What are the features for SERP?

Aug, 28 2020
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what are the features for serp

What are SERP(Search Engine Results Pages)?

Search Engine Results Pages are also described as SERP; they are the Google correct response to a web query by a customer. SERPs aim to contain organic search data, paying returns from Google Ads, featured snippets, information maps & video results.

Search engine results pages are web pages served to users when they search for something online using a search engine, such as Google. The user enters their search query (often using specific terms and phrases known as keywords, upon which the search engine presents them with a SERP.SERPs show a list of the user-relevant search results or pages. Search engines have a listed list of URLs related to the stated keywords entered.

SERP Importance for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search engine optimization is a method of designing websites and web pages for search engines and, as a result, a more prominent position on the search engine results pages. .On-page SEO or Off-page SEO are two main methods for doing proper search engine optimization The SERP defines where the website appears on the first page of search.

What is a SERP feature?

The SERP is identified by its "keyword," or by the list of queries generating the results on search engines. A SERP content may consist of organic outcomes, payable results, and SERP features. Google is proceeding to continually improve many such special features to give its search engine a more user-friendly experience.

Benefits of SERP Features;

SERP features are beneficial to the keyword analysis and SEO overall. Many of the functionality of SERP such as featured snippets, local packages, image, and top articles can be optimized to make the website more prominent in the search results.

What are the most growing features of SERP?

A SERP feature is any query that isn't a common organic query on a Google Search Engine Results Page ( SERP). These are the most popular features you can find on Google SERP;

  • Featured Snippet (Instant Response) 
  • Local pack Services
  • SiteLinks
  • Videos Pack
  • Images Pack
  • Top Stories
  • Twitter post 
  • Knowledge Panel 
  • Questions/FAQs  
  • People Also Ask 
  • Google Flights Block
  • Hotel Pack
  • Reviews
  • Job Directories/Listings 
  • Google Advertising
  • Shopping Ads
  • Featured Snippet (Instant Response);


​To know how you can affect the featured snippet to improve your digital performance, you need to realize what the featured snippets are and how they function on search engines. A featured snippet is a summary of a user's query response, which is displayed on top of the results of Google searches. It is obtained from a website page and contains the title and URL of the page. The Featured Snippets are a format that should provide users with a concise, direct answer to their questions – right there on the search results page, without users having to click through to a specific result. Featured Snippets also come with their use in Google's voice search, and the answers are provided in voice search mode only.

  • Local Pack Services;


​Most people use Google to locate enterprises/companies that sell locally the products or services they like. Usually, these organic searches are location-based. Google Local Services advertisements are meant to help you interact with users who use Google Search to locate the services that you are providing. Suppose Google identifies a keyword-relevant to the product wanted by the user for a particular area near its location. In that case, it will display the local pack services at the top of the search results. The local pack on Google identifies the sites along with the details of Google Maps showing specific businesses in the region.

  • Sitelinks:


​Sitelinks feature improves a simple organic search outcome by inserting additional links to parts on the same website within the description. On the search engine results pages, the sitelinks occupy five organic positions. Sitelinks are links to specific pages of the same site which appear under some search results from Google. These help users easily navigate to essential website details & are considered one of the most popular search functions.

  • Videos Pack;


​Among organic results, a video SERP feature related to a search query appears on  SERP. This SERP function can connect to a video hosting platform such as YouTube & thus video related to a search query is performed. Videos features, like usual snippets, include a title, a link and a description. Only sites with embedded videos are valid, and typically Google shows the upload time, duration, and uploader name in the SERP, too.

  • Images Pack;


​Just like the Video SERP feature, images also appear when Google thinks that a more comprehensive result page will serve visual content. Results of the pictures appear against search query for related images between organic results. Usually, several images appear in a horizontal row, and they can show up on a SERP in any organic position. Image Packs display a couple of thumbnails and bring you to Google Images by clicking on those.

  • Top Stories;


​The Top Stories list is a collection of thumbnail images connected to news posts, with dates and times and the publisher's name indicated. Top Stories is a sleek, incredibly-performing interface for providing searchers with news reports featuring in Google SERP. By coming to the Top stories page, the traffic will be heavily influenced.

  • Twitter post ;


​A tweet carousel could be very attention-grabbing, which takes up a large number of vertical spaces on the results page. Twitter search results generally support the new and trending query-related messages. They may pop up on the SERP anywhere else but typically occur after a few organic search results.

  • Knowledge Panel;


​We can get the information that occurs on Google when a consumer looks for individuals, locations, organizations, or the items in the Knowledge Graph from the Knowledge Panels feature. Knowledge panels offer a fast overview of knowledge about a subject focused on Google's interpretation of the web content provided. Knowledge panels include a brief overview sometimes with a link to the source & a selection of the topic-relevant detail.

  • Questions /FAQs ;


​The FAQ is a page on a website that gives quick responses to customer inquiries. FAQ drop-down lists appear under organic results for queries that ask questions or include "FAQ" directly. The content should be marked up with FAQ schema to add this feature on your web page.

  • People Also Ask ;


​Typically this feature gives users more insight into the interpretation of every subject by Google, begins with a collection of four questions and short responses like a featured snippet. When you open a question, more queries may be applied to the bottom of the page. Clicking on a related query will lead you to the website which received the response.

  • Google Flights Block;


​Google Flights is one of the best features of SERP used to facilitate airfare hunting. Through Google Flights feature, we can get details from Google Flights and is present in a table of choices for flight-related queries that you can browse and search through directly on SERPs.

  • Hotel Pack;


​The hotel pack feature displays hotel listings explicitly on the SERP, and hotels and advertisers pay for the placements via Google Hotel Ads. The Hotel Pack is shown in a particular location for hotel-related requests, displaying four hotel results and a broad map chart with price tags on each hotel in the city and complete detail about them.

  • Reviews;


​Google reviews feature offers useful market knowledge for a brand &  clients. Reviews & ratings display next to the Maps and Search pages, which will make the business stick out on Google. You can request customer reviews through a short URL that is specific to your business. Seeing a rating is a symbol that can communicate value to searchers of all kinds.

  • Job Directories/Listings;


​Google shows a job & career listing table which it collects from employment websites like Glassdoor, Indeed, LinkedIn & other platforms. When a person types in his sector a question for a particular position, then Google shows a list of work opportunities, and it is easy for a work applicant to apply and pick for his / her job.

  • Google Advertising;


​Google's ads feature shows PPC (pay per click) placements suggested by "Ad" and are shown in the search engine results pages against a keyword by a consumer. Google Ads provides innovative promotional tactics to allow you to do much more with PPC promotions and thus increasing brand exposure.

  • Shopping Ads;

​Shopping ads are used for advertising products that boost access to one's website or retail shop, and to identify more suited leads. They acquire paid space for direct selling products on the search engine results pages. Shopping Ads feature appears for queries that include product names & the results are shown in a tabular form.

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