Voice Search is Going to be next big thing in SEO – Know How?

Jan, 16 2020
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voice search is going to be next big thing in seo know how

We are living in an era of digital marketing that can bring the users to search results which they need, more easily and quickly than it was ever before.

The voice search and Google’s personal assistant is changing the landscape of digital marketing. However, it is bringing new opportunities along with the new challenges for marketers and businesses.

This basically means that people will have to rethink and adjust their SEO strategy for keeping themselves in touch with the current trends.

After all, it was predicted that the voice search will make up at least half of the all searches by 2020. However, the users are still warming up themselves for adapting this new style of search, therefore the data connected to voice search SEO is still limited.

But, as we already discussed that more and more users will be realizing the potential of voice search, so it is necessary that you alter your SEO strategy and adopt the new ways of thinking.

Here we are discussing everything you need to know about voice search and how to leverage it for boosting your SEO.

What is Voice Search?

Voice search allows the users to instantly search for the things by saying the phrases or the words through a microphone rather needing to type them in a search field.

That means if you’ve used Google’s Assistant to ask something like “Book me a table at the best restaurant near me.” there, you’ve performed a voice search.

There are countless people who are currently using their voice for helping themselves with tasks, or for looking up information, and locations using their smartphones.

How does Voice Search work?

For performing a voice search, you just need to click the little microphone icon that is appearing on your search bar and there you’re ready to state your command. That makes it just simple and quick in comparison of any typed search.

With the voice search all of these kinds of searches are possible that can replace the typing in your questions into a browser. However, there are different assistants/voice searches available today and they are compatible with different devices.

For instance, Apple Siri is compatible with all the Apple devices including iPhones, iPads and iPods. Whereas, Google Assistant is compatible with Google Home, Pixel smartphones, Android 6.0+ devices, iOS and Android apps.

There’s one more called Cortana that’s compatible with Windows 10, Windows phones, Xbox One, Android apps and iOS.

Next, Alexa comes from Amazon and is compatible with their Echo speakers.

However, Siri and Google Assistant are the most popular because these can be accessed from numerous devices

How does it impact SEO?

Today a large portion of all the searches on internet are being conducted by using a voice command, so it is natural that it affects the SEO of your website.

Therefore, optimizing your website for the voice search is the first step or you can say the key element that can increase the internet traffic for your desired keywords and even it can also help you in creating some new keywords which will help the users to find out your business and buy your product.

And because the voice search is very fast and practical therefore, it will continue being an important & indispensable part of SEO and it may even replace the traditional way of written search in future.

The importance of voice search for Businesses

The ratio of the voice searches is increasing and it was predicted to make up around 50% of all searches till 2020. That means there is a lot of traffic that probably the businesses are going to miss out if they don’t optimize their business for voice search.

According to a research, around 20% of people who make a purchase of more than $500 are making a purchase by using voice search. However, it can also do another great thing for your business.

The voice search may increase the purchasing by influencing users choice. That means the businesses now have a new opportunity to redirect consumers towards their brand, services and products.

Optimize your website for voice search

There are several ways that can help you to gain more traffic and to reach the users who would like to use your products and services. However, when optimizing your website for voice search you need to keep these points in mind:

  • Identify the purpose of the search

The first thing that you need to know is “why people are using voice search” and “for what they are looking for while using voice search?”

However, both teens and adults use voice search in almost a similar way. Both the adults as well as teens use it to make calls, ask for directions, or play music and so on.

So, in order to get your business listed out there, you should get listed your business on GMB – “Google My Business”. However, you may ask why?

Well, if you’re properly listed and Google has your location then, it will show up your business the most times in all location-based searches. For instance, if a user searches for “where’s the nearest car mechanic” then, businesses that are listed on Google My Business with having the nearest location addresses will pop out at first.

  • Use proper phrases​

Another important thing that comes up at the time of optimizing the SEO for voice search is creating the right keyword terms/phrases.

The best thing that you can do is to come up with the phrases that people use in most chances.

For instance, the most common search terms are in question format. For example the phrases like where, what, who, when, why and how are very much preferred when someone conduct a voice search.

As we saw in the previous example for the search of car mechanic, the question was started with “where”. So, the “where” phrases are the most common type of the voice search.

Whereas, “how” and “why” are the best search terms for the websites that offer tutorials, or any kinds of guides and other helpful information

To further improve user’s voice search experience, you should keep your terms short & simple and also you need to try creating a question and answer kind of format on the pages that are targeted with voice search. Google generally prefers these websites and put them on the top of the search results page.

  • Rethink your website design​

Google loves the user friendly websites. Therefore, the user-friendliness should be at the top of your list of priorities. Additionally, more and more people use their smart phone today to conduct searches.

Therefore, it becomes mandatory that you have a responsive website design that allows the users to navigate your content quickly, and smoothly.

So, when the businesses combine a good web design with a fast load speed then, their bounce rate gets just right. Also, their page will also have a higher dwell time.

therefore, it is also considerable that you provide a good web experience when people landed to your webpage after conducting a voice search.

At the end, let me answer the question that we started this article with. Yes, voice search is going to be the next big thing in SEO in near future therefore its best practice that you stay prepared in advance.

However, now when you know with the above discussion that in which direction the SEO game is changing then, you will be able to make the most out of voice search and use it to get maximum advantage.


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