How to promote your Facebook Business Page for free:

Nov, 13 2018
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How to promote your Facebook Business Page for free

In today's techno-savvy world Facebook is more likely to become the fastest growing social media network and its users are increasing by thousands day by day. Facebook has a vast base of users, that is why it will have considerable influence and any company can jump to the bandwagon by properly utilizing Facebook for their business as it allows them to boost their brands or products as well as allows them to get engaged with their possible clients.

It is convenient for a company or a business owner to create a Facebook page, publish their profile, products and services. But, it is not a very easy task to set up a Facebook page that receive many "likes" and a huge fan base. But you can hire a Digital Marketing Company in Delhi/NCR to help you optimize your Social Media pages to gain more likes.

Just take a moment to think about it that what is the first thing a visitor will see when he/she will land on your Facebook page? Most of the visitors can click on the “wall” or the “info” and if you don’t have something fascinating on your wall then more chances are that they will leave your page. But it will give you an advantage if a visitor "like" your page because they will be updated from time to time with the latest things you will publish on your business page.

Today almost every blog, website or organization (online and offline) has a Facebook page. There could be two reasons for owning a Facebook page i.e.

1.  Throw a pebble into the air and while returning to its way down, it would probably hit someone owing Facebook account; and

2. Everyone else in the industry is probably doing it, so would you like to be the only one without having the facebook page.

Whether you want your facebook page to make a supplementary page to inform your readers about the latest offers and promotions or in case you function most of the times from your Facebook page for your business then this article is for you.

Making a start can be tough but if you will play your cards right and will keep these few tips which we are going to discuss in the following article in mind then you will be able to see the numbers to go up and up in every month after month. However things to bear in mind are that these tips are not as easy to do as it seems. Let us now talk about the tips of “How to promote your Facebook business page for free”.

Some Tips to promote your Facebook Page:

1. Create a root audience of family & friends: Once you have created your Facebook page the very first thing to do is to invite your friends and family members to like your page, this will be very advantageous for you as it will provide you with a valuable test audience and will set you off with a digital footprint.

You can now use your initial audience to test which things are working out and which are not. For example:

A. You can check which kind of posts are attracting the most engagement-Which means, do people engage more with photos/videos or some text information.

B. Different ideas and suggestions for your business – You can ask people what they want to know and see. 

C. Produce word of mouth marketing throughout your networks – You can ask people to share and invite their friends to like and share your page.

A business page that doesn’t have much engagement or likes is not going to do much to help your business as it is difficult to promote these facebook pages. You need to focus on building a quality audience first. The activity of filling your page with the quality audience will then serve to promote your page.

2. Use the network you already owe: If someone has already joined you through emails, then they will most likely to be interested in joining you on facebook too. You can send out the emails to the contacts announcing your new Facebook business page and invite them to like your business on Facebook.

You are also suggested to add some social media buttons to your email footer so that your subscribers will always be reminding about your active social channels.

3. Analyze Your field's Top 10: The fastest way to see what’s trending on Facebook is to go into your Facebook business page insights and try to get your content ranked by likes, comments and shares. You should seek out the patterns that what is mostly resonating there on facebook i.e. are these images or some videos or any text information? What subject do they have in common? What can you learn from the comments on those posts? You will get a clear idea by doing so. You can take help of a Social Media Optimization Service Provider to further optimize your Fecebook Business Page.

4. Post excellent and interesting Contents: Facebook is a place to get connected with more and more audience. Because social media and social media marketing both are very much different. When we talk about promoting your social media page you should give your audience a reason to like your page by sharing useful, relevant and interesting contents.

Content plays the role of a king in any form of digital marketing so for the facebook business page. However, you can't post any form of content when it comes to posting on social media. In social media picture posts with a right message or info performs the best, followed by a high-quality video and text informative posts. 

Informative content will include:

● Timely Tips – You can decorate ideas for upcoming seasonal industry information

● Upcoming News or Events – Here you can provide your prospects with the upcoming industries’ news and Business events.

● Interviews – Post an interview of a customer or influential person in your niche or post a helpful video.

The quality of your content is going to decide the chances to get your post noticed and shared by people. When your followers share your content on Facebook, your Facebook business page gets promoted for free.

5. Share customer feedbacks: Your customers are the essence of your business so it would be better to share thoughts of your customers with others. Customer reviews are very much essential for the small as well as established business. You can use your customer's feedback to engage other people or for opening a dialogue also you should tag customers in their tags so that to increase the visibility of your post. If you don't have any customer feedback then you can ask for the feedbacks by some techniques:

● Ask for reviews over the phone

● By sending customers some emails either personal emails, organizational emails or email blast.

● Ask reviews in response to praise

● By creating opportunities with conversation

● Ask for reviews via Thank You Pages.

6. Share your presence in Groups: If you’re part of a group on LinkedIn or another social media network then don’t forget that, you can share your Facebook page on other social media site i.e. Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest etc. and ask your community to help and support you. Your customers will be happier by getting connected with you anywhere they want to.

7. Promotional Updates Sharing: When we talk about promoting a Facebook business page then it indirectly means promoting your products or services. If you work on keeping customers up to date with your new offerings through facebook then you will be posting regularly and showing your customers that you want it to keep in their knowledge and attracting the customers towards your business. These all efforts will ultimately help you to promote your Facebook page for free.

You can engage the customers by posting the updates of the following things:

● Promotional updates of new products/services

● Updates about season special products/services

● Share the post about the extended hours of your store (if offline too)

● Share update when products are back in stock

● Updates about your most popular products

● Updates about some deals and offers running

8. Keep yourself engaged with individuals: If an individual comment on your post, you should thank them and ask for a question related to the comment because this is a great way to get engaged with your customers who follow you and usually comments on your posts, which also helps you to get more likes and followers because Facebook's algorithm shows your interaction with individuals on the newsfeed of your facebook followers as well as on the individual’s Facebook feed.

You can also get engaged with the individuals by tagging them in your post shares or your image posts. Which not only alerts the people that they were kept in the consideration but it also shows up your post in other people' newsfeed.

● Tag customers in the image or screenshot of their positive review for thanking them for reviewing your post.

● You can tag your customers in the products’ images of your customer for thanking them for buying your product.

● You can also tag your employees by writing about them in behind the scene and encourage them to share the post and tagging their network.

9. Post facebook contests and offer promotions: This is one of the best ways to get more engagement of the customers and to get more likes, comments, share and followers. Cater your customers with some value in the form of some offers or some facebook contest. The more interesting thing will be in the form of some incentive or some deal. You can avail some Social Media Marketing Services in Delhi to take more benefits of promoting your products or services on Facebook.

● You can include the following things in the Facebook promotions and deals:

● You can host an event or create a facebook event that your followers would want to share and bring their friends to. For example write something about your newly launched product or post some cooking recipe or so.

● Host a name drawing contest – keep a record of your new followers and pick a winner among them.

● Offer some discounts for getting more likes and comments.

10. Get interacting with other businesses: This is the way to increase the visibility of your Facebook page. Here you can extend your network on social media by liking, commenting and sharing the posts of some other business owners or influencers and by following the facebook business pages of other businesses in your niche or industry.

Link other businesses and influencers to your social media posts so that to make yourself enable for cross promotions marketing. You should also follow the local news media and the people who have lots of followers. You should also try to use the same conversation starting tactics in order to gain access to the influencers’ audience in case you are not already connected.

If you link or share the updates from other businesses or influencers, there are increasing chances that they will also link and share yours.

Final Thought:

When we talk about Promoting your Facebook business page then it isn’t just about promoting your business or your products/services. It is actually about building and increasing the quality of your page, which will end up in something that others naturally will promote you on social media.

It is in-fact about exploring and expanding the network you already have in which you are promoting right now. It is about growing the audience you are promoting to and sharing with. You can follow these 10 tips which we have discussed above to get your Facebook page in front of more potential customers for your business.

Author Bio

The author is SEO Expert, working with Best SEO Company in Delhi. He helps in building value-conscious traffic on several businesses sites. In his articles, he has given tremendous ideas related to SEO and how to increase the user base, and boost web sales and customer satisfaction. There are thousands of tricks and techniques he follows. Get in touch with him @ info@jeewangarg.com

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