Ecommerce Website Cost in India

Feb, 05 2018
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ecommerce website cost in India

Internet has become a major place to visit both domestically as well as in the international forum. It is a big arena where fortunes develop and small time earners also get a chance to display their products everywhere.

Definitely, it’s an international market hub where manufacturers, producers, and sellers are ready to offer their goods and services at the best possible price.

However, the response rate on some famous sites like Yahoo, Google, etc. is so strong that you offer a good thing, and demand for that will automatically start pouring in.

Sometimes the buyer generally does not ask for the price but goes by the product from its quality. Wise businessmen are making great money overall on this advertisement platform.

A number of websites are too famous that they hardly can stop traffic from visiting their homepage or content. One of these is Yahoo and Facebook and both have a plethora of traffic that keeps pouring in each time you visit it.

There are a lot of good things happening on the internet and brand promotion is one of them. An active website has ingredients to capture your mood and offer what you like.

More so, the content is equally important as it gives the reader a stature to address his own questions so it’s an evolving process. But e-commerce is a totally different concept and very progressive.

It is not like any other common site however and requires a lot of research about the current marketing trends, new and regularly updated features, all of them being presented in a different yet thoughtful manner.

Internet being the primary tool to support electronic commerce, India alone has an internet users base of about 450 million as of July 2017 which is 40% of the population and around 6 million new entrants are adding each month.

The wide use of e-commerce has given rise to high corporate players who are selling their products on a broad scale. This increasing demand is creating as many as 1,06,000 websites being registered daily.

The most famous being online clothing market and consumer electronics that contribute up to 42% of the total retail e-commerce sales.

Reliable Website Design at a Reasonable Cost

High sales are influenced by one major factor and that is great website development. There are sites in India which sell the same product but have different sales figure and one could have hoards of traffic coming in.

This is all because the visitor’s like or dislike for the site. An attractive site is easy to get in more people because it is ought to be very user-friendly, simple yet creatively strong in appeal so people are likely to turn in and explore its products.

Some also actively share their reviews and offer word to mouth publicity to their friends and fellows.

India is a huge market of e-commerce website users and so it has given space to many website designers and developers that offer their service at competitive rates and the E-commerce website cost in India is variable.

However, website development alone is not what will affect sales but an effective website surely will. Thousands of website makers in India are involved in e-commerce website making but not all can attract customers because they do not consider strong marketing strategy.

This is obviously because campaigning requires efficient features a site must retain.

Jeewangarg.com is one company that offers a complete array of dynamic e-commerce website designing and development of professional companies and corporate entities.

Our company has a fully experienced team of high caliber professionals in every architectural phase of site development. From a set of in-depth creative knowledge to the latest HTML coding, the high integration of the personnel keep up with the current trends that influence market conditions and bolster sales on the site.

Since a beautiful presentation is equally important in involving the visitor, we have an innovative crew that is dedicated to providing artistic touch to the site through the latest graphic interface and imaging techniques. The higher the content bears quality, the more involved will be the visitor which means that we must have good content writers too. Obvious to the fact, Jeewangarg.com has a number of proficient writers that can make your content as live as real.

Our company has a complete solution to all of your website needs. To give our esteemed customers the best of our services, we personally handle your queries and keep you updated about the marketing scenario and also check site performance-related issues periodically. Some of the benefits associating with Jeewangarg.com:

Reliable Website Design at a Reasonable Cost

There is no definite ratio of e-commerce site development cost in India, but website designing and development can go into a few lacks of rupees in India because it is calculated more on developer’s goodwill and the type of platform used apart from the usual time taken by the designing and developing the team to build it.

But at Jeewangarg.com, a fully developed dynamic website for all your e-commerce needs will cost you a mere Rs. 25000 and go up to a maximum of Rs. 80000. To ease your problems, we have annual website maintenance offered absolutely free of cost to you.

Free Payment Integration Support

We also offer totally complimentary payment integration system to our respectable clients. If you like your business to address payment implementation methods through PayPal, credit/debit payment or net banking, we are glad to give you our services.

Free Domain Name

Of course, everything online starts with a web address and choosing an appropriate name for your website will give you an additional cost of Rs. 500-1000 per year. But once we develop your site, you don’t need to pay this cost since we bear the domain name charges for that year.

Free Hosting

Hosting a website can cost anywhere from Rs. 2500-4000 each year. Jeewangarg.com gives you totally free hosting for one year once you give us the privilege to build your site.

Apart from the above, we have full expertise in content creation and site elaboration as per your product characteristics. Even for heavy mobile users, Jeewangarg.Com carries mobile application development to run all of your important software on one mobile as web designing on the mobile platform helps promote business additionally.

Wise thinking can make risks lower and profits higher but the most important task is what you select!

Author Bio

The author is a co-founder of Delhi’s best Website Designing Company- jeewangarg.com. He has been designing websites from last one decades and knows all micro to the macro level of strategies to deliver the best website. Usually, he writes blogs and articles related to the latest website designing tricks and strategies. Get in touch with him @ info@jeewangarg.com

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