A Complete Guide to Mobile App Advertising

Jul, 08 2019
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In today’s techno savvy world, mobile advertising is taking over and that’s why mobile ad spend is expected to reach more than $100 billion worldwide by the end of this year. In fact, mobile search ad revenue is expected to outpace desktop as soon as possible. The facts of Business Insider Say:

● Mobile is going to be the fastest-growing advertising channel and will sustain spending on each of the digital formats. Mobile ad revenue is expected to rise by 26.5% through of 2020.

● Mobile search ad spend is also expected to rise by 25.2%, and desktop search ad revenue will decline during the same period.

● Mobile display ads, including banners, sponsorships & rich media will overtake desktop display-related spending.

Therefore, developing an app undoubtedly makes sense because mobile web and search advertising are great opportunities and what’s more great is, 85% of mobile time is spent in apps. But before you just jump into the details of how to advertise the mobile apps, you need to ask yourselves an important question that do you really need an App or Not? And do you really want an app for your business or you want to leverage other apps to advertise for your products/services. Let’s find the answers below.

You should only consider developing your own app if you truly think that it will make your customers’ lives better in some way or the other. Moreover, you need to make sure that you have the resources for developing the app developed as well as to maintain it. You will have to update the app with technology changes and bugs will need to be found. If you don’t have the time or money to do it in a right way then it is better to stay away from this option.

For most of the businesses, a mobile-friendly website works well enough and it is also important to keep in mind that an app is only an effective marketing channel if it is being used. If people don’t need or want that app, then they most probably will not want it to waste space on their phones. Instead, you can still leverage the massive network of apps that already exist through paid placement. But if you have decided to owe your own app and once you have created one, the next question is, how do you spread the word about it? Right. Just read below here are some great ways to advertise your mobile app.

Own App Advertising:

If you are thinking to launch your own app or if you already have one, then it opens a lot of new doors for you. The best part about having your own app is that you own that application as well as the information inside, so you can do anything you want with it. It is on your creativity, but here we are revealing the most popular types of ads you can create natively from your app.

1) Push Notifications

Push notifications are the foremost choice for advertising because with that you can grab the user’s attention by sending a notification direct into their phone along with their most important messages (text messages, calls, Instagram likes). Statistics show that around 70% people have their push notifications enabled for their favorite brand’s app.

If you sending push notifications that contain pictures it can improve response rates by 4-7 times. With a push notification, you just not only catch a user's attention at the right moment, but you can redirect them direct to your app in order to perform a specific action.

2) In-App Advertising

In-app advertising also works in the same way as of push notifications, but they serve users inside the app. Just think about all the times when an app has provided you with information in an in-app pop-up. These messages are obviously not that intrusive as they will not be displayed until & unless the user opens the app. But the goal of In – app advertising is to grab a user when he is in a certain emotional state or performing a certain related action.

According to statistics, benefits of in-app advertising are as follows: The response rate in “In App Advertising” is 8 times higher than the push notifications. Because push notifications are designed to grab the attention of a user and to draw them into the app, but in-app messages are so designed to capitalize on their engagement and make it deeper. So it becomes important that your pop-ups are well designed and are able to fit the flow of the user experience.

3) Inbox

The inbox must be considered as your app’s e-mail feature as there you can deliver important information without any restrictions of screen space or character limits. But the thing to remember is that people’s attention spans are not very long, so try to make it as precise and informative it can be. Moreover, you could even allow users to respond to your messages by just asking questions or letting you know what they think.

4) Your App

Last but not the least the app content itself. Just like a website, your app can also be used for delivering useful & engaging content in order to strengthen your brand relationship. You just carefully choose which products or services you want to promote and where you should promote them inside your app. Remember don’t let this opportunity to strengthen your relationship with your existing customers go.

Paid App Advertising

No matter you build your own app or not but you will still want to include some paid advertising in your marketing strategy because it helps you to reach new customers and add additional touch points for existing users. The paid app advertising is also like Owned App Advertising as there are always creative ways through which you can make it work. For instance, you can partner up with specific complementary brands that have related apps that can make you reach your customers through promotions or content. Creative marketing is always great, but still there are two simple ways through which you can start getting lots of exposure without much effort.

1) Social Media Apps

Today 80% of time spent on smartphone apps is generally in the user’s top 3 apps. Whereas, Facebook owns four out of the top five most-downloaded apps worldwide which are: “WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram”. Snapchat is the fifth most popular App. One of the great things about social platforms is that they can be easily integrated with existing social campaigns that you are running. Which means you can run your Instagram, Facebook web and Facebook mobile ads all from the same campaign. Following are some other marketing channels for help you launching your social campaigns:

● Facebook Ads

● Instagram Story Ads

● Snapchat Ads

● Twitter Ads

2) Display Networks

Google is the largest network of third-party sites which you can advertise on: Google Display Networks is encompassed with more than 2 million websites which reach 9 out of 10 people on the Internet. These websites include YouTube video, Gmail accounts or mobile apps etc. You can manage all your Google Display Network ads from inside your Google AdWords account, just like social apps. The main types of mobile ads are categorized into four categories i.e. Text, Call-only, Image and Mobile App Promotion ads.

But when you actually break it down there are 7 options you can choose from:

1. Text Ads: Text ads for mobile apps work the exact same way they do for other online marketing campaigns, and it also can be run from the exact same Ad. But additionally, it has some enhanced options and features for mobile devices that are worth doing check.

2. Banner Ads: Banner ads are the most popular type of image ads on mobile devices. The display at the top of the app also works just as it does for other online strategies (Note: the required image dimensions may vary).

3. Interstitial Ads: Interstitial ads have been introduced to take the image ads to the next level with full-screen exposure. These ads are usually displayed on the whole turning transition screens. They usually have a higher CTR, but it comes at a higher cost than banner ads.

4. Call-Only Ads: Call-only ads are a special type of ad if you have a goal to get the customer on the phone. These look and work in the same manner of the standard text ads, but it has a twist tied to it. It launches their dial pad with your number already plugged in, instead of sending people to a landing page.

5. App Install Ads: These ads are for those people who are looking for some new users to download their app. They are special kind of ads because they include a download CTA to take the users directly to their respective app stores.

6. App Engagement Ads: These Ads are more like retargeting ads that target the existing users based on their previous behavior. The main purpose is to engage people more into you app so, instead of a download link you need to provide Google with a deep link into your application. This makes users to engage with your ad and jump directly into it.

7. Universal App Ads: The Universal App Ads are the easiest way to set up app install ads. The difference in Universal App Ad is that rather than making your own ads, Google asks you for some text suggestions. After that Google combine the text provided by you with the content on your app store’s listing for automatically generate ads and test those ads on your behalf across their entire network.

You can run all these ad types across AdWords Search, Display and YouTube networks. The only exception is app engagement ads, as the YouTube Network doesn’t allow you to deliver deep links to apps. But if you would like, then you can get more specific just by targeting selected categories or even by selecting specific applications where you like your ad to display. Moreover, you can target customers based on their device also. Normally, you can go as broad as tablets, phones or desktop but if you want to specifically target devices, target them by OS, brand or model. With these features you can tailor your profile as per different buyer personas. You can connect to one of the Mobile Advertising Companies in Delhi to avail best Mobile App Advertising Services.

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