Importance of SEO for YouTube Video Ranking

Apr, 21 2018
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It’s not a surprise if we say that over 92 billion people around the planet throng to YouTube for their favourite videos and for certain informative pieces that’s too easy to find on this pedestal.

The power of YouTube is growing and it’s growing to the hilt.  Being second biggest to Google, YouTube is in fact one of the most traffic generating sites on the web since an astounding 35 hours of video are uploaded each single minute.

Why videos are put on YouTube is simple as this search site holds great potential for strong marketing purpose because higher views generate good money from your YouTube videos and it boosts innovative business promotions.

Just about anybody can make a video of a product and place it on YouTube unless you are a famous company or celebrity, but there is a catch to it.  You can have it optimized!

A video posted simply on the site doesn’t equate to good visibility owing to thousands of videos of similar category already showing on the website.  Here, it’s possible that your video is coming on second or tenth page, so ultimately the purpose of showing your product video is miserably failed. Then obviously, preference has to be created to make the impression of your video get the top priority.

SEO for YouTube:

To prioritize your video, it is of utmost importance to do smart SEO so you get organic traffic from the world and also better search results are gained from specific audience and smart search options.

Why we need SEO for YouTube videos?

There are too many factors which are considered before a video gets into the visibility slot.  While video quality, engagement and entertainment are pertinent to ranking, other factors crucial to affecting ranking are watch time, bounce rate, likes and shares, and relevance.

Good SEO materializes into better rankings on Google search engine result and also better rankings on YouTube SERP.  It also helps visibility impression on suggested video lists on YouTube.

Let’s study what is good SEO and how it gets traffic on YouTube:

Just like Google, YouTube also has its own algorithm to rank a video.  If a user watches your video on YouTube and leaves midway, your video ranking will go down.  But if you have nice content, then healthy promotion is the way to good rank and get organic traffic to your videos in the present competition.

There are many factors that affect search algorithm and your video rank.  But with SEO techniques, our video will start listing over many other videos effectively and ultimately, we also get good ranking on YouTube.

By following some great SEO tips, we can always get more organic visits to our videos, which not only make up for effective ranking but also get extensive traffic to our video.

Let’s read through these SEO points further:

1.  Video title:  Use Relevant Keywords

Every video contains a video title but a good video title is a one which tells something about the video so when a viewer watches the title, he can get a close idea about what the title is relating to.  A title like “apparel” can indicate clothing merchandize. A user friendly title is a sign of good SEO algorithm of YouTube.

To know the viewer’s choice of keywords, the auto complete feature on search engine can enable us to check which keyword viewer actually types or searches for on Google or YouTube.  Now, we can add that same keywords to the advertiser's video title because these are most searched queries and placing them on their relevant video name, we get good ranking.  So use your video title carefully that matches your keyword search using YouTube search auto complete feature.

2. Video description:

One liners hold heavy video value because they tell you something about that visual you are about to see.  Description about your video content also means a lot to rank your video high in search engine and short 1-2 liners governing the theme of your video show its brief picture inside the visual clipping.

In the description, we can put auto complete keyword phrases of search engine and boost up search.  The searched keyword will make for great ranking if it matches your video description. The auto complete feature gives us important information of user search mood and search type.  Ergo, choose your video description according to searches made on YouTube.

3.  Naming convention of video file:

Each video file created is to be saved by name before being uploaded but a name contrary or to its subject is not a wise thing like a video file on furniture named video1.avi is confusing.  Rather furniture or woodenwork.avi is much better. So make sure to rename your video as your keyword filename so that when YouTube searches for it, your video can float by filename tells search algorithm that what your video is about.

A video file name similar to your video title gets easy video indexing to search engine and a higher ranking.  So put your targeted keyword into video file name.

4.  Closed captioning or subtitles:

One more way video SEO can be done is by use of creating subtitles or closed captions in our video.  Since the ultimate objective is to allow many people to watch a video and give its ranking, by creating automatic captioning through YouTube, people of a different language can also see your video with the help of subtitles beneath it.  This way, there is no language barrier left and we can upload a transcript that contains the text of what was said into video. The new feature in YouTube automatically converts your voice into transcript which makes easier to activate it.

Using closed caption makes your video rich and user friendly to the search engines.  It promotes a faster way to indexing on YouTube. We can also create captions for YouTube.

5.  Hash tags:

A Hash tag is another important method to get affective ranking in YouTube search.  The symbol # is put before a word to give it extra weight and it makes easier for the search engine also to find information with a specific theme or content.

As a keyword is important, the use of a hash tag before it generates value in algorithm.  It pulls results for each search done and reaches your target audience. We can use specific tags first as the main keyword and general tags later.

By purposely putting up misspelled searches or those in plural form can also catch up more search results.  Support a query indicates the Art category, but its keyword may be written as “Artt” or “Arts.” Taking into account such searches also gets good results.

6.  Appropriate keyword research

Keywords are vital in every video material search but we cannot get every keyword into a limited space to include in our video listing.  Hence the Google Display Planner tool can help us get the most relevant keyword types. The most searched ones can be used while the least should be avoided as they will rank our videos as per their search importance.

Search engine optimization is crucial in every website business.  Having a wise approach towards keyword selection and video presentation, one can get excellent SEO results, great video visibility and a successful venture too!


Author Bio

The author is SEO Expert, working with Best SEO Company in Delhi. He helps in building value-conscious traffic on several businesses sites. In his articles, he has given tremendous ideas related to SEO and how to increase the user base, and boost web sales and customer satisfaction. There are thousands of tricks and techniques he follows. Get in touch with him @ info@jeewangarg.com

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