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If you want to conquer the top most position of SERP then on-page optimization is the extremely important part. On-page is basically a part of SEO where the optimization of web page takes place and those optimizations are done by keeping in mind two aspects-

  • Search Engine (Google)
  • User

Any website with the proper on-page SEO has more influence on the user and search engines. You have to take care of both of them. Mainly, on-page optimization is done to make search engine crawl our website easily and no-page is left behind and search engine wants your website to be user friendly with the genuine contents on the basis of this search engine ranks the website. So in this way you can find that your website is incredibly on-page optimized.

You will have more influence on the on-page optimization than off page SEO, that is out of control factor and it is the crucial part that every SEO strategy can include. Some of the basic points to be taken care of on-page SEO and these are:-

  • Analyzing your current website.
  • Digging out On-Page SEO opportunities.
  • Making sure that, SEO best practices are implemented.

Do you know, what our on-page SEO services say? There are various important on-page optimization factors that help in improving website performance, below are a few:

  • Title Tags- Make sure that all title tags on your website are relevant, optimized keyword and the genuine length so that they are fully visible in SERP.
  • URLs- URL structure should be lucid and understandable. A simple and easy URL gives a chance of learning your URL by users. Focus on clear and best URL.
  • Content- Your engaging high quality unique content is the gems of your website. They are embedded on your website and make it precious. Our on-page optimization services fully focus on the core criteria of the content with the engaging property.
  • Meta Descriptions- Our content creation is extremely good, whether it is for blog or for Meta we give great content for the traffic as well as lead generation. You can find the best on-page services at this point of time.
  • Optimize images- Having images on the content is good but you should focus on your alt tags so that Google get to know about your image. Try putting your keywords or the image type in the alt tag.
  • H1, H2, H3…H6 tags- Having contents with the Heading 1, Heading 2 and so on, it helps in forming structured content for readers as well as search engine.
  • Social Buttons- Making your content easily shareable, there is nothing better than that. Provide various famous social buttons at the end of the content so that user can share it to the multiple of people and you can get more traffic.
  • Page speed- Your page speed is what your user wants. Each and every user wants instant access to the website pages and if you are able to provide them then you became successful at your initial step.
  • Interlinking- Interlinking is the process that various on-page service providers use and in this process they simply apply a hyperlink on the words that are related to other content or article and user can redirected to the other one.
  • Canonicalization- decides whether you want www version or non www version for your website home and other pages. You should go with only one version and later should be redirected (301 redirect) to the first. And when linking to your website pages, you should link using the preferred version. Suppose if you have decided to use www version for your website pages, in this case, all non www version should be automatically redirect to their www versions.

Hereby, what we want to say is that as according to our on-page services in India guideline which is fully accurate in terms of website optimization services states that there are some mistakes that maximum people do on their on-page optimization and that should not be done. These avoidable mistakes are:

  1. Ignoring few on-page factors- Many people are content with some sort of on-page SEO activities and they forget other activities. They do what they find easy and working instantly and ignore the rest. So, try to follow each and every activity because in on-page SEO optimization every activity is important and carries equal advantages.
  2. Writing short content- As we know that content is the king and in on-page optimization majority of things depend on how you play with the words. So having a small and creepy content is not a good option. Users want more and more information on the internet and if you are able to provide such stuff then you can become hero within very less time.
  3. Keyword Stuffing- There are some criteria of the search engine that should be followed and that criteria says that you should not use keywords more than 3% into your content. You have to analyze the whole content and the number of keywords you use.
  4. Never try to cheat search engines- Search engines are far smarter than us. Whatever technique we can use to dodge search engine but one day it will find it out and penalize us. So it is better to do website optimization according to the search engines not other than that.

However, doing on-page SEO is not a child’s play. You have to be smart and analyze all your techniques time to time and in addition of this you have to be consistent with your content. Try to get your content ready for coming 1 week with proper keywords and all the content techniques. On-page optimization is not one day work it takes time and goes upwards day by day. Else if you are unable to contemplate what about on-page SEO then contact us without hesitation. We are here to help you, provide us your website and see your website reaching the top most positions on SERP with all the on-page techniques done within very less time. Your website is our responsibility we handle with care all your stuffs. There is no place for complaints in our services because of our outstanding performance.

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