5 Rules Essential for Creating SEO Friendly Content

Dec, 18 2019
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The business that has a professional business website that conveys a strong message can be proved to be great leads or sales generating tool.

However, the major key is to convey the right kind of message here, the content should be the one that helps you connect to your target audience.

That’s why investing in good SEO friendly content is crucial

Do SEO Experts know? What is the purpose of creating quality content?

It isn’t just to make the website of your business look good. But, you need to ensure that the right people should read the content you are writing.

And that is the reason you want your content to also rank higher in the search engine result pages. It’s a proven way to reach out to a bigger section of your targeted audience.

People regularly search for the topics that are relevant to your business. Therefore, you don’t just need content but you need content that impresses both, "the readers and the search engines".

In other words, you need an in-depth and SEO friendly content that ranks in the top ten search results. Please have a look below at the average content length of the top 10 results on SERPs.

SEO friendly content that ranks in the top

When it comes to create a quality impression on your readers then creating the quality content is important. But if you aren’t focusing on the SEO aspect of it, then it means you’re missing out on the chances of getting your content in front of the right people.

So, you need to keep in mind that good content & ethical SEO Services goes hand in hand, so SEO is something that every business needs to work on.

You may then ask… Is producing SEO friendly Content hard? My answer is “Of course not”. If you’re already creating content then, you just need to take it in the right direction in order to get the maximum benefits of SEO.

And you know what, once you start working on producing great & SEO friendly content. It will get easier to achieve higher search engine rankings and additionally it also gets simpler to keep your position safe in the search engine result pages.

Now the question is, how will you create SEO friendly content? Or what do you need to ensure that you’re doing better than your competitors?

In the following article we’ll be discussing about the 5 essential rules that you should follow in order to make your content more SEO friendly and that is too without breaking any of the white hat SEO rules.

Rule 1: Create Original Content

However, creating an SEO friendly content isn’t a daunting task. But, at the moment when you try to copy others then it becomes difficult for you to rank.

Therefore, when you focus on being authentic as well as different in your own way, without having in mind to do exactly the same that your competitors are doing then you have a much better chance of creating a new content that really matters.

creating a new content that really matters

Have a look at the stats by Social Media Today that says half of the brands out there failing when it comes to creating authentic content.

If your content is original & authentic then it will be more achievable for you to stand out of the crowd. But remember, I am not here saying that you can’t seek inspiration from sources within your industry.

You always can learn from others but that should be only before offering your own unique insight.

Do the followings to Create SEO Friendly Content...

When you focus on creating real as well as SEO friendly content, then you should forget consider writing the same thing that has already been overly done.

Therefore, being original is “what really matters”. But how it will happen? It will happen when you will bring out the originality in the concepts or ideas that you are sharing.

Make your content a piece worth consuming and sharing. Make it a breath of fresh air.

Do you know, one of the key aspects to improving SEO results is getting other reputable websites within your niche to link to your Website.

Therefore, when you put in the real efforts for making your content original that means you have chances to get more backlinks. Quality websites link to the helpful websites that offer something new and authentic.

Let’s look at it from Google’s point of view. You will get rewarded in terms of higher ranking by Google for publishing original content. And a blatantly copied content will get penalized. Additionally, you can make your content more original and SEO friendly by...

  • Adding your Own Perspective, and
  • Tapping Into Your Reader’s Emotions

Choose the Right Keywords

​Rule 2: Choose the Right Keywords...

One of the most crucial steps towards creating quality SEO-friendly content is to select the right keyword. The idea behind choosing a right keyword is to choose a keyword that is worth targeting and that is able to get you ranked above your competitors.

When your keywords are not executed correctly then your keywords usage can backfire also. Therefore, it requires careful consideration. Your targeted keyword could be a “two-word keyword” or it could be a “five-word phrase”. But a keyword should be representing your article’s main topic.

Although your article will be ranking for multiple keyword phrases, still you should focus on “targeting a specific keyword” that conveys your topic properly. This is usually the keyword that you want to rank higher your article for.

Let’s discuss about a few steps that you can take to choose appropriate keywords for your content.

1. Consider Your Main Topic:

The base of any kind of keyword research is to know your topic very well. Therefore, you need to get into the specifics of the topic that you are targeting and understand "what it has to offer to the readers?" or "what kind of solution does it provide?"

2. Brainstorm Your List of Preferred Keywords

Although, there are a number of keyword research tools, but you need to start with your own mind itself.

What you need to do is - "put yourself into the searcher’s shoes and ask yourself", what search query or keyword phrase would you use if you will need to search for your target topic?

Make a list of all the keyword phrases that come to your mind. And then start your keyword research...

3. Start Keyword Research

Once you are done with the Brainstorming the keywords, then it’s time to start your keyword research. You can use the “Google Keyword Planner” to make do a “keyword research”. Since it is a free tool but need not to say it’s the most effective one. This tool is sufficient to give you a head start.

This will provide you the global monthly search volume for the keyword phrases that you have searched for. Additionally it will provide the data with the data for related phrases. However, you should try to only look for the keyword phrases that are “natural language”, so that you can easily include them in your headlines and content.

your headlines and content

4. Avoid Keywords with High Search Volumes

There are high chances that you everyone chooses for the keywords that have a high search volume globally. But the good idea is to avoid the high volume phrases because of their popularity they’ll be hard for your website to rank for.

In fact it’s better to reach the page one position for a keyword that gets 1,000 monthly searches in comparison of a keyword that has much higher search volume but with that you have no chance of beating the competitors.

Although, there is not any hard and fast rule when it comes to choosing keywords based on their search volume.

What you really need to focus on to choose the keyword phrases that are highly relevant to your topic and then check that if the keywords would be worth targeting them. Because you should spend time on those keyword phrases only that you can rank for realistically.

keywords would be worth targeting them

5. Opt Long Tail Keywords

The long tail keyword phrases are more specific in comparison of their shorter counterparts. And they are worth targeting because searchers who are using them for finding something generally are sure of what they want. That means they’re simply focused, and are in the “buying mode”.

Whereas, people using short and broad keyword phrases have a vague idea about what they actually want, they’re just researching or learning, that means their chances of converting into customers are low.

Rule 3: Optimize Your Titles Effectively

You must have noticed in case of yourself, whenever you hit Google for searching something, and Google comes up with many options on first page.

Then with a quick glance through the top ten results, you’ll be deciding to visit the websites which are there with the “most enticing headlines”

What does that mean then? It means that the headline or the title of your page is the very first & foremost thing that a search user will notice.

So, if it is enticing enough to make them click through then they will visit the website. If it’s not, then they most probably will move on.

Therefore, creating SEO friendly content isn’t just about the information you share with the users. But, it’s about creating a great title for your page that entices people and give them a reason to visit your website.

creating SEO friendly content

There are 2 things which we are mentioning below, you can do for making your headline worth clicking:

1. Think about Variations: It would be difficult if you will be trying to come up with a great headline right in the first attempt. And you’ll end up not finding a worthy title that way. What you need to do is rather?  Discuss with your colleagues and get many variations for the headline of the page.

You need to understand that what you aim for at the end? Your aim is to find the compelling headline that speaks for your brand with your target audience. 

2. Make Proper use of Keywords: If you use your focus keyword in your headline, especially at the beginning part of the headline then, it will be a great effort for effective SEO. 

However, you must ensure that your headline is making a meaning. So, use the keywords in a way that it makes sense instead of sounding robotic. Look in the following image... This is the best place to put in your main keyword.

Make Proper use of Keywords

Try to couple up your keywords with the words like big, best, improve, etc. so that your headline look  more natural as well as enticing.

Try to keep your headline short. Your title should be effective, with proper keywords and also make sense at the same time.

Rule 4: Make your Content Readable

So, what do you understand by “Content Readability”? Content Readability is nothing but the easiness of understanding a certain written text. Therefore, in the process of creating SEO friendly content..., you shouldn’t miss out on the readability factor.

Although, content readability isn’t a direct ‘Google ranking factor’, but it is definitely affect your SEO initiative. Let’s have a look on the factors that can be used to make your content readable...

A. Use Simple Words…

This is one of the easiest ways that enhances the readability of your content. To make your content “SEO-friendly” you should use simple words that every reader of the content can connect with. You can have a look at the following images...

Use Simple Words

Therefore, you should use shorter words that add meaning to your content and don’t confuse the readers. That means, give them the information they require but in the easiest manner to understand. 

B. Use shorter sentence (not more than 20 words)...

Longer sentences are difficult to read as well as these are confusing to understand. Therefore, make shorter sentences wherever you can.

So, what should you do? You should break down a long sentence into several shorter & easy-to-digest sentences. 

Use shorter sentence

C. Write in the way you talk...

In the process of creating SEO friendly & easy to understand content... your tone matters much.

That means if you can write in a conversational tone or in the way you generally talk then, it means you’re automatically making your overall content simple and readable. 

Again it’s not written anywhere in SEO studies but it helps to make your content more reader friendly. Moreover, writing like you are talking to a friend is easier and looks more natural.

D. Write in Proper Format

On the website people don’t like big blocks of text. Therefore, it makes more sense if you use shorter paragraphs.

And when it comes to proper formatting, then using more and more white space will make your content more appealing in look and SEO friendly.

But, now the question arises that "How often should you give space into paragraphs?" I would say... "You should whenever you can".

Additionally, break down your text by using compelling subheadings as well as using bullet points and tables.

The purpose of doing all the above things is to present your content in a more readable form.

One thing to Remember is that “content that is easy on the eyes gets read and spread.” Please have a look at the proper formatting of Content...

proper formatting of Content

E. Proofread Your Content...

If your content is with many spelling errors or there are many grammatical errors the no matter how great, how informational or how well- researched your article is, no one would read it.

All the elements we have till now discussed will be pointless, if you will not be able to make your post proofread. 

Therefore, check your article on any of the online tools available like Grammarly before publishing it.

F. Add Relevant Images

Good images enhance user experience and therefore, content with good choice of images is considered best.

Images add excitement to “only text” as only text can look boring and monotonous.

Therefore, you should try to use relevant images wherever you feel in order to segment it better. However, try not to add images to your content just for the sake of adding them.

But, your readers should get some value out of them. The more relevant images you will use, the better audience will connect to it.

Rule 5: Keep User Experience in forefront...

As we all already know that “User experience or UX” is one of the key aspects of Website Designing. As user experience must be great when it comes to the success of a website.

Therefore, User-Experience focused marketing is important. However, it is not limited to the website design only, but it goes beyond that.

User Experience is extended to “how you use content on your website” as well as to the way it impacts the overall experience.

If you will be creating a content that just fills up space on your website won’t going to take you far.

In fact, every piece of content that you create & put on the website should start keeping your target user in the forefront.

That means, you should keep your readers in your mind, even when you’re just trying to improve your SEO of your website.

Let me here ask you a question that can you write content or even research keywords if you are not aware about your target audience? Of course not

You must ask yourself a few questions, before you start writing content...

  • What do your readers expect from your content? Or write about something that will be beneficial for them.
  • How can you create content that adds value to the overall user experience of the website?
  • And lastly, do your website’s core values are helping your content marketing strategy or it is hurting your content marketing?

The closely you’ll look at your website and the kind of content you’re publishing, the easier will it become for you to serve your audience better.

And you’ll find that Google rewards the websites that provide stellar user experience. So, for increasing the chances of making SEO friendly content, you must keep the following points in mind…

1. Produce Article Keeping the Audience in Mind:

Whenever you look for a SEO friendly content that works, you need to think about the users first. That means, your content strategy should be designed around the user. As you can see in the following images, users, along with context and content here are to make up your site’s core information architecture.

Produce Article Keeping the Audience in Mind

Therefore, next time when you start off thinking what you should write then don’t just think that what you want to cover in your blog post.

Instead, you should focus on what type of ideas or solutions your users need from a business like yours. In the other words, we will say “Produce a true SEO friendly content” that provides value to your users in every possible way.

2. Grab User’s Attention Early On

A SEO friendly content should catch the attention of your readers and for keeping it that way, you shouldn’t create content without taking a central theme for it.

That means every piece of “SEO friendly Content” should be written around a certain theme.

Do you know, why?

Because you want your readers to know what they should actually expect from your content right from the start, I mean you want them to have clarity about the subject of your content.

No matter your content has the most relevant information, it won’t provide the desired results if it isn’t providing clarity in the first few moments.

Wrapping Up

SEO and content marketing are a two in one type of venture. If you want one to be perfect then, you should also perfect the other as well. Both the techniques complement each other and they won’t work well without the help of other.

Therefore, it is a must that your content should be SEO friendly.

The best way to ensure that you got both the things right is to hire a SEO Company. We can help you getting SEO & SEO-Friendly Content done in the right way. Set up a free consultation today with us and we will take your SEO and content marketing efforts to the next level. 

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The author is SEO Expert, working with Best SEO Company in Delhi. He helps in building value-conscious traffic on several businesses sites. In his articles, he has given tremendous ideas related to SEO and how to increase the user base, and boost web sales and customer satisfaction. There are thousands of tricks and techniques he follows. Get in touch with him @ info@jeewangarg.com

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