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Responsive Website Design Company in Delhi,India

Today we come across many websites that dominate our personal computers and laptops but going by the recent trend, intestinally, mobile traffic is increasing about over 46% in the US alone while tablet-based traffic accounts below 5% of total internet usage. Even India has more than 350 million smart phone users. This simply means that smartphones are dominating the internet market today.we are one of the India's Leading Responsive Website designing Company in Delhi, India. There is an impressive twist to the inflow of mobile applications. We are seeing the Earth convert into a rapid mobile-oriented world. This fast ideation has promulgated demand for responsive website development.

Now, What is a Responsive Website?

A responsive website is kind of a website precisely what you see on your smartphone. This is a site specifically developed to run on any smart mobile. Mobile applications have a different platform. It must carry Responsive Web design Services method to give an optimal viewing experience like easy reading and navigation across an array of devices.

The Responsive websites Services need specific attention because the user is prone to fast finger tapping and browsing habits and he is likely to route to a different site if the information he looks is not tranquil. The region of South Asia is one of the world's busiest mobile markets having a huge potential for IT and software engineers and India is a potential maker of useful responsive websites for the market.

Responsive Website Design

What is the Necessity of a Responsive Website Service?

Mobile means business these days and its usage is on the rise. Only in American perhaps 58% adults use a smartphone and 60% of website traffic comes from mobiles. This means greater smartphone net browsing as 70% customers are using smartphones for online shopping. A smart mobile is also a great companion when you want to chat on social sites like Facebook because social marketing strategy can boost your business on this platform even greater.

A responsive website Service is also a perfect example of accommodation on any and every mobile that can show your content. It really is easier to browse through and so have a rich user experience for your audience. So if you are corporate, your business branding will improve and bouncing will decline. This all means that definitely, a responsive website will add to your profits.

Top Reasons Why Your Business Need Responsive Web Design

To qualify your webpages to look better and load faster on all types of devices, providing the users with a better experience. Thus, it is essential to have a responsive website design. This responsive design and method is a cutting edge technology and wonders that objectives at coding a website that offers an optimal viewing, friendly navigation, and fantastic reading experience with advanced possible resizing, slating, and scrolling different devices, including computers, tablets, and other devices.

In this article ahead, we would discuss some pointers on why your business needs a Responsive Web Design:-

Mobile Devices Usages
It is astounding to know that a large number of small and mid-size businesses do not have mobile-friendly websites; however, with the increase in mobile devices and its usages. , a mobile-friendly and Responsive Design has become the need of the day today. Recent data revealed that more than 30% of total searches from Google are being conducted from mobile phone devices. In the USA, Italy, Germany, and India, over 36% of internet users make use of their mobile devices to reach the World Wide Web.

User Experience
Responsive Web Design assists the clients or visitors to access and use the sites from whichever device they desire. More significant user experience is a must, all the way; therefore, the clients must use a particular website on a particular device. The same website can be viewed on a desktop also in a tablet screen with adjustments apt to the device screen dimensions. Hence, making it is an excellent user experience.

Enhanced Search Engine Optimization
Search Engines can discover your content more professionally. However, helping your website to be handier and more admired amongst the users. The responsiveness of the website is termed as one of the signals that do determine the rank of your websites. However, if it is seen that the website is much responsive, then it will be exhibited very low in the SERPs.

Blogs & Social Media Inspire mobile use
According to the latest studies and research, over 60 percent of Social Media Surveys now take place on devices like tablets and mobiles. If you are making use of the innovative practices to determine advanced traffic to your website, then make sure your website is fortified with responsive properties and works superbly on every platform such as tablets and smartphones. Thus, responsive properties are essential to draw potential buyers to our website.

Saves Times & Money
Responsive websites uphold your website design cost very low, and that can be better as it attracts huge customers with less investment. In the same way, making changes to your website is an easy affair, and it can be done in no time. With very little time in changing, it also assists you in keeping your website updated every time. Thus, with responsive design, you save copious time along with big bucks.

Rise in Mobile Traffics
Analysis of the last quarter of the year 2017, revealed that around 52 percent of the world internet traffic originated from mobile devices. The upsurge in the percentage specifies that no business can take responsive web designing lightly. One should make a good note of how much time they spend on the sites. The businessmen should do the same analysis after applying responsive design and then compare both data.

Easy Maintenance
If you have different sorts of websites for different devices, then the development team will have to work on the same thing on different websites. It would be better to fix problems and maintain all the websites and develop all the websites in a responsive form, and that will definitely be time-consuming. To your ease, if you have a single responsive website, then the development team members of your business have to spend less time on maintenance work and thus can focus on marketing and devise a plan, product development, customer support, etc.

Bounce Rates
Visitors who reject a website after seeing a single display page are termed as bounce rates. However, responsive websites ensure that the visitors stay on the page for a longer time, hence reducing the bounce rate. If your website is designed responsively, it provides a variety of information to your visitors. They often become intrusive to click into what you want them to see and therefore helping you to promote and carry your ideas and innovations to them.

Website Loading Time
It is a proven fact that websites that are responsive inclines to load faster on every device, particularly on mobiles and tablets. This assists the visitors to access the website in no time, thus making them spend more time on the site than the load process. It is often said that a site takes more than 3 seconds to load a mobile user cancels the page and alters to other sites. However, to retain and draw visitors, one should have a responsively designed webpage and displays the essence of responsive design in today’s world.

If a visitor spends more time on your sites is less likely to keep away from your website. This also assists in enhancing the visitors experience and building trust on the brand promoted by the website. In this way the enhanced experience of the users ultimately leads to a higher rate of conversion. This exhibits and reveals why a responsive design is a must for a business.

How to Check the Responsive Website in India ?

Responsive websites in India involve creative judgment as they serve massive viewers across the world. Clearly, they need to be mobile compatible. With a step by step approach, we can check a responsive website:

  • First, enter complete URL of the page like https://www.jeewangarg.com/
  • You can press ENTER or click on GO to check how your website is visible on multiple devices. Your webpage dimensions will appear on your screen resolution device. One dimension selection is applied simultaneously.

Why is Responsive Design Better than Separate Mobile Website?

The market is booming with miniature computing substitutes and one such device is the mobile. An increased demand for tablet, smartphones and other smart handheld devices has driven the handheld device market to newer levels. As per Google, platform-free websites give the best ranking as they impact their presence moreover the search engines. Responsive websites design always has an edge over a simple mobile device for these reasons:

Cost Difference: Maintaining two sites separately will put in extra efforts and cost, so better to combine them both into a compatible website design. Once a site is updated, it will run on anything but a mobile one won’t. This makes for remarkable website development costs cut to your site upkeep.

Adjustability: Generally, responsive websites designs in Delhi have strong design schema that has automation for both big and small screens but a mobile site can only run on small screens.

Domain Restrictions: Mobile sites do have domain limitations but responsive websites are free to comply with any domain type. For SEO applications, responsive sites are better performing than ordinary mobile sites.

Mobile sites involve more expenses than responsive sites in the long run. Add to it, the promotion you get on responsive sites cannot be matched on mobile sites. Therefore, responsive website designing company Delhi is the best option to promote business.

Is your Website Responsive?

The easiest way to check if a website is responsive is by opening it in Firefox or Chrome and dragging your mouse from the bottom right to left. If the content adjusts to the new dimensions, it is a responsive site although testing your website on numerous devices is always recommendable and realistic.

An emulator can also help you check if your website is indeed responsive. But a short study about the tool and its efficacy is warranted.

Are Responsive Websites Worth it?

Of course! Responsive websites add to the high publicity you need your site to get because you’ll see your competitor get good dividends from the same products he is selling online a responsive one. It is always advisable to be smart and spend some extra bucks on a site that can be accessed by all online.

Be it a smartphone, a laptop or a desktop, everyone should easily have your site within reach.

Why a Mobile Responsive Website?

Mobiles are in great demand over the desktop and more people are using the net on them. Over 67% users purchase goods online from a mobile-friendly website so a responsive web design is worthy.

To choose from a responsive website or a separate mobile website is debated but it matters what business you have and what category of classes it is going to affect i.e. the intended audience and if SEO is a factor.

If you have a responsive website, Google is likely to highly recommend it because it professes to refer to responsive web design as the industry best practice since responsive design sites have one URL and the same HTML, regardless of device, to make it more calibrated for Google to organize content.

Secondly, as content on responsive web design has one website and one URL, it is a lot comfortable for users to share, interact with, and link than on other sites. Sharing of content from desktop to mobile requires optimum calibration that is supported only by a responsive website design Delhi. Lastly, a responsive website can run on multiple devices and give the user a rich experience.

How much does a Responsive Website Cost in India?

Website costs depend upon website development cost and web design price for different components. In US dollars, it is quite expensive and can run anywhere from $500 to $15,000 so it is quite vague to select which one to go for. At Jeewangarg.com, our website development cost is down to earth as the systematic payment plans are quite affordable if you compare another organization simply because we do not deal in third-party intervention and a direct client contact is sufficient to give him the best price we can offer. We only charge according to what is the offer and so, our site development charges are quite modest in ratio. Secondly, it also, more importantly, depends upon site design and development if you want to have higher traffic inflow. The mobile market is huge and competition is tough so visibility on mobile needs to be very much effective and quick to convert the visit into a relationship.

How Responsive Website works?

Style sheets are used to determine text to will appear on a fixed screen width. Different mobiles have different screen sizes so a fixed screen size is a compatibility issue. Here, for a wider screen, the 480px breakpoint allows to be compatible with multiple mobile phones and run your website. Responsive sites allow promulgating flexible fluid content values that can retain width values in percentages. Combining them with a number of media comportments will give strong compatibility on devices.

Evidently, the smartphone had come without a responsive website which was designed for computer screens. Gradually, a responsive website was introduced and strong user interface was created. A responsive site will make your mobile ready with readable font-sizes; readable without requiring the user to zoom in with a significant design change - easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling in various devices.


A responsive web design has a plethora of benefits and is always preferable to any other website design. When we talk about Facebook or Twitter, the link between desktop and mobile also becomes significant as multiple users could have multiple device types. Also that SEO is harnessed on a responsive more easily, and Google supports responsive design as well, this design is the need of the hour. In America only where 96% of people shop online and most of them use mobiles while some also use laptops and palmtops, making a perfect jinx between these devices to run your favorite business idea on your corporate site will only run a successful flight if the site that lists your services is indeed responsive!

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