edit

p: Pause

n: Enable

d: Delete

l: Download

Editing ad groups and keywords

e: Edit selected rows

Ctrl + Arrows: Move between editable fields

Ctrl + s: Save changes

Esc: Cancel edit mode

If you ever forget a shortcut, you can always find them in the help widget in the bottom left of your account. 


Final Thought

Some people may find it difficult to switch to the new Google AdWords Interface, If they are using the old interface for a long time, but the thing to always keep in mind is that Google has upgraded it's interface for your ease and convience with the latest features and as one of the best PPC Company in Delhi we are always here to help you to understand the restructured interface. 


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