Google Featured Snippets - Things to Know & How-to Target

Apr, 04 2020
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Google Featured Snippets - Things to Know & How-to Target

Everyone is looking to crush more ogles from Google and other Search Engines. Featured snippets may be one of the most authentic and simple ways you can use high dimensions of traffic without being ranked number 1. I have used featured snippets to go around more healthy competition, including Google, for Keywords on this blog and my clients for a few years now.

To acknowledge how you can influence featured snippets to enhance your success online, you require to understand what featured snippets are and how they work. You require to understand how to succeed now that Google has altered the way featured snippets and search results toil in their fresh deduplication revise.

Starting way back in January 2014, Google & Bing featured rich entries to the search results page that is referred as Featured Snippets. There are variation of Featured Snippet Formats, seeming at the top of the search results, making them highly coveted search engine results for confidence businesses.   

Today in this note, you will acknowledge what Featured Snippet is and how can your site earn one of these desirable features? You will also come to know about different types of featured snippets and how Google and Bing use these features to offer more value with searchers and for snippet source pages. 

Featured Snippets are like an elite search listing, a super treasure for your Search Engine Optimization tactic. All the SEO experts work hard to get your pages ranked, but Features Snippets are like a reward gift. You do not want to lose them at any cost.

What Exactly is Google Featured Snippet?

Google is the most of the highly used search engines supported by billions of people from nook and corner of the globe. When we talk about the website, there are millions of websites with millions and millions of webpages. When a user searches any answer to a question or any query, it is the Google’s prime responsibility to exhibit you them with authentic, relevant and updated results every time.

It is hard to believe that, to filter the best and more authentic result, Google uses over 600 factors to rank the content to show you top 10 relevant search results to your question or query. Hence to make the search results more relevant and hastier to the users, Google has introduced “Featured Snippets”. Under this elite feature, Google automatically pulls relevant data from an indexed webpage to exhibit to its visitors.

However, we can say Featured Snippet is answer, the search engine has mined from one page ranked for the search phrase, framed by a box and sited at the top of the results, however, below the paid ads.   

Eg: - Example Featured Snippet with Photo

Example Featured Snippet with Photo

Thus, a Featured Snippet may also be referred to as a “direct answer” or “perfect answer” as they are positioned above regular search results, sometimes this position is called ‘position 0’.

Google Featured Snippet & Their Benefits

Google Featured Snippet provides you with loads of Search Engine Optimization benefits for your website. Analyzing and optimizing your website, support progressive SEO techniques, you can easily overcome the search results. It is not going to matter how competitive the niche is; Featured Snippets are the only essential to reveal magical Search Engine Optimization Benefits to throng more traffic, more leads and more revenue. Some of the significant benefits of Google Featured Snippet are:

a)  Influence benefits from the voice search

b)  Loads of organic traffic

c)  More power in your niche

Influence benefits from the voice search

If your website is properly SEO optimized in the right way, you can enjoy thousands of visitors per month or even every week or day. When you appear on the ‘position zero’ you own the first organic search page results.

Loads of Organic Traffic

The recent data of Google reveal that around 40% of people use voice instructions to find quick answers. Remarkably, Google selects the answers from a website that is having a featured snippet. By executing featured snippet Search Engine Optimization, you are also optimizing your website for the ongoing voice search trend.

More Power in Your Niche

To overcome your competitors, Google Featured Snippets are the easiest and straightforward methods of doing this. People pay thousands of dollars to rank number 1 position, but with a featured snippet, you can build your power by appearing everyone without spending a single penny.

Guidelines for Ranking in Google Featured Snippet

There are several rewarding benefits of having a featured snippet; everybody desires and wants to have several for their website. However, you cannot deliberately create them, but you can enhance your website for acquiring one. Some of the well-sought guidelines for ranking in Google Featured Snippet are:

  • Enhance your blog with authentic data and checklists
  • Try to overcome your competitors and feature in the first top 10 results
  • Use the unknown opportunity
  • Exclusively optimize your keyword and formatting
  • Be vivid and uniquely- presentable 

Google Featured Snippets & Their Types

There are numerous types of Google Featured Snippets; hence there is no ideal answer as to how one should format your content to target a featured snippet. Therefore, the best advice is to question yourself on how to create your content to target featured snippets. However, our best advice is to question yourself what sort of featured snippet format best apt the sort of answer the user wants to know.   

Where to get the data of these leads?

As you must already know that the users who interact with your lead form extension, you can collect their contact information and obviously you’ll want to follow up with these fresh leads as soon as possible in order to close the deal.


Text is the most common snippet comprising one or more paragraphs mined from the featured results. The standard length is between 44 to 58 words. Hence, your answers need to be brief and concise. Do not be concerned. You can add more value to your answer on the page, but make sure the target answer is pinpoint and short.


The list can be either numbered or bulleted. These are the individual points featured in listicle type articles.

Step by Step

Step by step is one of the vital things taken into consideration when talking about Google Featured Snippet. Thus, what you want to explain to the users, it is good to understand them in a step by step format.

Table Type

It is not that if you format your content in a tabular form, Google will extract the same data. Nevertheless, on the contrary, Google extracts the essential and authentic data and then will reformat into a table. However, it is regarded when targeting a tabular featured snippet to ensure you include at least 4 records or rows worth of data. Four or more seems to be a sheer number of gathering more clicks.


Many times, you will see snippets comprising an image or photo. Sometimes they may be from another site than the featured content was crafted. This means there is another chance to earn an opportunity to earn a place in this box. So, it is essential to include perfect and excellent images on your pages with targeted ‘alt’ tag values.


Video Snippets are the trending and hottest, which is also known as YouTube featured Snippets as they feature YouTube videos. Thus, you can add a relevant video to YouTube, and this being Google property, this video appears on the spot of the Featured Snippet. 

Wrapping Up

Start analyzing and optimizing your blogs according to the above criteria and guidelines to enhance your opportunity in earning a ‘Google Featured Snippet’ for your blogs and articles.

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