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Have you ever wondered how you can promote your business via Search Engine Optimization? Well, definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. Don’t look beyond, the site that takes care of all your worries whether be marketing, promotional activities or search results. Being a leading SEO Service provider in Delhi, it is our endeavor to serve you better than the best. The backbone of every search support system, here’s a short elucidation about how SEO services work?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

There are millions of searches daily on the Google site. However, extracting searches from that traffic and converting it into marketing gains is another uphill task. These investigations can be bifurcated into free and paid searches. Sites that have paid visit per click are chargeable to the company. On the other hand, there are also sites made on a Search Engine like Google that show free searches. These free searches account for the organic traffic and they form a very important chunk of the overall search almost beyond 51%, and so SEO Services become important because they effectively utilize this bulk search data to churn out applicable business gains.

There are many aspects of SEO, First we would like to tell you that there are more than 200 ranking factors, we being one of the best SEO service provider take care of each and every small factor into consideration. Example: how far is the targeted page from main page? You might have heard the phrase: Little drops make the mighty ocean OR little things make a big picture, in SEO every micro aspect counts. All the pages are accessible by Google spider or not.

Types of SEO Services we provide:

Being one of the SEO Service providers in Delhi, India we provide business oriented, reliable and distinctive SEO Services which can help you to reach more potential customers. Moreover we also provide different types of SEO Services according to the business type/ needs. Please have a look below.

PPC Services in India-Google Certified Partner

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Jeewan Garg is an expert on Internet Marketing and has excellent knowledge of Adwords, PPC, SEO and email marketing. I am happy to recommend him to my circle.

1. E-Commerce SEO:
We have served over 100 E-Commerce websites in the past 8 years working as a best SEO service company and helped them to achieve top rankings on Google for the most searched keywords and phrases. We are a Google Certified Partner company with genuine expertise in E-Commerce SEO.

2. International SEO:
International SEO is a way to connect to the global audiences i.e. from different countries. For that if a client is using a Subfolder or Sub domain we do everything to take to target the website in different countries based on their local Content, Currency, Language and Address.

3. Multi-Lingual SEO:
Multilingual SEO deals in offering a fully optimized content for multiple languages and for multiple locations, which will help you in getting higher rank on SERPs as it shows up to wide audience. We, at Jeewangarg are providing excellent multi-lingual corporate SEO Services in Faridabad, Gurugram & Noida as well.

4. APP Store Optimization:
The Purpose of App Store Optimization is to rank your Mobile App in Android, IOS, Window and Blackberry App store. Which is further helpful to increase visibility of your App in order to drive more downloads & installs. With Google API & Technical SEO, Jeewangarg make your Landing Page connect to your App Page.

5. Local SEO:
The businesses having their offline stores also need to connect with the local audience and drive more traffic towards the website as well as to their stores. We, at jeewangarg do it by focusing more on optimizing the website for a specific geographical region that includes listings, NAP (Proper Name, Address & Phone no.), citations and implementation of different strategies according to the business demand.

6. National SEO:
National SEO is a long term investment that is used to make you stand out of your competition. As a website owner you will be either competing in local geographies or at National level unless and until you have an extremely unique product which you want to compete against the bigger brands in the world. as the best SEO Company in Delhi, NCR provides you the best National SEO Services.

Types of SEO

Usually people have heard about two types of SEO: Onpage SEO & Offpage SEO, but there is one important aspect to make any website rank well & that is: structure of the website. Under this an SEO Expert should have an idea/knowledge that where the important page or content of the site is & ask the web developer to position it correctly so that it can be easily indexed by search engine & website can rank well. In the picture below, you can have an idea how to structure it.

SEO Services Company in Delhi

Sure to give exciting results when it comes to on-page SEO, it is a language that your search engine knows better to show exact results when searcher/user puts up his/her query.Using complex algorithms, search engines determine which pages to show in their index. The two major components of SEO are On Page and Off page SEO.

On page SEO: It is a methodology to set a website closely to the search results so it is fine tuned to optimization. This simply means to apply some vital settings to your website.Content is most vital and a unique, creative content must have meaning that accords with the reader’s interest. We also provide on-page services that is very mandatory for any website to rank on search engine.Since there are more than 50 On-Page SEO aspects that should be optimized for a great ranking on Google, the Top 10 On-Page SEO Techniques which every SEO company should use are the most important ones to rank any website in the highest position. If you still think your website doesn’t show up on Google’s search page, then have a close look to revisit your site and see if you miss out on these points:

  • Putting up optimized descriptions and search titles.
  • Proper URL construct which specifies how to retrieve "protocol", such as HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, etc.
  • Strategic internal linking to give more advanced searches.
  • Presentation in formatting of text.
  • Quick loading pages and optimal image size.
  • Renewed content.

Off page SEO:  is about getting back links from other websites and having maximum visibility on different social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter & on other websites. Link building comes as primary. Getting links from other website is crucial, but having backlinks from recognized websites like .edu or govt. website or even a particular category representing authorized websites in your niche will make a huge difference as compared to a website of less authority. To over simply put it, having a few backlinks from high authority websites rather than a greater number of backlinks from low domain authority websites is better.

Benefits of off-page SEO: While on-page has notable advantages, off page SEO services offer some incredible benefits:

Increased rankings – More traffic is generated with higher rankings in the SERPs.

PageRank Promotion– Google shows the page rank of site between 0 and 10 values which indicates how the website ranks. Page rank is one of key systems today that Google used to rate websites.

More exposure – The higher the ranking, the more exposure and ultimately more visits and social media listings. A perfect combination of events leads to a cycle of another that bolster promotion.

However the most important off page SEO method is link building. By building external links to your website, you garner more votes than ever that help to overtake your competitors and give high ranks.

Why JeewanGarg.Com?

If you believe you are still missing out on important campaigns and credential marketing output, then you will definitely find our SEO Service beyond comparison because at nothing is left unturned.

We provide your company from the very basics to high search support that includes:

  • SEO Campaign Setup with detailed keyword analysis, metadata and link checks.
  • Schema Mark upexecution to face a competitive market.
  • Off page and On page optimization.
  • Technical Audits of your site with Panda and Penguin proofing.
  • Upgraded content marketing support to convert traffic into leads.
  • Google plus Listings and Geo Targeting techniques.
  • Social Media marketing with extensive PR techniques.
  • Google Analytics, Google Webmaster support to keep a close watch on the traffic.
  • Key performance indicator to evaluate success at reaching target.
  • Segmented analysis to check on expected customers.
  • Website Usability & Conversion rate Optimization to convert your traffic into Leads.
  • Keyword implementation, search, site and competitor analysis.

We study your requirements and strive to give the visitor a wonderful experience about your site with our SEO services to make its graphical interface stand above the rest. Regular upgrade follows with an effective code to contentratio. To offer you the ultimate SEO services, we ensure you get streamlined results with even for Pay Per Click Advertising so that you are the ultimate winner each time!

PPC Services in India-Google Certified Partner

Latest Review

5 out of 5
Jeewan Garg is an expert on Internet Marketing and has excellent knowledge of Adwords, PPC, SEO and email marketing. I am happy to recommend him to my circle.

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