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Aug, 11 2018
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Google AdWords is a new introduction in the marketing business and the two go equally well hand in hand. Google is a rich source of searching global enquiries on its engine, the 1 in searches around the world. A product will look for a product and service only on Google AdWords can be wonders to a small business to drive traffic or sell your product.

Reasons why your business out to benefit from AdWords :

1. Strong impression:  Customers are easy to reach when they search your product and your site becomes visible on top page.  So be it any business, while found on Google with the help of a good Google Adwords Expert, getting customers won’t be difficult as he is served with Google Ads result above the organic search results.  It is a tool to directly communicate with the market. 

2. Target your Customer:  AdWords benefits you by targeting your customer by location, business, income level, age or those who prefer your product.  You can use targeting options to search local customers if you have a restaurant or a local area shop so you don’t target those who aren’t interested to buy your product so a higher ROI and lower cost with more targets.

3. Reveal your existence:  You can also clearly show in which area your business is present.  An ad placed beautifully followed by a map where your shop is located makes it easier for customers to find you for projects or click through to your website.

4. Reveal your contacts: Be specific about your name and address.  Ad extensions can show a number of things from phone numbers, address, backlinks, app downloads, page visits etc.  These details are shown below your ad description. This information will make it easier for a potential customer to communicate with you.  But you will be billed for clicks on your ads.

5. Keywords: Every search result comes after a keyword entry. So using Targeted keywords to optimize searches is very effective to show searches and that’s what Google AdWords is known for. When you use the right keywords in SEO, you get higher ranking and so it's easy to target your customers, products, location and more. The higher the keywords, the more the chances of conversions.

6. Retargeting: It's easy to follow Your Customer with re-targeting techniques. A customer who has clicked on your ad link or visited your webpage. His or her IP is picked up by Google cookie and s/he can be served with specialized display ads as well as Search Ads (RLSA). Re-targeting increases the chance of conversions for those who visited a site for their interest. It's easy to target them with your ads to follow them on the Google Display Networks.

7. Mobile reach: Google AdWords optimizes your customer’s reach to your website’s destination as it gives you many mobile optimization options when your customers are searching for your products or service on their smart phone. So you can easily target both text ads and image ads. Switching your Devices on the default of “All” can target every mobile.

8. Choose your ad space: You can prefer advertising using niche blogging to target only preferred customers. Running ads on niche blogs increases the possibility for sales as the ads reflect customer taste that complies with his age, location, category etc. It also hopes to locate your customers easily. They are part of the Google Display network. Advertising on Google search network can target users by both organic and paid search options. This format is better for those having a limited budget and want to target specific clients.

But to have a long-term strategy, use Google Display Network. Here you can create awareness in the client by placing an attractive ad well suited to his/her taste. Monitor your results and see your sales improve.

9. Measure your ROI: Google AdWords lets you calculate your expenses, sales, and incomes. It coordinates with Google Analytics to track your results and know what your accurate ROI is. It can be done in one dashboard. A number of options are available to track your goals, how much traffic is coming to your website, creation of brand awareness, conversion rates and sales ratio. Results of each of the ad within its category can also be easily measured. AdWords lets you check what keywords are performing the best, headings which have good clicks and the time your ad plays highest. You can also connect your website Google Analytics and generate customized reports.

10. Set your Budget: If you are at the initial stages of advertising your products, you can set your budget accordingly for each ad run with Google AdWords. It can be increased if it performs well and you can also decrease it whenever you like. A daily budget report shows spend in one day. So you can set your daily budget, which is what you’re willing to spend per day per ad. Start with a small budget and raise it when your sales are being met. A Google Certified Partner can help you to do this. 

11. No limit to campaign run: You can always run multiple campaigns for your business marketing needs. Up to three types of marketing services can be run separately coming under one ad campaign. Suppose you have a bicycle manufacturing plant so you are free to set up three ad campaigns for the targeted service like Gearbox installation, repainting design and lighting accessories. For every campaign, identify multiple ad groups with different keywords to target.

12. Improved marketing: By being a watchdog on your AdWords account, trace your ROI and monitor growth. It is very simple to check the cost of each ROI and which product is not selling well on Google. So if the ROI is down, you can consider other marketing alternatives to enhance the effect of returns by changing your current strategy, target customers or reach of location.

Conclusion: Business these days is not a just traditional business but its online marketing because it's the best way to reach out to your customer. Digital marketing drives in traffic faster than the old ways and ultimately increases sales. Hence, to catapult your conversions, the ultimate tool to trigger this is Google AdWords and it can't be left behind as it ought to be the most important part of your online marketing plan.

If you are not well versed with Google Adwords, It will be better to have Google Adwords Company. There are many Google Adwords Company in Delhi, India you can choose after checking their reputation. Nowadays checking reputation is not difficult, just explore their social media profiles, that will tell each and everything.

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The Author is PPC Expert working with India’s Best PPC Company named as jeewangarg.com, She has been assisting hundreds of organizations across the world to provide the best returns at minimum investment. She has been writing articles and blogs to clear PPC strategies and techniques, how one can get the desired business returns on their investment and what are the latest PPC tricks and techniques? If you have any questions, send us a email @ info@jeewangarg.com

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