Google Ads Budget & it's Perfect Duration

Jul, 23 2022
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Google Ads Budget & its Perfect Duration - Video (English)


All the Google AdWords Specialist advises advertisers to plan Google Ads Budget according to their financial budget or pocket. Let us say anybody who wants to buy a car must have some budget. According to his financial budget or pocket, he may buy a Rolls-Royce or a Mercedes. In the same way, some people might have a budget of INR 1 lakh per month, and some may have INR 20 thousand per month for Google Ads.

Now you must have a question, will the result be the same if some people spend INR 1 lakh per month and some people may have INR 20 thousand per month for Google Ads. To understand this, we have recorded several videos on the ‘Google Ads Budget’, which are combined into a playlist, and for your convenience, Please go through our “Google Ads Budget | Complete Guide” youtube playlist. 

Secondly, what would be the perfect duration for Google Ads? We advise any advertiser to run Google Ads for his brand or business for at least 6 months. Before plunging deep into why 6 months, let us see how an advertiser makes a buying decision about a new product or any new brand. 

We have come to know about a brand or product through TV Ads, hoardings, or any medium. Or let's say we see a new brand of car on the roads, and we see that car again and again. Here our brain accepts this as a 'new brand' or 'new product', and from here on, we consider this new brand or product to buy.      

In the same way, if somebody has visited a website for the first time, there is a chance of buying the product from the website, or he may not opt to buy it on his first visit. He may again visit the website for the second time and opt out of the website before buying; he may follow the same pattern on his third and fourth visits. These people can be targeted via Google Ads Remarketing List by the advertiser. 'Remarketing means marketing, again and again, the same product to the potential buyers.  

So, how to target these sort of visitors via Remarketing List?

Google gives the advertiser a beautiful option to run Google Ads on any remarketing list. However, there is a minimum to running Google Ads on any remarketing list. The minimum requirement for Google Display Network is that a minimum of 100 visitors should have their presence, and for Google Search Network minimum of 1000 visitors should be there on the list.

google ads budget and its perfect duration

The more the visitors on that particular list, the chance of conversions becomes more. This is why we advise any new advertiser to run their Google Ads for at least a minimum of six months. We should have a long term view as we can accomplish the thing, or we cannot accomplish any good outcomes in the short term. So, if you don’t have a long-term view or long-term thinking, we would advise you not to run Google Ads because we cannot achieve the outcome you are or were excepting.

“If we think long term, we can accomplish things that we couldn't otherwise accomplish”. - Jeff Bezos!

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