Voice Search SEO Optimization - Advanced Tips & Strategies

Apr, 08 2020
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Voice Search SEO Optimization - Advanced Tips & Strategies

Voice Search is in rising and trend, and if you have not yet integrated it into your SEO strategy, then you need to before it gets too late. Voice Search may have been underway as a small notion, but slowly and steadily is becoming one of the essential topics in the search industry. The simplicity to search with the voice is very much popular as people can quickly get to it. The idea of voice search started with smartphones then rapidly intensified to smart speakers and voice assistants all over the globe. In today's world, we are undergoing a voice search revolution with every group welcoming voice search with open arms.

With the approximately significant upsurge in voice search that is estimated, we must create content that is enhanced for it. Else, we goanna find it complex to gain any organic adhesion. The road of organic SEO is only to get more stringent in the coming time considering stern competition striving for Search Engine Rankings.

In this article of mine, I will pen down the comprehensive concept of voice search and how to rank your website higher accordingly.

What is Voice Search & A Dialogue System?

Voice Search is a dialogue system; indeed, an enhanced and much-organised one.

What is Dialogue System?

As the name suggests, a Dialogue System is a computerised setting that is intended to dialogue with a human being. It uses unique modes of communication like text, gesture, speech, so forth as output and input signals. Notwithstanding, every dialogue setting has different mechanisms, a dialogue manager is a constant in every one of them. It analyses the semantics and manages the dialogue strategy.  

The practical use of the first speaking dialogue system backs to 1977 with relentless study and advanced along the way. With such technical enhancements, we have come a long way to enhance one of the most beneficial dialogue systems.      

Why is Voice Search Getting Bigger?

Voice Search is one of the most natural ways of searching on the internet and is not a new kid in the town. In the last few years, it has gently taken a big chunk of the search market. However, it is estimated many marketers and Search Engine Optimisation specialists are only really rising to the fact that by, the end of this year half of all the searches throughout the internet will be Voice Searches.

Well, undoubtedly the voice search machinery is in its infancy, but we are all aware of the sophisticated, voice-based virtual assistants and software applications, backed by extremely enhanced artificial aptitude. Google Assistant by Google, Alexa by Amazon, Siri by Apple, and Cortana by Microsoft are to name a few.

Prime developments in artificial intelligence, natural language processing have brought dream goal closer for such search titans like Google to be able to understand a user query and serve exactly with results in a possible natural way.

Voice Search is Changing Search Behaviour & Prime Voice Search Statistics

Voice Search Strategy is not just about remaining significance; it is also about creating an optimised and unique customer experience that will enhance relationships and create brand trustworthiness. With voice search on the upsurge, it is essential to understand the voice search and how consumers or people use it. Below- mentioned are some of the prime voice search statistics you badly need to know now:

I) Over 65 million Americans do own a smart speaker

II) It is founded that around 75% of smart-speaker owners search for local businesses at least once a week.

a) 35% book a beauty appointment by voice search

b) 54% of people make food and drink reservations through voice search

c) 40% of people find out if a specific product is present at that business

III) Google AI acknowledged how to be chattier by consuming over 2500 romance novels

IV) Globally, smart speaker shipments have enhanced by 200% from Q3 2018.

V) 50% of all web searches will be voice searches by the end of 2020

Why is Voice Search Growing?

There are three major trends behind the upsurge of Voice Search rapidly

Firstly, voice searching is 3.7 x faster than typing. 110-150 words can be used per minutes using voice search, whereas only 38-40 words per minute can be typing.

Secondly, faster the search you will get the answers faster. So, it is no surprise that more people use voices instead of a keyboard. Voice is perfect for mobile searches; 60% of mobile searchers use voice search most of their time.

Finally, the voice search is straightforward and smooth. That is perhaps why more than people in the survey stated they prefer voice search, so they do not have to type. For example, typing “What is the height of the tallest building in the world” on the phone is a massive pain whereas to speak loudly is very easy and can quickly be done in a fraction of seconds. Thus, it is clear that voice search does not just type, it is a legit trend, and that is already affecting Search Engine Optimisation.

Voice Search World & SEO

Voice Search turns out, as searching with your voice is very different and unique than typing.

Particularly, Voice Search Alters:

  • How People Search
  • When People Search
  • What they are precisely Searching For

Voice Search Changes how people search in two significant ways, i.e.,

  • Voice searches are longer, &
  • Searches are more conversational

Voice searches are less like computer language as they are just longer. Google claims that 70% of searches on Google Assistant do not use computer language; they use natural language.

We can also say slowly and steadily Search Engine is changing to “Answer Engine”. As an example, “____ near me now” searches have grown by nearly 150% over the last two years. Rightly, we should be thankful for Search Engine Results Page features like Featured Snippet and Knowledge Graph, the number of organic clicks have dramatically dropped by 37%. As you don’t need to visit a website to get your answers, it is right there in search results.

Thus, we have to create content in such a style that give perfect and direct answers to their questions.

Research Your Voice Keywords

When you are researching your keywords:

  • You should look for Natural Language Keywords
  • Long keywords should not be avoided
  • One should go for and target “Question Keywords.”

Optimise Your Content for Voice Search

  • Content should compromise of Short & Concise Answer
  • Generate Voice Search FAQ Pages
  • Optimise for Featured Snippets
  • Draft Content with Natural Language
  • Insert Long Tail Keywords in Your Content

Some Other Enhanced Tips & Strategies 

  • Inclusion of “Filler” Words in Question Keywords
  • Enhance the Speed of Your Website
  • Improve Your Domain Authority
  • Longer the Content
  • More Voice Search Traffic
  • Optimise for "___ Near Me" Searches.

The above-listed strategies will assist you to rank better for Voice Search & Create an excellent voice search optimisation strategy. Which strategy and tips work best for you? Are there any more strategies that should be taken into considerations that I missed out on? Please comment below.

Author Bio

The author is SEO Expert, working with Best SEO Company in Delhi. He helps in building value-conscious traffic on several businesses sites. In his articles, he has given tremendous ideas related to SEO and how to increase the user base, and boost web sales and customer satisfaction. There are thousands of tricks and techniques he follows. Get in touch with him @ info@jeewangarg.com

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