Some Website Redesigning Tips That will Generate More Phone Calls

Aug, 02 2018
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In the digital marketing world today people are more engaged in getting leads through website visits, form fillings, downloads etc. and they may sometimes overlook another powerful way of getting conversion which is through phone calls.  Phone calls are very important and useful part of generating leads for your products or services online.

As your website does not only generate leads or provide your company’s information but it can also help you in getting potential customers on the phone. If you design your website in a proper way, then it may help you in increasing the no. of phone calls that you may receive, which ultimately provides a higher opportunity to close the sales.

Here we are going to discuss some website redesigning tips which will help you generate more phone calls:

1. Use a Responsive Web Design: If you are thinking to redesign your website, make sure you use a responsive web design for your website i.e. your website is properly displayed on the mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones. Because if you will not design mobile-friendly web pages, then it will be difficult for mobile users to locate your phone number on the website. For eg. If your phone number is placed on the rightmost corner of your web pages and if it is not displaying the whole page on the mobile devices then a user has to scroll the page to right for taking your number and there are chances, they will miss it.

2. Make Your Phone no. Visible: The Ultimate goal of having a website is to have a visitor, but what if visitors want to contact you through phone call and they couldn’t find your number anywhere on your website, They will definitely get frustrated and will give up. This is not a difficult matter to address, you can place your phone number on every page of your website and that too on a visible and convenient to find place. But make sure it doesn’t overwhelm the entire page but it should be easy to spot. For example, you can place your phone no. on the right most corner of the web pages so that it will be easy to find it at a glance and it will also not dominate the page, which may, in turn, pressurize the visitor to call.

3. Add Click-to-Call Options: A huge number of your website’s visitors today use their mobile devices to browse the websites and a Click-to-Call Option will make it easy for them to contact you by just tapping on the Click-to-Call button. And which in turn will increase the no. of calls from these mobile users. If it will be that easy for them that by clicking on a button they will be able to contact you then user will be more likely to call instead of pulling your number from a web page and then dialing it manually. This extra effort could discourage them to calling you at the same moment.

4. Add a Call Back Widget: A Call Back Widget is useful for the website visitors who are willing to contact you or want to talk to one of the representative of your company, but is not able to call you at the same moment. In the Call Back Widget he will simply type in his no. and when it will be notified by you, one of your representatives can call back him and provides whatever information he wants.

5. Use Effective Call-to-action: When someone visits you website they often don’t know what kind of actions they need to take and they need a friendly push in the right direction of their concern. You need to use Call-to-Action on every page of your website and make sure these are relevant to the content of that page. For example if you are running a digital marketing company and you have a blog posted having information regarding benefits of PPC or Google Adwords. Then you can end up the blog using a line: For more information call us on following number and then add your number in your CTA(call-to-action) which will make things easy for them.

Conclusion: Getting Leads or Conversions might become difficult when you depend only on the website visits and those leads too are difficult to convert but once you get connected to the visitor on a phone call it may become easier to convert them. You can personally make them understand the benefits of using your services/products and in a friendly manner you can push them in a right direction, which eventually is good for both of you i.e. website owner and website visitor. So getting more and more phone calls through websites is ultimately a good sign for growth of your business and by implementing these 5 website redesigning tips, you can make your website the best source of getting more and more phone calls.

Author Bio

The author is a co-founder of Delhiā€™s best Website Designing Company- jeewangarg.com. He has been designing websites from last one decades and knows all micro to the macro level of strategies to deliver the best website. Usually, he writes blogs and articles related to the latest website designing tricks and strategies. Get in touch with him @ info@jeewangarg.com

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