10 Essential SEO Strategies for E-Commerce Sites

Mar, 29 2018
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Search engine optimization is one of the major sources of online e-commerce promotion and business appreciation pathways. It not only gives you a strong platform to represent your presence on the internet but also gets you organic traffic that you generally won’t see to be visiting your webpage.

Though it is not impossible for you to handle the SEO work yourself, but there are many technicalities and complex mechanisms in SEO which only an expert can effectively handle.  It also involves a great amount of time and experience to reap the fruits of SEO.  To get the full benefit of this strategy, we may also advise you to go for some highly recommended e-commerce SEO services that will be best for your off page SEO as well.   To be precise, a combo of both Onpage & Off page SEO is essential to rank any website. You should always prefer a company which has a team of both Ecommerce Website developers & designers in-house to improve website traffic.  For an effective e-commerce website, coordinated efforts between the SEO Executive and the website developer is essential.  Website designing is equally important so an in-depth research about how to choose the best website designing company becomes very vital.

Below are some important strategies of SEO for E-Commerce Sites:

1. Creating Different Product Descriptions:  Every product listed on a webpage holds special value to be a sales good but without product description, brand presence cannot be attained in businesses online.  While Google admires good product descriptions for crawling to a site, we must use the right words while avoiding useless and confusing terms.  Getting down by Google’s guidelines and showing what the customer needs is the perfect product description success.
Informative content is always advantageous in the future.  Although it takes some time to a favorable response, it is good in the longer run.  Most SEO people write plainly for machine that doesn’t generally create the zest, but we tap into human behavior and write exclusively to satiate their queries.  Thus, if we write correct information about products, user will stick to our page, hence improved ranking in search results will follow.

2.Reviews and Encouragement:  Customer reviews hold vital position for a potential purchase online.  It can persuade or dissuade the buyer before he sets in for a deal since 84% of people trust online reviews as per a site and positive reviews make a huge impact on sales.  So a customer open up the hesitation after he gets positive proof of his decision making.  Good reviews encourage the seller to sell and the client to buy the products.

3. Size of the Image:  An image speaks a 1000 words but putting a large image of a bitmap shouldn’t be illustrated.  Too large a size makes the page slower and disgusting to the viewer to open.  Putting a perfectly sizeable image to a blog or post wont compromise speed and draw adequate visitors to your site.

4. Integration with Social Networks:  Powerful and original content using optimal keywords on social media like a blog post on Twitter can help enhance social media integration as a better marketing sense.  Making different blogs and creating links within those articles will get your visitors from any page to your site but the article should be interesting and always fresh.  Sending users to the proposed landing page via links on social media is part of this strategy.

5. Storing the pages:  Website creation is one thing and identifying it to the public is another.  Every website that needs to be listed on Google has to be first crawled and indexed i.e. Google must identify a website’s page, its headers, titles and relevant data to store that information in Google’s own database.  Precisely, the site is identified by Google as an entity which is then indexed.  This means that any website found as spam after crawling must not be indexed and becomes a dead thing.

In mobile optimization, Google treats mobile friendly websites as a ranking factor because most traffic comes through mobile.  In webpage search besides content, descriptions, title etc., page layout rendition comes with easy to access image, tabs and text without too much zooming.  Page loading speed on mobile also pushes its rank further.

6. Video and images of the products:  Popular video content can enhance greater visitor listing, provided it is high in quality.  Creating a YouTube channel can link back to your website so that more visitors arrive at your page in no time.  Some important keywords and text let the crawling on your content.

Great visuals give added weightage to a website and create astonishing public appeal.  We help you enhance your web pages by putting up attractive yet informative content to suit the appeal of the visitor.

7. Link Building Techniques:  Regular postings and blogs on different platforms help the market feel your presence in the communities by generating appeal to your content from these groups.  It will assist you in achieving back links naturally as it pays in the long run rather than buying them.

We also write informative blogs and articles about your company product that are posted on a submission site.  The type of keywords searched for by the searcher will land him to that submission page and from there, he lands to your website page.  Even by making blog comments, people can know about the company while we also handle classified submission as a product advertisement.

Business listings do shell out more light on the product and is commonly used on myriad websites as a tool to enhance traffic and sales.

We improve communication with distinct visitors by making backlinks in another website to your site’s landing page.  The dominance of popular websites makes for easy traffic generation since their links can be used as backlinks in an entirely different website to serve as additional information in other search pages.

8. Building URL and checking the errors:  A Uniform Resource Locator is a web address that postulates its location on a computer network but it is also used for crawling.  Instilling the URL with what the page is about allows more people to associate with your root domain.  But correcting the URL is equally vital since minor errors can inhibit in a hung browser with infinite loops.  Not only will it hamper site visits but affect SEO strategy also.

9. Security of the website:  In plain business objectives, security is prime.  Often, hackers can manipulate data on your nondescript website into a malicious spy machine and you lose all its sensitivity.  To secure a website, the HTTPS protocol must be followed which adds an encryption layer of Transport Layer Security to it.  Now HTTPS is also is Google's search ranking factor.

10. Internal search functions:  E-commerce websites showcase almost an infinite range of products on their portal.  Because the range can be quite wide and categorized into different sections, visitors might find it difficult to see everything on the homepage.  In order to ease the process, a search bar is created where you can literally type in anything and also know if the product is listed there eg. If you type in Gucci in the search area of a website which sells handbags, it will show you the result.  If particular brand is not visible, then search result shows zero.

Bonus Tips: -

Utilize relevant keywords:  SEO strategies depend a lot on the right keywords.  Ecommerce might lose business even after using a keyword, because they don’t know exactly which keywords customers are using.  We need to think and search like the visitor to know what type of words he is using to look for a specific product on a search page because perfect keywords also increase search rankings.
Increase the speed of E-commerce site:  If your site is taking more than 2 seconds to load, then you are losing your customers.  It’s better to get the loading speed improved.  Google Pagespeed Insights can be used for this while other practices like CSS and JavaScript minification and merging can also enhance your page speed to the maximum.​

Internal search function adds value to a site and also saves time of the visitor if he is looking for any particular product.

Search engine Optimization is indeed a strategic workup of reading through the visitor's behavior, doing relevant corrections into search settings like adding or manipulating content, doing HTML codes and increasing site relevance by specific keyword placement so the indexing becomes natural.  Certainly, spreading the number of backlinks is another strategy.

In this competitive stage of cutthroat competition, it is high time to invest in SEO Services because without one, doing business on your favorite search engine is now literally a dream.  It is practical to invest in a company good enough to actually do SEO so it can help you achieve your business profits in a short time.

Author Bio

The author is SEO Expert, working with Best SEO Company in Delhi. He helps in building value-conscious traffic on several businesses sites. In his articles, he has given tremendous ideas related to SEO and how to increase the user base, and boost web sales and customer satisfaction. There are thousands of tricks and techniques he follows. Get in touch with him @ info@jeewangarg.com

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