Best Practices to Write YouTube Video Descriptions

Mar, 22 2019
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As we all know that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world after Google, as only Google outshines it. As of now the user base for YouTube has reached to the one billion mark. So if you’re looking for the ways to generate visibility for your brand, you could do a lot more to embark on a YouTube SEO campaign .

It can’t be denied that there is a lot more that goes into making your YouTube videos rank. But we are not getting into all the nuts and bolts, we are just going to talk about the best way to write the appealing video descriptions. But do you know why are YouTube video descriptions important?

If we simply put, it will tell the YouTube that what your video is all about. Because it is the fact until and unless YouTube doesn’t know how to categorize your video, how it will be going to rank it very high. Knowing how to write compelling and effective descriptions becomes necessary.

Let us find out the best techniques for writing video descriptions that improve your video SEO.

Most importantly an appealing YouTube Video Description should:

  • First tell the user that what your channel is about: It is basically telling the viewer that what will he/she get out by following you and your content? So it is important to describe the main benefits in a few words.
  • Be Casual: The description basically should be in the words how would you describe your channel to a friend. So it is important to keep it conversational because whoever clicks on your ‘About’ page intends to learn more about you as well as your content, try avoiding undecipherable string of keywords.
  • Linked to more information: In descriptions you should share links to your website, your social media profiles, and a bit of additional information. You can link it to your channel trailer or your best introductory content.
  • End with a CTA: At the end you should guide your viewers to your desirable outcome that means what do you want the reader to do next? It has a no. of options like You can ask them to subscribe, or point them to a great video or turn on notifications.

Let Us talk in Details the Best Practices You need to Follow in order to write appealing YouTube Video Descriptions:                 

Practice to write Long Descriptions for your Video:

The description of your video is definitely a field of content writing where additional length is extremely helpful. In fact, some SEO experts who optimize YouTube videos say that each video description should really be as long as a “miniature blog post.” But you have no need to go to that length in fact, the recommended length for description writing should be 150-200 words for each post. But you need to make sure that it should be good and with useful information that can help the YouTube channel to categorize your video.

Don’t Give Everything Away but Raise Curiosity:

Let us understand it with example: Think If your video description is fluffy with just keyword stuffing then it is not going to help you communicate your intentions to the users as well as the YouTube channel. And if you include all the main points of your video in your description, then there will not be any reason remained to the people to actually watch it. So it is advisable to stay in the middle ground. Provide a basic information of what your video is about by withholding the real, value-adding points. Make it clear that what people can expect from the video, but don’t tell them everything that they lose interest in sitting back and give it a view.

Use Keywords Properly:

It is not a good practice to overstuff the keywords because when you use too many keywords in your video description, it can actually be harmful for your video content. Just imagine if you use 20 keyword tags for a single video. Then what does it mean? It means you’re telling YouTube that this single video addresses 20 different topics. And it is hard time for YouTube Algorithm in knowing how to categorize that content. So, it is recommended to stick to some basic keywords and tags:

So you should always have one focus keyword that is the main phrase you want to rank for. Further, you can include 2 or 3 alternate version of that particular keywords for example if you focus keyword is SEO Expert then you can also include SEO Expert in Delhi, SEO Expert Specialists etc. Moreover you can use one or 2 broad keywords that will also take into account the related phrases.

Put a Call to Action:

Last but not the least, any content you write as a description of your YouTube video you must include a strong call to action. Because there are chances that some users may view your video and they want to learn more about your company or product/services. So for their ease you must ensure that your video description gives them an easy way to call you or access your website in a few steps. If you link that video description to any relevant blogs or social media profiles of yours then it will also be useful.

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