7 Little Steps to Create a Killer PPC Landing Page:

Sep, 08 2018
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A landing page is the page where a visitor reaches when he click on a PPC ad or a search engine link. This page generally displays the content related to the message given in the PPC advertisement. Some marketers who doesn’t have much experience often makes a mistake that they redirect their potential customers to the homepage every time, but specific landing pages with different offers are essential for providing a good user experience for the visitors and for getting more conversions. As the different landing page will be shown with different message that will match the user’s particular need.Some PPC Experts can help you out for creating different landing pages according to types of products or services you are dealing in.

There are Basically Two Types of PPC Landing Page:

1. Reference Landing Page: which provides visitors  with the information through texts, links or some images. It basically called a source site, which have little interaction if required.

2. Transactional Landing Page: which asks the visitors to complete a transaction such as making a purchase or filling out a form to capture the leads. The lead capture form requires user name, mail id, phone no. etc. This type of form at the time of sign up is called a conversion.

You can measure the quality of a landing page by the percentage of visitors who have completed the desired action which is called conversion rate. For better ROI advertisers must constantly be changing and testing their landing pages, if it is not possible then at the very least the advertisers can make some changes to improve client landing pages.

Why Landing Page is Very Much Important for PPC campaigns:

The good thing about having a PPC Campaign is that you can customize your landing pages to closely target the particular advertisement which triggered it. Jeewangarg.com one of Best PPC Company in Delhi, India provides you the services for both the PPC campaigns and Landing page creation as well. As this is very important that you have enticing ad copy but at the same time having a killer or effective landing page is equally important to close the deal, because landing page encourages the visitors to take the action you want them to take.

Landing pages determines whether you have a conversion or not, when you create customized landing pages then there are chances that visitor might not see your home page. Your custom landing page will make your first impression on the user in this case. So you need to create the landing pages in a way so that it represents your business in the best possible way.

Steps to create killer landing page:

1. Keep the focus on One Product or Service: When creating a landing page or custom landing page you must keep in mind that you need to focus on single product or service on that particular page. Many advertisers create more than one call-to-action (CTA) on a single dedicated landing page. It could catch the eye of the customer but may cause seizures and will not cause conversions.

You should use only one call-to-action per page, don’t link it elsewhere or don’t mention other products or services there. Not directly showing the potential customers the specific action you want them to take is always a bad idea. Complicating the process will only results the confused people to dropping off the page and increases the bounce rate. A simple formula always to keep in mind is: the simpler the conversion process the lesser will be the bounce rate.

In the following image the highlighted submit button is the CTA (Call-to-action) button which you would see on a normal landing page. For making it attractive you should choose a color for your CTA button that makes it stand out. To find out the color that grabs the maximum attention you can simply create the button with variety of colors and then do the glance test.

contact form

2. Keep your sign-up form short but not too short: Sales team of a company wants to have more and more information of the customer before going to the sales discussion. But the problem at the customer side is that the more form fields you add, the more difficult the conversion process will look to the prospect. This will invariably results in people bouncing the page.

And if you asked for a very little information such that only an email address then you will left with no way to sort good from bad. So just keep in mind a simple rule which is, include or add only the fields which are required for a potential visitor to take to the next step in your funnel. No more, No less, In some cases it could be just name and mail id. Depending on the context you can add one or two more fields i.e. contact no. etc. Ask people what is essential nothing more than that.

Look at the example below for making short and precise form:

Contact Form

3. Be Direct: Most of the people today don’t want to go into the deep, what they all need is how your product or service will help them out. In short don’t waste time to prove yourself in the prospects’ eye, but be direct and crystal clear about how you are going to make that person’s life a bit easy.

4. Don’t bore your prospect: For the landing pages having short forms briefness is essential. People today are very busy they don’t have time to read each and every sentence of your content so you need to be crisp with your sentences and need to use bullet points wherever required and where it makes sense, don’t just write the paragraphs as these are difficult to read. If your content losing cohesion then your prospect will get bored and will result in drop off.

5. Use visuals and images wisely: A great landing page should always be featured with the unique images, videos or visuals that complements and reinforces the message in the advertisement and call-to-action on the landing page.

Taking the time to do a quality job in selection of images will help you to provide a great user experience for your potential customers and make you that much more likely to win them as a conversion for your website.

Just have a look on the following image which says a lot about the things e are going to talk about in the blog.

Use visuals and images wisely

6. Add some proof of your awesomeness: You should find some new ways to impress your new prospects i.e. by highlighting your products or services with the words of your current customers. Adding customers’ quotes can speak much louder than the most brilliantly written content copy. This builds a trust in customer’s mind which could not be done by any other way before making a purchase. Here is an example of adding Customer Testimonials on the landing page.


7. Advantages of Using Testimonial Video on Landing Pages​: Testimonial Videos permit visitors to experience your message with little effort beyond a preliminary click. The testimonial videos let you convey ideas that copy, images, and animation cannot- and whereas the videos do it in a comprehensively captivating format.  

Adding a testimonial video is one of the more effective ways to enhance engagement and conversion rates.  
For example, We at JeewanGarg had created a landing page (https://www.amitchawla.coach/90-mins/). Our experts operated this land page for some days without the testimonials video, and the conversion rate was very low. When we added the testimonials videos to the page, we saw a huge surge in the conversion rates.



Final Thought: If you have a dedicated landing page which is direct, simple and having a call-to-action proves your productor services to be useful and will help your company to drive in the quality leads. But always remember it is never a set and forget policy in case of landing page. You need to make changes whenever required in your landing pages.

Author Bio

The Author is PPC Expert working with India’s Best PPC Company named as jeewangarg.com, She has been assisting hundreds of organizations across the world to provide the best returns at minimum investment. She has been writing articles and blogs to clear PPC strategies and techniques, how one can get the desired business returns on their investment and what are the latest PPC tricks and techniques? If you have any questions, send us a email @ info@jeewangarg.com

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