Should Digital Marketing be a Stream

Feb, 05 2018
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Should Digital Marketing be a Stream

It is sometimes astonishing when we come to think of how mere words can revolutionize the world. There is the word "Computer" which changed the course of another strong word – "Technology." These words not only thicken the dictionary but also shape the perception and mind-set of people. Who knew that the 21st century would be baffling with new technological inventions almost every day? In addition to these, there are two other solid words that have carved out their existence in recent times. These are "Digital" and "Market" or as put together form "Digital Marketing".

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital, a word originating from the electronic branch of technology, explains that data can be stored in binary digits, 0 and 1. For a layman, it’s basically the core of modern day technological gadgets.

From the smallest of things such as an integrated circuit to the large rockets, from something so vast like the internet to virtual reality, everything is digitalized.

The roots of marketing lie in the management domain. In the race to sell everything, marketing is a very important aspect. The company who fails to analyze the market structure, its competitors and the audience it’s catering to, faces a quick downfall. With such stringent competition in all dimensions today, meeting with such a loss could result in the company’s breakdown.

Combining the two, digital marketing can be understood as the selling of products and services through digital means. It surely allows the product to reach out to the mass, as in today’s time a majority of people are connected via digital methods, be it the Internet or by advertisements. With e-commerce soaring through the skies and replacing the door to door product selling technique, it is only logical to consider digital marketing as an emerging stream with great potential.

What is Engineering, Traditionally?

Engineering colleges eventually transform the youth into Bachelors of Technology (B.Tech) after a vigorous time spam of four years is strictly professional educational institutions. The B.Tech degree they offer is also considered to be highly skilled due to the training and knowledge the students gain through the process. The B.Tech degree can be specialized into many fields such as Computer Science, Electronics, and Mechanical etc. based on the various courses the college floats. If the student opts for computer science as the specialization, he/she will end up studying more of coding, software, designing user interfaces for websites, mobile devices and much more.

Importance of Both, Tech and Market

As discussed above the increasing importance of digital marketing, there is obviously a rise in the demand for experts in the same field. Every company has its own technical front (website or mobile application) which shares with the world its area of work, the services it delivers, and the products it offers along with additional information. This eventually drains down to only one big concept, catering to the majority and attracting clientele. Basic psychology proves that the human mind works towards the direction of whatever fascinates it, and hence the requirement for a god front ends.

But now the question arises, can’t an attractive front end be developed by a normal computer science engineer who possesses the advance knowledge to do so? In the race of success and achievement, it is well known that the person, who knows it all, wins eventually. Companies recruit those who have knowledge and experience in maximum areas. It provides an upper edge during placement and promises a better package. So anybody with the technique of assessing the market, the clients, and the product, alongside the technical know-how is a highly valuable asset.

Indian Status

According to statistics, there were 3,345 engineering colleges in India during the period of 2014-2015. Surprisingly, none of them cater to digital marketing. Most of them only provide basic and primitive courses. Being a child course originated from MBA, many managerial colleges deliver it. Not only these, top level private institutions such as NIIT, Digital Marketing Training Institute etc. provide classroom courses for the same. And what’s the point of teaching digital marketing if it’s not digitalized? Hence, many online websites including Digital Vidya and Talent Edge provide diplomas in the subject.

With such a low response in Digital Marketing at an undergraduate level it is obvious that compared to foreign education, India surely lags behind. Where universities offer both computer skills and marketing skills simultaneously in the form of major and minor courses, the students abroad benefit from it highly. The doors of opportunity open up to them a step before, and it widens future plans as well.

Affecting Business

After the Digital India scheme started by Honourable PM Mr. Modi, there has been a significant increase in the number of start-ups launched. So much that India has become the world’s fastest growing start up the ecosystem and currently ranks third, as mentioned in a report by NASSCOM. These new faces of technology are the just raw execution of an idea. They need a sense of direction, a shaped up market (online will be the easiest), detailed knowledge of the services the competitor offers and an urgent need for budgeting. All these aspects form the best conditions to hire a Digital Marketing expert. The challenges faced are increasing day by day and understanding the requirement of the clients, working to attract them is the need of the hour for almost everyone.

Digital Marketing works best for small businesses to grow. Having little resources and capital, this provides them with a better and more cost-effective channel to reach out. According to the Gartner's Digital Marketing Spend Report, 40% businesses claimed to earn more profits with the help of digital marketing tools and services. Email marketing and social media marketing are the major techniques which promise good revenues. Also, in a survey by Google, companies using such methods generate 2.8 times better revenue growth expectancy.

Consider the situation in which one has a shop and people visit it to buy products. This scenario is of conventional trade. There is no need to mention that there isn’t any income, directly or indirectly, when people enter the store and buy nothing. However, this is not the case in digital marketing. The traffic on websites and mobile applications is a great earning source. “Hits”, “Likes” or “Subscribers” define the quality of the product.

Customer satisfaction is a big aim and is considered the most important of all. Taking frequent reviews, interacting with clients, solving their queries, everything adds up to a user-friendly and user centric platform. Such procedures are recognized positively in the market and market value tends to increase. Digital marketing can bring the customers really close. As each customer is linked to customer support on the push of a button, personal attention can be given to all. Customers can easily share the shortcomings of the product offered and the company can understand their requirements. A happy client tends to act as a brand ambassador and becomes loyal to the organization.

Digital marketing hence is not just an option but is the need of the hour. Each company is looking for recruits in the same and are willing to shell out hefty amounts of money. With broadening the scope, it guarantees an increase in the revenues of companies. Not just that, thinking of the nation, it will help to curb unemployment as existing streams are on the verge of saturation. With time, man has to change and it’s time to change for the better, digitally.

Verdict: It should be introduced as a stream in engineering colleges of India.


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