How to Remove Negative Reviews from Google

Oct, 21 2019
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How to Remove Negative Reviews from Google

It’s a business owner’s hard luck when he has put his time, blood and sweat into the company and one day their hard-earned reputation is destroyed by one negative review and not only that, but positive reviews are also part of Google’s search algorithm. That means one negative review can tank your rankings. However, bad reviews from Google are common in the current scenario and there are several businesses that may have handled similar situations. Although there may not be any severe consequences from negative comments but you need to stay cool and should act right before this kind of situation becomes worse. Just one or two customers’ bad reviews can’t harm your business when you have a lot of positive reviews for the rest. However, there are some ways by which you can remove bad reviews and improve your business’ credibility and all you need is to follow the following steps that will guide you "How to Remove Bad Google Review"?

1. Don’t get Panic

As a business owner you need to always remember that panicking is not the solution for anything as it will not help you much in fact it is better to understand that obtaining a bad review is not the one and only thing which put your business to an end. Rather, you need focus more on the positive reviews and try to improve the customers’ experience instead of wasting your time with one bad review. However, we are going to discuss in the following article about few Steps to fix a Bad Google Review.

2. Put in the Right Response

It may not be always possible that you can remove a few bad reviews but you can counter the positive response and you should never handle the things angrily. There are some customers that take time and then change the reviews due to your positive response. If you can’t counter the reviews well or with some kind of logical explanations it is good to take the path of humor. And believe me it can work if the user may not have commented rightly.

How to Remove Negative Reviews from Google

3. Assess the Reviews

As a business owner, it is your responsibility to assess the review properly that where your customers found fault in your offerings and try to find out the source for that as per the best of your knowledge and you may discover some surprising facts. Often the reviews that are fraudulent come from the competitors and such instances are very common. The more closely you will assess it the better you will be in a condition to deal with negative reviews coming from experts. You need to prevent such happenings in future. And the fact is that no one will ever remember about the bad things which are spoken against your business as long as people are satisfied with good products and services.

4. Handle the Reviews with Goodwill

No matter what the review may be about but you need to take steps hurriedly. Quick fixing of a Negative Google Review is the most important thing which you need to keep in mind. As you take the action at the right time which reflects that you have a dedicated customer service which is efficient enough to responds to the customers’ requirements and which is able to deal with the bad experiences of the customers. It is very important to pacify a customer having a bad experience without any delay and leaving the things forever.

4.	Handle the Reviews with Goodwill

In the process of reviews handling the first thing which comes in is to find that whether the comment came from a previous customer, so that you can offer some ideas as well as fix the issue as early as possible. For instance, if you give a service which was not the same as promised so you can fix it by promising them to do it again in a proper manner. It is like an investment over your mistakes which will lead yow to the right path. It is important to handle the reviews because even when the reviews are flagged then also rest of the people can view it. So, it becomes necessary that you try to respond for the best results.

5. Deal in a proper manner with Bad Review

Whenever you receive a bad review and if you are in a condition to take steps to refund the money for the product or service or to offer the customers two or more free products or services or you can promise them to fix it out again without money, then the bad reviews will suddenly be changing into good ones. So, what did you do here is to change the negative into positive with a little bit of efforts. This return of the customer to positive reviews can make the big difference. SEO Company can help you deal with bad reviews.

Deal in a proper manner with Bad Review

6. Resolve the Issue

Customers act in a hurry sometimes and they generally do not spend much time to analyze a product or a service and they just give a negative review. Moreover, may be on a certain day customer have had a really bad mood and the reviews may have been written just then in a very bad mood. So when you take some constructive steps to remove that negative review then it can lead to the right solution.

Let’s Get Back to Peace

So, this was our guide to “How to Remove Negative Reviews from Google”. And in the end I would say that a bad review is obviously bad for the business owners and it can spoil a lot of good things which the businessmen and the online reputation management service provider may have gathered for many years. The things you must bear in mind that the negative reviews will be disappeared as you have more positive reviews but still you need to tighten your sleeves and take the right action on time so that you can prevent the devastating effects of negative reviews on Google.


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