How to Build Local Citations (Complete Guide) ?

Jul, 30 2020
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Regional or local businesses used to put up company advertisements in local newspapers since before the emergence of the Internet. But later on, due to the rise of business websites and classifieds, this is no longer necessary. Applications such as Google My Business, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and others allow businesses to show up while customers are looking for products or services in search results. Local citations is a kind of online recognition that not only offers an enormous benefit to your business ranking but also places your company in front of your potential customers.

What are the local citations?

The local citation refers to the name, address, and online telephone number of the business. They can be regarded as the component of local SEO rankings. Local business websites, databases, applications, and social media can include citations. Citations enable Web consumers to identify local companies and can even influence listings for online search engines.

Citations are useful for local search queries in ranking higher & helping people find out about your company online. The component of the name, address, and phone number referred to as NAP, which is an especially significant aspect of the building of local citation.

Local Citations are used to assist local searchers in their geographic regions to find essential information regarding an organization.

How Local Citation Helps the business?

By publishing company details on top-quality directories and other reputable local websites, you establish your business reputation credibility.The examples of such top quality directories are Just Dial, Indiamart & many more. Google's algorithms utilize various sources to verify their company's existence and determine whether the information provided is correct and genuine.

Local citations help to build trust with customers & search engines. One of the most critical things we will do to impact the local SEO rankings is local citations.

What are the contents of Local Citation?

Local citations can include and also can involve several forms like

  • Company Name
  • Contact Number
  • Address
  • Images
  • Opening Hours
  • Closing hours
  • Products
  • Services
  • Videos
  • Fax Number
  • Business description
  • Tagline
  • Website address
  • Social Media Links

Why are local citations relevant?

The number of citations that a company allocates, the consistency of the information that they display, and the reliability of the platforms they are using will increase a company's rankings because Search engines always gather data related to every business from local citations.

Effective utilization of the local citation service can help your business listings draw the right kind of exposure.

However, accurate citations assist people in discovering a local business while, on the other hand, inaccurate citations can misinform people, contributing to a loss of credibility and sales.

Types of local Citations

Local citations are of two types; Structured citations & Unstructured. A structured citation is the most popular way to see NAP displayed on a website, with name, address, and phone number identified alongside each other, compatible with the majority of the listings on the site.

There is a structured citation on a database of business listings such as trip advisor, Yellowpages, or Facebook. When you submit your business over these platforms, you will automatically get your citations in a structured manner.Example of structured citation is given below;

Unstructured citations are the kind of citations in which the information scattered through a web page. Including blog posts, forums. Unstructured citations occurred on pages like journals, articles & blogs. Example of unstructured citation is given below;

How Local Citations affect Search Engine Rankings?

Local citations influence search engines to find your company. In search engines, the more citations a business gets, the more credible the business is in the eyes of search engines. Getting your business identified in reputable web databases sends information to Google to maximize the sense of assurance that your organization operates. The number, the reliability, and the quality of the online directories will influence how Google considers the online presence of a business. 

As search engines collect statistics, they guarantee that the content provided by a client is correct and trustworthy. That ensures that you are not likely to rank high if you give inaccurate details of the local quotations. The quality of citations used is also helpful for SEO rankings. The better quality of local citations improve your online credibility with search engines and raise the chance that your company will appear as people check for your services.

How can we build local citations for a business?

Local citations should be structured to help regional searchers identify specific information of a business within their geographic area or region. We need to make sure the NAP (Number, Address & Phone number) is the same on all platforms to create local citations.

Uniformity is an essential feature that provides benefits to local citations & hence to a business. Business descriptions can help you build local rankings by adding relevant keywords. It can also help the search engines understand your business very well. Include essential descriptions of what the company does so that search engines understand your business.

Adding company images may help boost customer engagement & can help you rank in image searches on search engines. Try to add reviews as getting positive feedback doesn't only mean you improve a growing venture but will even increase the rankings. You may add the name & company tagline icons to the local citations as well. The final step is to place your business listings on essential platforms like Bing & Google My Business. Want to know more about features of Google My Business Listing, kindly go through our blog;

What are the different ways of building local citation submissions?

There are three approaches of local citation submissions as discussed below;

  • Manual Submission of Local Citations;

​Data can be inserted manually in this kind of local citation. In this strategy, you will reach some of the more specialized directories, and you do have the additional advantage of fewer submission errors.

  • Automatic Submission of Local Citation;

This technique uses a citation building method to fill the details in the directories automatically. The whole process is performed automatically, but it also contributes to mistakes.

  • Submissions from Data Aggregator;

​It is the reliable way to create local citations seamlessly through the most relevant online directories. There are four leading data aggregators in the USA, such as Neustar Localeze, Foursquare, InfoUSA, and Factual, and they are commonly used for local citation submissions.


It can be quite time-consuming to obtain and maintain track of citations, but they can immensely help the organization or the business to improve Google rankings. Local citations can help create credibility, popularity, and reputation in your industry. Taking advantage of a reputed digital marketing agency in local citation services will help you get the right kind of exposure.


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