The Growing Importance of Social Media Marketing

Feb, 26 2019
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Let us Explore how big brands are taking into consideration The Social Media to Engage Buyers:

The role of marketing in engaging people has shown revolution and Social Media is becoming a very important tool in the hands of marketers to engage with the target audience. According to statista, Expected Revenue from Social Media is going to jump around 2.5 times of the current i.e. it is expected to reach around $ 6.5 million by 2023 which is $ 2.6 million right now i.e. in 2018. But what the most critical thing to do is to keep both reality and authenticity alive in each brand interaction. And wherever you find these both things you will be succeeded. 

Let us understand it with an Example of American food & beverage maker company PepsiCo:

The Company doesn’t just want to promote its products but to make a cultural connect with its customers and for that what could be better than Social Media. They tried to target the youth by touching their passion points through some cultural moments, for instance festivities, movies, music, emotions & memes etc. For valentines they start preparing for a Social Media Campaign from September.

In this campaign the bollywood celebrity couple Tiger Shroff and Disha Patani was introduced on Pepsi. And you know what the impact of doing that was instant. This campaign on Social Media soon reached 57 million people and got 100 million impressions. In the very less time the internet was full of the articles on the couple with Pepsi’s mention. 

Pepsi uses five such strategically planned social media campaigns annually. And the Director, Cola & Hydration at PepsiCo India “Mr. Tarun Bhagat” said “If you do these moments every year for 10 years, you will see the drastic difference in brand connect”.

Brands are working on very crucial and targeted engagement. “Each kind of moment works differently for different brands and as per their needs. For instance “Some big companies need to use retargeting to keep their brand on top of the chart but others may need long-term involvement”.

With the increased use of SmartPhones & Internet, a sudden visible increase in the Digital Advertising can be seen that drives in the customers to find out the trusted voices. This can be done through 2 mediums, one is through some referrals & another one is through influencers’ recommendations. But in both of these ways the social media is becoming the main channel to reach to the maximum no. of people, and Social Media Optimization is the way to reach to the more targeted customer base.

It is important to get rid of the unwanted traffic on social media, and how it will be done. It will be implemented on the behalf of trust as meaningful conversations are built on influence. “Everyone using social media has his or her own community and it is important to know how people can be rewarded on influencing his community. It is the future of trust, word of mouth from the friends & peers and not just celebrities. But in India we have given the celebrities God-like status and because of that Bollywood grab all the attention followed by cricket and religion.

Let’s take an example of Religious Campaign:

The very well known Brooke Bond Red Label brand wanted to connect with religion. And they started a campaign on Ganesh Chaturthi in the form of a video launched on social media “Shree Ganesh Apnepan Ka”, and the most important part of the campaign was that it showed Muslims making Ganesha idols for a Hindu festival. It was just to remove the prejudices.

And the effect was that Bollywood celebrities jumped on the campaign. Actors Sai Tendulkar and Gaurav Kapoor shared the story on their social media profiles and Actor Sameeksha Sud recreated the video, which gained eight lakh views

What Experts Have to Say:

Experts also believe that social media is like a boon for entrepreneurs, as it helps the pioneers to uniquely position their brand or product. Before six to seven years brands were just having their presence, and customers were treating their pages to give negative experience feedbacks only. But thankfully it has changed as now brands started realizing that social media requires storytelling. And these stories need to be shared among people with same mindset, in simple words, It’s like going back to the traditional word of-mouth era because social media collects or gather people with similar behaviour and tastes. 

By doing this you will get a fully fledged data that can be used to capture to particular part in order to become relevant to users. Social media works at speedy pace that means when a moment happens, you need to capture it in the first few hours before the opportunity is gone. The brands like PepsiCo & Brooke Bond Red Label know the fact and design their campaigns accordingly.

Wrapping Up:

We are here wrapping up by saying that Social Media Campaigns are the need of the hour for today’s businesses and websites as Social Media has a global reach and nothing can give you as many benefits as the Social Media Campaigns can, when it comes to connect with more no. of people and to engage them with your brand. When the established brands like PepsiCo & Red Label are realizing the need of Social Media then there is nothing to say about how much it is important for the small & medium organizations. Your quest for the Top Social Media Marketing Ends here as at jeewangarg.com you will get the quality SMO & SMM services that too at the reasonable price.

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The author is SEO Expert, working with Best SEO Company in Delhi. He helps in building value-conscious traffic on several businesses sites. In his articles, he has given tremendous ideas related to SEO and how to increase the user base, and boost web sales and customer satisfaction. There are thousands of tricks and techniques he follows. Get in touch with him @ info@jeewangarg.com

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