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Feb, 10 2018
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These concepts provide an edge over traditional web design as they are fast, attractive and superb user friendly web designs

What are the advantages of having a website?

Good business relies on strong marketing base but if you don’t have a website, it means you are lacking the most powerful means of patronizing your product. A website is an effective communication link to reach to the customer and get him involved in your preposition.

Secondly this advertising idea is far less costly than radio, printed media or television. Websites enjoy techniques like SEO to boost their ranking so you can place your company on the topmost search page of Google. You can take SEO Services from Google Certified Partner, Who has in depth knowledge of Digital Marketing.

Effective website promotion can link your site to Facebook and fetch in more followers to your products since internet sites support a number of tools to sponsor products worldwide because they can target potential customers also due to the global visibility of your business. What's more exciting is there is 24 hours access to the site.

Well, a website is a great business partner. It can track every movement in operation happening on your sales, inputs, customer visits, number of emails or feedbacks, just anything. Blogging also keeps your business in limelight and makes the site look fresh. There are more than 10 reasons why you business needs blog. Smart linking of sites directed at your site will give it wider visibility and more visitors will visit your site thereby increasing higher sales expectations.

Certainly, having a superior website will give you promising customers who might become regular clients in the future. When these clients post positive reviews on your site, that feedback will generate a feeling of trust in the forthcoming viewer.

Ideally, having a polished website is an advantageous gain for your business as well as customers.

What is website designing and development? Are these two different things?

Web designing and development are the two faces of the same coin. These terms are interchangeably used during business search across the all options. While web design refers to the aesthetic part of the website using different design programs like Photoshop, a site becomes operational when it has been developed. Web Developers implement programming languages to the designed structure into a functioning website from it. Software coding like HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and other important applications bring life to the designed files.

To design a site, client's objectives are realized and then information is collected in the design implementation. The contrast balance, color combination, adequate font size and readable text are some elements of a good design but an easy navigation is all the more important. However, the designed structure finally comes to life when developers make it functionable. Some tools like HTML, PHP, CMS are used to make a site user interactive.

Web design and web development go hand in hand, but these are two separate processes. Often a team of developers complete the functional part of a website after a design structure is submitted by the designer(s). Sometimes, some individuals are capable to design and develop, so the common misconception rises that design and development are the same thing. I think one should take the help of Best Website designing company who has both developers & designers, because one man can't be perfect as one has rightly said " Jack of all trades, master of none".

Difference between a static and dynamic website. Which type is in greater demand?

'Static' means sites that once created, remain unchanged. It is created in HTML language where every page is individual without database connectivity. The site serves as an information masterpiece but is not interactive. To make any corrections or editing on these websites, only a web developer is required. However, a dynamic website is an interactive site using more complex code such as PHP or ASP but amazing functionality. We can frequently update the website without HTML knowhow or any website software. The content management system can directly modify stored information of a dynamic site in a database.

Static websites have one sided information so they are really cheap to develop and require no maintenance. Still they have limited usability and the content gets stagnant. Instead dynamic websites have greater functional area and easy upgrade. They have strong user interface that helps in the search engines. Once operational, their higher cost can be easy covered because they offer a lot of benefits. You can get the idea of ecommerce website development cost from Indian companies as they offer very competitive prices as compared to global companies.

These sites require complex coding, as well as the development of a content management interface to enable you to maintain your website. Web hosting is also necessary for them. A part of the site can also be dynamic where user interaction persists like the 'About Us' page or contact information.

Overall, it all depends upon the nature of work you wish to pursue. Business websites need strong customer relations so they need dynamic websites only. Obviously despite the cost of development, we can say that dynamic websites are the future of today.

Author Bio

The author is a co-founder of Delhi’s best Website Designing Company- jeewangarg.com. He has been designing websites from last one decades and knows all micro to the macro level of strategies to deliver the best website. Usually, he writes blogs and articles related to the latest website designing tricks and strategies. Get in touch with him @ info@jeewangarg.com

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