Why Millions of Web Developers Use Javascript, Jquery and Angularjs for Web Application Development

Jul, 12 2018
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Everything we see, click or interact with on a website is all comes under front end web development i.e on the client side, client side programming languages & Frameworks have made it possible to have interactive websites. There are 3 Components on which any website runs The Server, The Database and The Client. The Client is nothing but a browser which someone is using to view your website and it is the place where client side technologies are processed.

Earlier when there was no scripting language like JavaScript, Validations were used to take more time because they had to be validated from Servers itself so for making those validations fast and on the client side itself we needed some client side scripting language like JS. A Script program does not need any pre processing before running and it is executed by the browser when a page is downloaded, or when a user triggers an event.

Here We are going to discuss some main client-side scripting languages and frameworks or we can say Some Main Client Side Technologies which make large scale web development easy:

  1. JavaScript

  2. JQuery

  3. Angular JS


JavaScript today is the most known and popular web development programming language. As a recent report says that currently more than 94% of all the websites are using JavaScript as their programming language. There are many frameworks of JavaScript available in the web market like AngularJS, NodeJS, ReactJs etc. JavaScript Basically made it easy for the programmers to develop large-scale web applications. And if we use these JS Frameworks we can even reduce the time and efforts required to develop JS based Websites and apps.

JavaScript is One Of The Three Core Technologies Of World Wide Web (WWW) alongside HTML and CSS. It is most commonly known as scripting language for web pages. It runs on the client side of the web which developers use to design or program the behavior of the web pages on the occurrence of the event. So basically it is used for controlling the web page behavior. JS is a Powerful Scripting Language and it is also an easy to learn language.

JavaScript is a Scripting Language Which is Used by Web Developers to create Dynamic and Interactive Web Pages by implementing Custom Client-Side Scripts and to do Web Application Development. It is a light weight, high level, interpreted Programming Language. It is a Prototype Based and Multi Paradigm (i.e. it Supports event driven, functional, imperative programming styles) Scripting Language.

Uses Of JavaScript:

These are some important uses of JavaScript:

  1. To Validate the Inputs: JS Can be used to validate the input. Data which is entered should be validated before it is Processed.

  2. To Create Mouse Rollover Effects: JS can be used to create some buttons with very interesting Mouse Rollover Effects. Which make browsing interactive and attractive.

  3. To Create Popup Windows: We can use popup windows using JavaScript which are generally used to show some important announcements and news.

  4. To Generate Dynamic Contents: Dynamic Content can be generated on websites by using JavaScript.

Interaction With User: When a user inputs something it is processed and a proper message is displayed to user which makes the website more interactive. And this interactive property of a website makes it more productive.

Advantages Of Using JavaScript:

The list of Advantages of using JavaScript is as follows:

  1. Interpreted Language: The browser interprets the JS code as its HTML tags so no compilation is needed so as the compiler.

  2. Easy to learn: JavaScript is an easy to learn language, any person can easily learn and use it to create dynamic & attractive websites.

  3. Easy to Find Errors and Debug: The JS code is interpreted line by line so errors are indicated with the line no. which makes it easy to find errors, correct them and test again.

  4. Event-Based Programming: Event based programming does mean that different code segment is executed when some particular event occur. For eg. Code will be executed when the user clicks a button or rolls over the mouse on an object.

  5. Procedural Capabilities: Instead having so much benefits JavaScript still have procedural capabilities alive in itself that means it provides conditional checking, loops and branching facilities that can be executed in a web page.

Here a code is written using JavaScript coding which changes the label itself when you enter something in the text box:



Enter Your Name in the given box and the label will change correspondingly (i.e. Hello Your Name).

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JQuery is JavaScript Library which is Fast, Small, Cross Platform, Light Weight and Rich in Features & Designed to simplify The Client-Side Scripting HTML. It is a technology with a motto: “Write Less, Do More”. It is a combination of versatility and extensibility which changed the way of writing JavaScript Codes.

It makes things like animation, event handling, HTML document traversal & manipulation and Ajax very simple with an easy to use API which is cross platform i.e. runs on lot of different browsers. JQuery accomplish and wraps the many lines codes of JavaScript into methods that you can call with a single line code whenever required.

Advantages Of Using JQuery:

The Codes Written in JavaScript were very lengthy and there were more chances of errors, for making the codes easy to write and with less or no errors we needed JQuery there are some more reasons of using JQuery which are as following:

  1. Developed with most of the new features of the browsers

  2. Browser’s Compatible Web Apps can be developed with JQuery

  3. Fast and Extensible

  4. Improves Performance of Applications

  5. Provides users to write codes in minimal possible lines.

Features Of JQuery:

JQuery has Following Features:

  1. Effects and Animation

  2. CSS Manipulation

  3. HTML/DOM Manipulation

  4. AJAX

  5. Utilities

  6. HTML Event methods

Here is a code written with JQuery which changes the label itself when you enter something in the text box:



Enter Your Name in the given box and the label will change correspondingly (i.e. Hello Your Name).

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Angular JS: 

Angular JS is one of the frameworks of JavaScript among nodejs and reactjs etc. Then question arises what a framework stands for, a framework is a particular implementation of a web application, where the code is filled in detail. The framework is in charge and calls into your code when something app specific is needed.

AngularJS is an Open Source MVC (Model-View-Controller) Framework and is one of the most popular modern day framework available today. This is used mainly for developing single page applications. AngularJS is entirely based on HTML and JavaScript and there is no need to learn something specific to learn how to use AngularJS.

AngularJS is nothing but what your HTML would have been it just let you uses HTML as template language and let you extend HTML’s Syntax to express your application’s components more clearly. It basically changes static HTML into Dynamic HTML. It extends the ability of HTML by adding built-in attributes and components.

Advantages Of Using AngularJS:

There are some advantages of using AngularJS:

  1. Two-Way Data Binding: It provides data binding capability to HTML which is giving user a rich and responsive experience.

  2. Dependency Injection: It specifies a design pattern in which components are given their dependencies.

  3. Model View controller: it is based on splitting the business logic layer, the data layer, and presentation layer into separate sections, so it makes it easy to develop application in a clean MVC way.

  4. Testing: A testing framework called “Karma” is also developed by Google with AngularJS which makes it easy unit test in AngularJS applications.

  5. Routing: Routing Stands for moving from one view to another. This is the fundamental of single page applications, wherein you can move to different functionalities in your web application but still stay on the same page.

Features Of AngularJS:

Here we are going to discuss some core features of angularJS:

  1. AngularJS is a powerful JavaScript Framework which helps in Creating Rich Internet Applications.

  2. It Provides developers an option to develop client side applications in a clean model view controller i.e. MVC way.

  3. Applications developed in AngularJS are Cross-Browser compliant, it automatically handles JS code suitable for each browsers.

  4. It is completely free, open source and used by thousands of developers all around the world.

So basically AngularJS is a framework to build large scale web applications with high performance but keeping then easy to maintain at the same time.

Here is a code written with AngularJS which changes the label itself when you enter something in the text box:










Enter Your Name in the given box and the label will change correspondingly (i.e. Hello Your Name).

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