What is the importance of Exit Pop-up

Sep, 17 2019
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What is the importance of Exit Pop-up

Today, one of the most popular popups that comes in is the exit popups. According to the survey held by Entrepreneur, pop-ups helped entrepreneur.com increase the subscriptions by 86% and sales by 162%.These popups track the cursor movements of the users and use exit intent technology so that they determine that which visitors are about to leave the site and show them an exit popup with a strong CTA. Exit intent popups have become a popular part of online marketing. Let’s understand the importance of Exit Pop-ups:

1. Provides Second Chance to Convert
The most important reason for your exit intent pop up to come up into action is that the visitor was trying to leave, and that  isn’t obviously good. Stats say that 70% of visitors who abandon your website will never return again and that is a massive loss, Right. So what does that mean, it means that your initial attempt at conversion failed. The importance of the exit intent technology is that you’ve already spent money on marketing for getting those potential customers to come to your website in the first place, so obviously you don’t want to lose them.

With the exit popups you can use the second chance to either capture the contact information of the visitor or change to a different offer. Moreover, you can reinforce your company message as well as implement a call to action (CTA) there. Sometimes it isn’t clear the first time around to the user that what you’re trying to convey to the user, so with exit popups by reiterating in a different way may help the consumers seal the deal. 

2. It Doesn’t Disturb Visitors
You have noticed it many times that some Pop-Up arrives on a website before you have a chance to read anything and it feels very irritating and people are prone to exit them as soon as possible. So, one of the most important features of an Exit Pop-up is that it doesn’t disturb the visitors in between.
This is the beauty of exit intent technology that it doesn’t allow popups to appear until it is determined that the visitor is actually about to leave the website. This technology basically allows visitors to do what they have come to do on your site, without disturbing them by annoying popups.
As a consequence, visitors could actually end up appreciating what your exit intent popup has to offer them instead of potentially irritating visitors while they are learning about your site and company.

3. It helps to recover Abandoned Shopping Cart
Do you know, what is the biggest sign of intent from a customer? It is putting items into their cart. Cart abandonment is about 70% but exit popups have a lot to offer. If you use a simple shopping cart pop up then you can witness the massive results i.e. you can improve your revenues by 10% or in some cases may be more. There are a few ways which you can implement in exit popups in order to convince someone to stay.
People leave your site usually to find a coupon code so you can use a coupon aggregator as your Exit pop-up. Moreover, by offering the customers free shopping, you can convince your potential buyers to finish the purchase on the spot.

4. It prevents the “Paradox of Choice”
Exit Pop-up prevents the abundance of choice facing consumers. Visitors usually go to your site for making a purchase. But with many things/choices which grab their attention, they can be overwhelmed by the “paradox of choice” and chances are that they leave the website without conversion.
But in the exit intent pop-up you can provide a clear message of what to purchase and how easy it is to do. By doing this you can relieve anxiety of the consumer by simplifying the decision process for your customers. In simple words, exit intent pop-ups can be used to serve the consumers in the same way as a helpful salesperson pointing you the right way.

5. It recommends Other Products
There could be several reasons: why visitors leave your site without conversion? One of those reasons may be that they didn’t find what they were looking for? or there are chances that they didn’t know where to look for that particular product. Whatever the case be, these exit popups provide you an opportunity to bring the attention of the leaving customers towards other products or to feature the products that you want to promote.
For example, if you are an online retailer selling men’s shoes then your exit popup can feature the product release that recently went on sale which may not be visible on your landing page. These kinds of exit intent popups can keep visitors on your site for a longer time, and increase the conversion chances.

6. It Reduce “Analysis Paralysis”
Sometimes, consumers also face “analysis paralysis”. That means they reaches to a state when they can lead to a plethora of options with too many variables (budget, wealth of choices, social pressure), but no decision. In the same way exit intent popups prevented the paradox of choice, it can be done with analysis paralysis by simplifying decisions with the use of clear messages.

Rules to use When Using Exit Popups.

There are many rules of using exit-intent popups in order to utilize them smartly.

A. The Proper Timing: This is what differentiates the exit popup from rest of the popups which appear too quickly, and which causes annoyance and the too late popups can cause an abandoning visitor which may be all but lost. So you must bear the proper timing while implementing an Exit Intent PopUp.

B. Exit Button should be Clear: There is no doubt that your exit popup message should be clear, but it is equally important that customers find that X button easily. If you make the close button very differently then there are increased chances that visitors leave your website altogether.

C. Use Great Content: The message of Exit Popup has to grab attention, but don’t forget that it also has to fit your target customers, as well as it should match up to your business. These points have to be in consideration when coming up with the copy for your exit intent popup content. Exit intent technology identifies the visitors who are about to leave your site. So through Exit Popups, you need to make sure that you have a message that recaptures their attention. Please have a look at the following examples:

Wrapping Up:

The above mentioned points are just some of the ways you can design exit intent popups which can work for you. You can choose any of the goals while using this technology, the thing to keep in mind is that you are looking to provide value to your customers. If you feel that it is important to use exit popup then use them, you will be setting yourself up for success.

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