Steps to design an Interactive website

May, 17 2019
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The most cherished fantasy now a day is to have a website whether it’s a company or a kid, professional or a homemaker, cottage industry or a multinational, rural or corporate, retailer or online marketer, or whomsoever or whatsoever one maybe. We all wish to get known across the globe in just a flash or two. And the best way is to have a website to let the world know who we are. But here, there’s a catch. It’s just not the website which serves the most cherished dream rather it’s an interactive one which do so. The website should be appealing, captivating, mesmerizing and informative to keep the visitors on the other end engaged, interested, cheerful and tempted to make them coming again and again, now and then, day after day and ever.

With said so far let us share with you the steps to design an interactive website which can neatly make you stand out of the clutter and keep bringing traffic along with other meaningful conversions. We are a website designing company in Delhi and are the foremost choice when website designing company in Delhi NCR is looked for. You can bank on us and if you would follow our all 7 steps, one after the other, there is nothing as such to hold you back from making a compelling, tempting and the most interactive website where the world would love to surf and get engaged. Here we go –

1) Share who we are 

We all love getting engaged with the known ones and one who is familiar and similar like us in one way or the other. So the first step, to begin with, is to let your website express at first glance who we are, from where we are, what we do and much more. Our landing page wouldn’t be enough to describe all, so we need a spicy “About US” section or better a complete page to tell our story. This maybe about us, about our staff, about our products, our photographs, pictures, images, our working place or our other attributes which we believe would make us better known to our visitor and get us friendly with him in a minute or two.
Our tone, style, and gesture should be friendly and not formal. We have to make them feel that we are also one of them and they would be benefited after interacting with us. We have to make them realize that they have landed at the right place and are in good company to deal with.

2) Let them contact you

Now your visitor knows you, and by now after knowing you he may get tempted to contact you. So, the website should provide complete information to let him contact the way he wants. It could be a call, an email, postal address, WhatsApp number, messenger, Viber, Skype, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other social media he is comfortable with or interested in. It’s always advisable to provide a contact form, so as to let him drop his details to let you contact him later at your convenience with all the information he is trying to seek you or has visited you.

3) Get Social and ready to interact

People are generally comfortable in discussing or interacting with social people rather than the reserved. So, showing your good presence on social media is a must to build an interactive site to let the visitor appreciate your lighter side and feel at home while interacting with you. The more we are social, the more we encourage others to get social with us, as they don’t mind talking their heart to us, no matter if it’s the first interaction.

4) Build a relevant search option

Time is at a premium. We all are engaged in more than a number of activities we can easily handle and so are in a rush. The same is true for all and so is for your visitor. Therefore it becomes vital to provide your visitor with an easy search option so as to let him directly reach where he wants and seek information he is surfing for. He may later visit the rest of your site once he will find it purposeful and useful to be there.

5) Gather their Feedback

It’s always good to learn where we lack to remain ahead of the pack and lead from the front. This is simply possible by friendly gathering the feedback/information from your visitor before he leaves. There could be some pop-up to request your visitor to drop his experience quickly in one or two steps without making him feel bored, loaded or bounded. The friendly the questionnaire the better the probability of receiving correct feedback.

6) Encourage them for chatting

It’s advisable to provide a chat box and prompt the visitor to directly send across what he is interested in rather than getting fed up and move to another site. The world is dynamic and the options are millions to make one hop from one place to another. It’s better to have a chat box at a convenient place to let visitor reach it without getting distracted. It’s equally good to gently pop up the chat box with a request to assist him in case he needs and an easy way to close it if he is uninterested. On one hand, it would help the visitor to get information and on the other would help you to receive quick leads and inquiries.

7) Add your visitors

Bonding with visitors is the best way to make them visit again and again and remain in touch for the decades to come. So, a subscription option is must to let them share their email id in case they have neither filled the contact form nor contacted you yet. The subscription box can pop up at regular intervals at some corner to let leave their details without getting disturbed.
It’s interesting to see you reaching here with us. Hope you have enjoyed the journey and by now have gathered enough to design and develop a captivating interactive web site. You can start with building a comprehensive blueprint which clearly demarcates the features, add-ons. Pop-ups, menus and their functionalities, and can proceed step by step. Making website interactive is no doubt an uphill task but the effort is worth its benefits, time and effort.
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