Guest Posting Can Make Money on Your Website, know how?

Nov, 14 2019
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The marketing efforts of your website can take a lot of thinking as well as many processes because you need to make sure that your branding content reach to the maximum people. Providing more relevant content offerings for your audiences is the best way of doing this.

However, many people are not aware that websites can make money in the long term just by creating content. This is the potential of doing guest posting so if you believe in yourself as well as in your writing skills then you should bank on it not only for grabbing the opportunity to make money but with Guest Posting you can also spread word about your website.

This blog is about to make you more familiar about what is Guest Posting in SEO and with just how making content for your blog can actually help marketing-wise. Although the paid search marketing has its benefits but content marketing costs 62% less as well as it actually can get 3x leads than paid marketing.


  1. If you make relevant content for your viewers then it will really work, because the amount of ads which people see has increased more than twice since a few decades ago.
  2. That means it’s a matter of grabbing eye of the people with your content. Today, 50% of people aged 18 to 49 actually get their news and information online.
  3. Creating good content not only get their attention but it also help motivate consumers to make purchases, as per the recent reports 61% of consumers in US (United States) make a purchase after reading blogs. So now let’s explore “How to make money with Guest Posting?"

How to Make Money with Guest Posting

On the various websites you must have noticed a lot of guest posts from various authors or from various brands, especially in those websites where there are notable influencers and bloggers writing in various niches.

However, the business owners don’t much aware about what is guest posting or they don’t realize that creating guest posts for other websites can actually provide them with extra funding provided you do this properly.

In fact, you can make your guest posting work a long-term solution which will provide the extra funding that your site need for marketing.

Blogger outreach and content marketing are some of the ways which you can leverage with your guest posting capabilities.

Let’s explore some other ways of leveraging the benefits of Guest Posting.

Give Value to Other Websites:

You don’t necessarily need to write only related to your niche or industry when you think to get paid for guest blogging. As there are a lot of websites which are here to find out good content that they can post on their own website, and when you provide value to other websites then you can actually become a sought-after writer for these websites.

In fact they will pay you for the good content you provide them to boost the rankings of their website. Moreover, if you are a website owner then you can actually convince them to both pay you for your post as well as to put a backlink with your site in that particular post.

Cultivate your Writers through SEO Companies:

If you as an agency have built an in-house team for your website then you don’t necessarily need to tell them to create one after another content for content production for your website.

Because creating irrelevant content for the sake of acquiring links isn’t exactly always a good idea. Therefore, if you have the staff to write for your website but if they don’t necessarily have anything else to write at some moments then you can offer your services to SEO companies that are helping other clients to get higher on SERPs but who maybe are not aware of how to do guest posting.

This not only will make your writing team stronger but this will also offer you the opportunity to earn more money for your company.

Collaborate with Bigger Brands:

You should focus on developing relationships with some bigger brands in case you are having a website which is about a service or a product within a particular niche then you might get benefited by partnering up with bigger brands that might be requiring the extra push for their content.

This will be especially helpful in the case when your website is offering a service or a product that can “team up” with other big brands in the same niche.

For example, if you’re team of 5 people who are doing SEO for some projects then you can write for the companies who are fully-fledged Digital Marketing Agencies having a bigger team and who are providing all Digital Marketing Services. It will not only provide relevance to your brand, but it will also develop better relationships with the bigger brands in the long run.

Tap into Professional Bloggers: If you want to reach to a wider audience that you can tap into the professional bloggers because a lot of famous bloggers and influencers need help in writing guest posts for their clients as well as for their websites.

In this way you can offer them something that adds value to their site, and additionally you can tailor those posts to feature you or your website as well.

Sometimes, adding your own backlink in their post can cost a bit but if you cultivate a good relationship with those influencers or bloggers by providing them consistent high-quality content, you might get a pass soon.

Ask Others to Post on Your Website:

You have no need to necessarily write content for other websites always. In fact you can ask some bloggers or other brands to write for your website.

Doing this will not only increase your potential traffic but in this process you can also gain a lot of ad revenue. You can leverage the benefit of the influencers or the bloggers that write for you, thanks to their followers who got directed into your website.

Another good option is to obtain high-quality content from blog and guest post providers. By doing this, you can assure yourself that you have a consistent flow of relevant information that is beneficial for your customers.


Let your Guest Posts work for you. Guest Posting in SEO actually possess a lot of potential that is helpful in generating money for your website.

And when it is done properly then guest posting not just can actually make money for your brand but it also make it reach to the new heights.

The process of providing meaningful and relevant content appeals the audiences and this can even be the reason for your brand to be remembered in the long run.

Therefore, in the process of content marketing or SEO Strategy made by SEO Experts you should consider doing guest posting that will boost your brand’s traction and will help you to make money in the process.

Author Bio

The author is SEO Expert, working with Best SEO Company in Delhi. He helps in building value-conscious traffic on several businesses sites. In his articles, he has given tremendous ideas related to SEO and how to increase the user base, and boost web sales and customer satisfaction. There are thousands of tricks and techniques he follows. Get in touch with him @ info@jeewangarg.com

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