Top 6 Growth Hacks for Facebook Marketers

Mar, 28 2019
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Facebook has given a great platform to the online marketers and today most of the marketers are using Facebook as a great platform for their online brand building. But with the passage of time Facebook has been developed and considered as the most effective way to target the right audience for generating leads as well as for selling products.

There is an array of things to that you can do with Facebook advertisements and can get benefitted from it. As it has a very vast online marketing arena you can have significant growth of your business by using Facebook Advertisements. If you are a smart marketer or want to be then try to hack the growth of your business using these simple growth hacking tips.

1) Target Your Audience in a Proper Manner:

If you are targeting the right audience then it can take a remarkable profit gain to your business. So understanding your perfect target audience plays a big role on growing your business. Facebook is such a vast marketing platform that it offers you efficient targeting options.

The design of your Facebook ad must be constructed as per the definition of the audience you want to target. By taking a well-targeted initiative you can reach the right goal. You can try different options to reach to the right group of audience. Facebook is here to give you several alternatives to target your potential or target audience.

1. Retarget Custom Audience: 

 This option allows you to target those people, who have already visited your website in the past. They could have make a purchase or may be some of them have abandoned the page. You have an option to again target them with the new offers and services in order to bring them back to your website.

2. Email Customer List: 

It is one of the best methods to reach to the potential customers mind through their inboxes. If you have a solid data or list of customer emails that you may have gathered from your website subscription or from somewhere else, you can target them with this option by mailing them.

3. Target the Lookalike Audience: 

By using this method you can simply target those people, who have searched for similar products or services that you are offering. By using this method, your ads will reach to a huge number of audiences that match with the audience you have already set to target for your product/services.

4. Interest targeting:  

This is a standard targeting option in Facebook marketing platform to attract audience. With this option you can let narrow down your target audience based on the demographic information and interests. So, Retargeting is the best choice in order to generate conversions from the audience, who already knows you.

2) Restructure Your Website:

 If you are getting high bounce rate on your website then it becomes your first responsibility to bring the visitors back. Generally, visitors stop coming to your website but they come to Facebook regularly. And what is good about it that by using Facebook pixel you can track why this bouncing of visitors is happening with your website.

Another reason of not getting back to your website could be that the visitor has already made a purchase or it could be that they have gone through the bad experience about the last purchase. But if you know the reason you can optimize that particular section of your website as well as of services. You can display your ads with some new announcement and offers or can add some new products by using Facebook Custom Audience.

It becomes very easy to use Facebook Custom Audience with the help of pixel as in this case you can target audience in different categories. For instance, you can get the audience of your preferred email list or reach to the traffic that is tracked by Facebook Pixel. So it is better to consider redesigning and reworking for your website to bring those bouncers back

3) Start with Showcasing Minimum Valuable Product:

It is a very much important step for the new ventures and startups. What you need to do is that before coming out with all the newly launched products you need to try to create a trust base in the minds of customers with single best product. Because making the identity of the company in the market is crucial.

To start with put the Facebook ads in front of potential customers and try to measure how they react to the product. And what’s good about it when that product receives a positive response and good conversion rate then slowly you can go further to launch other products too. Try to catch audience whose interest matches your niche. Therefore, Start with one product and then establish your brand first.

4) Make proper use of Facebook Carousel ad:

Carousel ad is not although a standard advertisement option but the Smart marketers always try take the benefits from every possible source on facebook. As a smart marketer you must try this cost effective option in order to increase your profit because this delivers your ads the lower CPA and CPC. So if you use this method in a right way it can serve you with a better result. Please have a look how a facebook carousel ad look like:

Carousel ads are the unique multi products ad format in Facebook. Advertisers can display several products in a single ad using this. It gives several clickable places for an audience. You can do a lot more things with this carousel ad technique like:

  1. You can showcase the different features of your particular service
  2. You can easily display up to 5 products or services on a single screen
  3. You can take this as a great option to exhibit your various offers on one go
  4. You can also use this method to show different parts of a single product
  5. You can also elaborate benefits of your products/services on a single ad

Please Note: 

There is a chance to decrease CPA and CPC rate by 30%-50% if you select Carousal ad instead of Facebook standard ad.

5) Use Deep links for promotion of your app:

Deep-links are like the cherry on the ice cream in the scenario of app marketing today. You can just do a general add posting with download button because call-to-action generally does not produce much trouble. Because if you associate referrals page or certain content or a specific page of the app then it creates 100% increase in app download with a 30 day retention period.

You can do it in three ways: Traditional, deffered and contextual deep link. In Traditional method the content is directly linked to the content where the user has already downloaded the app. In deferred deep link you can link the content without installing the app by the user. It generally sends the visitor to the appropriate store where he/she can download the app.

Next, the Contextual deep link is more like the deferred deep links. The only difference is that you can get additional user data also from where the user has clicked. Contextual deep links are highly used more by mobile analytics companies because it brings them the more information regarding the user.

6) Create an email list of target audience:

You can use Webinars, e-books, reports in order to capture the emails that build a strong list of emails. These things work as awesome ways to generate leads. And you can use this data in two ways. First, you can have a single lead magnet and then use it to target the multiple audiences and create the multiple ads.

Next, you can use multiple lead magnets, multiple targets and multiple ads. If you have a plenty of content then you can easily target different personas by using different ads. Facebook already offers you multiple audience targeting options right and if it is gets combined with lead magnets what will happen it will produce effective results.


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