Updating Old Content for Enhanced SEO

Jun, 14 2021
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Are you keen to increase your rankings on Google and other search engines? So here is a strategy that will lead you to rocket your rankings without working an extra hour. You can keep writing and produce great content; however, this is complex and is a very long process. The easy and better way is, you can make updates to your old content. This is an easy process, and the outcome you will receive is faster than other SEO strategies.

You can refresh your old content and provide yourself with an upgraded score. This will enhance the efficiency of your SEO strengths and develop your search engine traffic. So at this juncture, you can tell Google, your content is fresh, original, and you will get an upsurge in traffic by doing little work, which is worth it.

Major Factors to Keep in Mind While Updating Your Old Content

Among the several other reasons, you probably write and update content for primarily three things:

  • For Search Engines : Undoubtedly your website gets traffic from Google! Thus, firstly you write for Google, and Google loves new, fresh, and unique content. In simple language, you can say the higher you rank on SERPs, the more the traffic, more love from Google, more sales!

  • For Your Audience : There is no doubt that when you write, you put effort, and yes, you expect good things in return. This may be in the form of more eyes on your blogs, great exposures, thumping likes, impressive shares, and ultimately more sales. Hence, it can be whatever, but it is sure for your audience.

  • For Yourself​ : Writing might be your hobby, desire, profession, or you simply write for the heck of it. However, the first person who will be happy with your content is yourself. So, read whatever you have written and think a while before posting. Is it worth it?

Hence, renewing content at regular interval makes everyone happy in some and other way. Below-mentioned are some reasons why updating old, outdated content is very essential for above-mentioned entities.

For Search Engines

a)  Google Loves New Content

Whether you revise an old article, add a new article, or simply make some alteration on your site. Googlebot, Google crawlers, will love it.
Ensure the content you are updating meets all the Google parameters and is as per the standard of Google requirements.

Readability plays a major role make sure the content you are updating should have a readability score so the content can be understood by anyone, be it a junior kid or any senior.

Google loves unique, fresh, and informative content. Thus, make sure the content you are posting is very informative, plagiarism-free and fresh.
Refreshing your content is an ideal chance to give your further developed skills something to do and check for grammar structure, spelling, designing, and other stuff that makes content simpler to devour.

So, if all these things are taken care of while updating the old content, you will see a spike on the ranking of the page and ultimately your website.

b) For Your Audience

Like Google, your audience is also always in quest of fresh content. Still, you may have some traffic from year-old posts, and when you put slight effort into updating the content, more people will notice, and it will cause more traffic and ultimately more sales.

Eventually, this also signifies that your business is active and worthy of your reader’s notice. And this will benefit you extremely in the long run.
You write for your audience to win their trust and loyalty. Once you win over it, you move towards growth and sales.

Delivering new content consistently, refreshing old content, being dynamic, offering value, no broken links… this all prompts a cheerful, more engaged reader base that loves you. Is it not what each writer requires? 

C) For Yourself :

If you regularly update the type mentioned above, you continue to reach out to the ultimate sources. Your writing and the stories continue to evolve, and some facts come out days or weeks later. Thus, updating your old stories keeps up your blog's tone constant and attractive, drawing more visitors every day.

Since we now know the significance of refreshing old content, we should continue to the essential stages depicting how to refresh your old content perfectly-

Identify popular posts
Keep the existing URL
Remove excess words
New Intro and Alter the Subsection Heading
Add more Keywords
Add Visuals

The Secret SEO Weapon That Helps with Your Ranking- Updating Old Content​

Your website content resembles some other product and, in this manner, has a life cycle. Eventually, your content will begin producing less incentive for your organization. By refreshing content, you will acquire several SEO benefits, including improved rankings. But what is the best time to update and refresh the old content?
In this article, JeewanGarg, the best Digital Marketing Company in Delhi, will assist you in finding the blog posts that are ready to be optimized via Google Search Console.

Why does updating content help with SEO?

The timing of refreshing content, for example, an old blog entry, is insignificant if you don't comprehend the why.
Many individuals publish lots of new content and have a set and fail to remember attitude. They would publish content and never update it again.

Many individuals publish lots of new content and have a set and fail to remember attitude.
They would publish content and never update it again.
In several cases, this makes perfect sense. Suppose you publish something, and it comes up short. The content is producing no traffic or either any incentive for your organization. For this situation, here and there, it's smarter to acknowledge the misfortune and gain from it. Nonetheless, subjective substance produces traffic and an incentive for your organization
much of the time. By invigorating old substances, you can give new life to the content you went through for hours to create.
The additional time speculation needed to refresh new content is regularly insignificant and neglectable contrasted with the additional worth it will create.
You have most likely known about the idea: "Evergreen Content." Fundamentally, this implies content that will remain pertinent for an extensive period. Indeed, even evergreen substance needs refreshing to expand sway from the content piece.
Google and other web crawlers have an ideal attitude towards fresher content. New content regularly contains the most recent realities and frequently gives searchers more data. Your website content resembles some other product and, in this manner, has a life cycle.
Eventually, your content will begin producing less incentive for your organization. You will acquire several SEO benefits by refreshing content, including improved rankings. But what is the best time to update and refresh the old content?
In this article, JeewanGarg, the best Digital Marketing Company in Delhi, will assist you in finding the blog posts that are ready to be optimized via Google Search Console.

SEO Benefits of Updating Content

We can all figure a portion of the essential SEO advantages to reviving and updating content.
You will get more traffic from web search tools when you have refreshed substance and made it all the more subjectively engaging.
Likewise, you will move up in position on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Normally, this has a strong advantage, and that is more traffic. Nonetheless, this is not the solitary advantage.
By climbing on the outcome pages, its simpler for individuals to find your piece of content. The additional advantage is that this will likewise produce more backlinks. Indeed, even in 2021, backlinks stay key to improving your domain authority. You can check your domain authority score through Semrush.
Google clarified that EAT is vital in the same way as eating is important for all individuals.

However, Google is discussing:

  1.  Expertise;
  2.  Authority;
  3. Trustworthiness.

Improved positioning on the outcomes page straightforwardly adds to two components of EAT, specifically: Authority and Trustworthiness. Backlinks will bring about higher space authority, and numerous backlinks show Google that individuals trust your site. Once more, you can check your domain authority score through Semrush.
As a growing advertiser, we are frequently searching for fast successes that have a major effect on the general development of an organization. Refreshing content is one of those easy pickings procedures that will convey ensured effect and result in more traffic hour gridlock and, subsequently, sales.

Life Cycle of Content

In this article, we have stated that content is like any other product with a life cycle. Like any other product, the content piece will go through several stages. It starts with the introduction, followed by growth, maturity, and decline. Preferably, you want to revive content exactly before it reaches the highest of the maturity stage.
In the same way, search engines have time to index your blogpost and adjust your rankings. The concept is that when it reaches the highest of the maturity stage, it will twitch a new life cycle.
However, this is an ideal plot; in reality, one will refresh and update your content in the decline stage. Nevertheless, this is still worth it than not updating your old content and not having any SEO advantages.

What is the Perfect Time to Update Old Content for SEO Benefits?

When you log in to your Google Search Console account, you will come to know that blog posts or other content pieces have an identical lifecycle. You will see your clicks and imitations slowly enhance at first, followed by a period of instant growth. Hence, you will reach the maturity stage followed by the falling-of phase.

Tracking every page of your site is an arduous and time-consuming task. Hence, you can create statics on Google Data Studio that provides you to track your top-performing pages.You will update the content on the pages that create the most value for your company by applying this. The more recognized the page, the bigger the SEO advantages from updating and refreshing old content.

How to Revive Old Content?

Note the most proficient method to refresh old blog entries and other content pieces. You don't have to patch up the whole post. Intermittently, adding new measurements or information applicable to now will work. Make new graphics for the post and compose a couple of extra passages. You likely turned out to be more educated regarding the matter, and Google loves ability. Check whether your information sources are right and connected to more current information sources.

Maybe you've made a video on the matter, and you can implant that video into the substance.The alternatives are boundless; however, you need to make little subjective updates to add new life into an article intermittently. As referenced, Google adores new substance, and a fast development hack is to change the distribution date to now.

By changing the distribution date of your blog, the distribution date on Google will likewise change, and it will tell individuals that content is fresher. This will bring more individuals navigating from the search results page to your site. Would you tap on a connection that is two years of age, or would you like to tap on a connection that has new and important data?


By refreshing your content, you'll get a ton of SEO benefits. Your content has a regular life pattern of some other item. It has a presentation stage, a development stage, a development stage, and the decrease stage. On the off chance that you update your content in the development stage, you can essentially begin another life cycle, which implies that you will stay away from the decay stage. This will produce more traffic to your site, and a specific piece of content will create more incentive for your organization.


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