SMM Vs SEO - What Should You Choose for Your Business

Dec, 12 2019
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When it comes to grow your business or generate more leads for your business, it may be difficult to know that where to put your dollars.

In today’s time, half of the world will tell you that if you’re not on social media, it means that you’re already dead in the water. Whereas, the other half world will suggest you nothing but an emergence to rank on Google

But do you know where the balance lies? To give you an idea of it we’ve put together a 'meaningful guide of SMM v/s SEO'. Please read it further…

What is SMM?

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is the term that is used for promoting your business through the common social media handles. Following are the 3 main players which Social Media Marketing Agency leverages the power of:

What is SEO?

Facebook: Facebook can redirect people to your website’s homepage. Moreover, it can be leveraged for selling products directly as well as posting ads.

Instagram: For promoting your visual content or for rapidly growing the no. of followers businesses use Instagram. Moreover, they can promote high-end or beautifully designed & pleasing products.

Twitter: Twitter works as a two-way communication channel where customer can give their feedback and businesses can showcase their services. It moreover, preview new longer-form content.

As you can see that each platform has its own USP, and how to strike the right balance for your business depends on having a clear direction. But before we dig deeper into that, let’s take a closer look at “what is SEO?”

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is all about ranking your website well in Search Result by producing relevant content that people want to see. To use the relevant keywords is beneficial because keywords are all that Google algorithms care about.

The job of Google Algorithms is to show the right content, to the right people and that is at the right time. Therefore, it’s really no wonder that why SEO Company in Delhi every time focuses on targeting keywords.

The Secrets of a Powerful SMM Campaign

When you want to develop an SMM campaign that has a huge impact on your brand, there are the things that you need to take into account:

  • Your brand’s voice needs to be conveyed accurately
  • You need to develop a content with your Social Media Marketing Services team that adds value as well as that the people care about
  • Give your customers a reason to consider you i.e. provide discount codes or post how-to videos, etc
  • Post regularly, or not at all

It’s essential to post on the Social Media handles on a regular basis. Therefore, you should create a content calendar in order to remind yourself that you’re posting something new and engaging every day, and create some themes for each day of the week. By doing this you’ll get the structure and direction which you need to get things up and running.

  • Take inspiration from the latest trends

You must be aware about the latest trends and should take inspiration from those trends. As we all are aware that when the whole world is talking about something then its most likely that the conversation will be taking place on social media.

That means it’s the place where you need to be. Moreover, your social media game needs to be current and should be on-topic. Therefore, you should take some time to stay up to date, but remember to keep it professional and relevant because you’re still speaking on behalf of a your brand here.

  • Post topical & business-orientated content

If there’s some event coming or a holiday is coming up or a major sporting event or a much-loved artist has finally made their comeback, SMM here will help you. SMM is easy to do and it will humanize your brand in such a way that nothing else will be able to do.

  • Use SEO terms in your posts from time to time

Last but not least, you should use SEO terms in your posts. Many people put all of their money into paid ads. But why not do both together? You can keep maximum of 2 keywords per post and make sure they are properly placed in the sentences. If you do this then it means that you are using your SMM campaign to reinforce your SEO efforts.

Get Ahead with SEO by Ranking in Search Results

Whenever you have a look at the websites which rank higher on SERPs, then you will be witnessing that the things that they have in common is the perfect on-page SEO. That is why the SEO Services Company starts with On-Page SEO Strategies first.

Get Ahead with SEO by Ranking in Search Results

Start with your On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is your chance to get your website in the best possible format or shape that it can be in. You website’s pages are where you’re going to redirect the users or visitors.  Therefore, you need to make sure:

  • The on-page content should incorporate relevant keywords
  • Your website should be easily navigable and it should load fast
  • Your content shouldn’t be overwhelmed by overstuffed keywords
  • Your headings should be large, bold, and with relevant keywords
  • You need to use ALT text for every image on your website
  • Keep your internal linking sensible and intuitive

If you have mastered these 6 simple things, it means you have the solid foundation for a successful SEO campaign that will help you in moving up the SEO rankings.

Move on to Off-Page SEO

Websites which are placed on top results of SERPs need to invest a lot of time and money in off-page SEO using the following techniques:

  • Backlinking: Focus on making quality backlinks, so your website appears more relevant to Google’s crawlers
  • Focus on creating a branded presence on the relevant industry review sites
  • Last but not the least, Focus on Guest posting and social bookmarking for building a reputation as an guest blogger

It can be feasible on day one to throw out a few social media posts or creating an overly elaborated backlinking strategy, but it’s not the best way to go about the things.  As a priority, you need to sort your on-page SEO first, and then use it as the foundation for building the rest of your efforts.

SEO v/s SMM: Why you need both for a Successful Strategy

For a successful business strategy, you need to be visible in search as well as you need to be searchable on social media. That’s because today most people go to either Facebook or Google if they want to find out about something. Therefore, if you’re not showing up on one of them or you’ve put your focus solely on only one, then you’re going to miss a lot of potential new leads.

SEO v/s SMM: Why you need both for a Successful Strategy

One without the Other is Pointless

When you do SEO without any kind of Social Media activity, then it means that you're missing out a huge potential avenue for connecting to your customers off your website. You can use SMM for directing people to your website, which helps you in boosting your rankings with this additional traffic coming to your website as well as with social signals.

Whereas, if you do SMM without any kind of SEO, then it means that you're making it hard for people to find out about you organically outside of social media. You can understand it as a kind of like pizza without cheese. Therefore, when you put these both strategies together, then the results are magical. Unfortunately, there's not the hard and fast rule in which you combine the two strategies for creating the winning strategy for your business. Let’s understand it any further…

Create the Right Strategy for Your Business

You need to do both SEO and SMM. But, that doesn’t mean that you should devote equal time and money to SMM and SEO. The amount of SEO v/s SMO though vary based on many factors. The best approach in establishing a right business strategy, is to first perfect your On-Page SEO.

Your website is your own piece of online real estate that where you’re ultimately sending people through either Facebook or Google. Therefore, get the basics right first (i.e. On-Page) and then think about expanding your wings into more complex backlinking projects or start spending on paid social ads weekly.

Jeewangarg.com is the leading Digital Marketing Agency that can provide you with the best SEO Services in Delhi as well as Social Media Marketing Services in Delhi.

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