What is Gmail Sponsored Promotions (GSPs) in AdWords

Dec, 31 2018
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Every Digital Marketer wants to be in their customers heads without having any survey or so, the best way to being there in the minds of the customers is to be getting into their inboxes. But that is not as easy as it seems. To convince the leads to provide their personal information is still a challenge for many businesses.

Although the landing page can help in getting personal information but this also doesn’t guarantee to get their permission to email them about your offers. Fortunately, there a way around called Gmail Sponsored Promotions or in short called GSPs, an ad format from Google which provides you a way to get into the inboxes of your customers without convincing them to fork over their email addresses.

What are Gmail Sponsored Promotions (GSPs):

The GSPs or Gmail Sponsored Promotions are a type of advertising provided by Google, It is also known as Gmail Sponsored Ads or Gmail Ads. It is a unique Ad type that shown up in the personal Gmail Boxes in the promotional tab and it can be done by using your Google AdWords only.

This advertising format allows advertisers to serve their ads directly in the inboxes of their prospects. It benefits the advertisers in the form of their users’ special attention, because these ads are likely to be shown above all the organic mails. Here’s an example below:

When this ad will be clicked it will be like the body of an email:

It is a new advertising program which is specially designed to target the Gmail users. You can show the text, video or image ads in specific users’ mail or inbox. Earlier GSPs were known as Google Beta and it was launched in 2013, this platform has gone through many changes during 2 years and in early 2015 Google has officially launched it as Google Sponsored Promotions which now can be used by any advertiser.

How Can I Use GSP:

To access or use this feature of Gmail you need to contact the Gmail representative, after calling the representative they will check your Google AdWords account to check if you are whitelisted for GSPs or not? If they find you eligible for using Google Sponsored Promotions then they will contact you and guide you how to use GSPs. But before applying for GSP you should first read the complete “Policy for Google Advertisers.”

What makes GSP so powerful:

The best part of Gmail Ads is not just it can get you in the inboxes of your prospects without requesting for an email address from a curious customer, but it is that it can get you in the right inbox of pinpoint targeting. In Gmail Sponsored Ads you can target the audience based on the domains from which they already receive mails. And if your products or services match with other company’s offers, then you can target those people who are already receiving the mails from those competitor companies.

By using this ad format you are not just targeting the people who have visited the websites having similar products or services but you are targeting the people who have given the permission to your competitors of sending them mails. These are the customers who have crossed the awareness stage of your competitor’s funnel and reached to the evaluation stage.

Benefits of Using GSP:

GSP has more opportunity of lead generation because in GSP we can reach to the right customers and can show the right ads in their inboxes, apart from that it has more customization options. Some benefits of using Gmail Sponsored Promotions are as below:

1. Increased Brand Awareness: Just like Google AdWords, GSP also has all the targeting methods and by using those targeting methods we can we can increase the awareness of our brand as well as products or services and can get the better ROI.

2. Increased Mobile Traffic: Today more people are accessing their Gmail account on their mobile devices, by using GSP you can reach mobile users easily and can promote the services/products.

3. Can Reach to the Right Audience: In GSP you have many targeting and retargeting options so you can set a definite age limit or so to reach to the right prospects. Because in GSP the age/gender, affinity/topics targeting options are more powerful because Gmail data accuracy about the user’s personal information is higher than all the other websites.

You can take up some more advantages from Gmail Sponsored Promotions by following some instructions same as Google AdWords campaigns:

● You should show up the right and high definition images of products or services in ads.

● You should use clear texts ads and correct punctuations for GSP so that the user can understand what you want to say

● You should create call to action so that user can contact you directly without typing and dialing you number

● You should deliver the right and relevant context landing page with ads.

● You need to use proper location and device targeting method, so that to get more conversions and revenue.

● You should design your landing page in the best possible way by using best practices.

Final Thought:

A marketer can use Gmail Sponsored Promotions to take the advantages to the fullest as we have all the targeting options and execution techniques available as in Google AdWords, there are different bidding methods also in GSP like CPC,CPM and CPA. So by using all these techniques and methods you can use GSP in the best way so that to get more conversions and better ROI.


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