Top Reasons Why Your Adwords PPC Campaigns Fail?

Jun, 21 2018
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Adwords PPC Campaigns are great campaign strategies to bring your business success and sales but it's not so easy as it looks.  Google Adwords PPC campaigns can be hard to manage while you are after ROI to further enhance your campaign.  Hence, if you don’t know what you must do, then you are ought to waste money. 

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Albeit a successful digital marketing policy, Google AdWords or PPC Campaigns can make a deep hole in your pocket if you don’t pay attention to these:

1. Precise Keywords Not Used:

If your PPC Campaigns use broad keyword searches that don’t relate to your business actually, then a lot of people will click your ad and leave the page once they don’t find what they thought you offer, suppose, a billing software includes keywords like artificial intelligence, innovation, etc., then IT people will come up for AI, innovation and return back as these keywords are too generic and attract a lot of irrelevant clicks.  Rather, it should be like billing using AI or digital billing with innovation.

2. Conversation Data is Ignored:

How much your clicks are converting into sales is important and its simple failure if you don’t analyze this in time.  If you are ignorant of your sales funnel those drive conversions, leads and event registrations, then it means a failure in sales.  Track your conversions i.e. what category is converting, which region is giving maximum sales, what is the age group, etc.  Simply don’t run an ad campaign without knowing this.

3. Conversion to Sales Deficit:

Are you fully assured that your conversions are the actual sales or the matter is something different? If conversions are good, then sales ought to be better.  However, if your PPC agency reported great numbers, it doesn’t necessitate higher sales.  To be aware of actual sales, you must assign a value for every conversion.  After value assignment, you can mark out the returns on Ad spent by PPC to improvise your bidding strategy on ad spends so that you have a great return on investment.

4. Do the Detailed Study on Campaign Success?

While advertisers feel content when they have great conversions but what they forgo is exactly which day of the week is giving maximum sales to the campaign?  Checking your data thoroughly will let you have analysis about what’s driving the campaign sales or which days are giving the highest costs.  It is a good idea to have a PPC audit to discover the specific time of the month which has good sales pattern and what is the reason for this and so you can place your budget accordingly.

5. Matching Up Search Keywords with Search Terms:

Making use of search terms than searchable keywords is more important to arrive at exact search results.  Studying the report of search terms in Adwords gives you valuable insight about the precise terms that users are using for searching items and converting on those searches.  So when a visitor types on a search engine, the very same words must be part of the search terms report.  Only then will be visitors become conversions once they click and find the same product on your landing page.

6. Negative Keyword Usage:

Why most campaigns become costly is also from wrong “negative keyword” use.  Keywords that are identified as nonperforming terms can attract many people to your site despite them being a useless visitor of your product line.  For eg., if you have a specific brand jewelry and people came for the “Tanishq” brand which you don’t sell, then you can use “Tanishq” as a negative keyword so that unwanted clicks don’t trigger to your page and you are saved against wasteful clicks on your account.

7. A Bad Website Experience:

You have done a lot of efforts to get leads to conversions but what you forgot is the landing page itself.  Your purpose is not just to get people on your landing page but also make effective sales.  When people come to your landing page, it must attract them to be retained.  If you can make your landing page a bit more creative and see how it affects your conversion funnel, then that’s it.  You have assured that you are paying for people who will bring you positive sales by getting them through quality page searches.

These common mistakes are prevalent because they sound very petty and that causes many advertisers to lose a lot of money.  They fail to wonder what kept cribbing up their benefit as these small but effective points can be easily ignored.  Thus, it is believed that if you need to tame Google Adwords PPC Campaigns, you must identify these very common mistakes whilst evaluating daily accounts.  Once you get over these mistakes at present, you will be doing well not only from a marketing standpoint but also providing efficient solutions to the ever existing problems that take away huge chunks of profits not just from present but also from future sales.

Google Adwords is a wonderful way of enjoying good pay per clicks but it works like a toggle command.  On one side there is profit and on another, there is the loss.  It all depends upon the advertiser where his idea sits.  So you need to have a good knowledge about your business and the digital marketing strategies.  If not, then you need to hire Google Adwords Expert to handle your virtual presence on the internet.  If you don’t do that, you are at the receiving end of forthcoming troubles and losses!

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The Author is PPC Expert working with India’s Best PPC Company named as jeewangarg.com, She has been assisting hundreds of organizations across the world to provide the best returns at minimum investment. She has been writing articles and blogs to clear PPC strategies and techniques, how one can get the desired business returns on their investment and what are the latest PPC tricks and techniques? If you have any questions, send us a email @ info@jeewangarg.com

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