How to Get Instant Insights While Automating Client Reporting- SEO Dashboard

Nov, 30 2020
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SEO Dashboard

For several people, reporting is an onerous, manual, and impeccably inefficient SEO task. On top of being slow to make, they can also be tedious and at the bottom of the list for the reasons why you’ve decided to do Search Engine Optimization as a career.  

Nod the SEO Reporting Dashboard!

SEO dashboards are incredible because they provide prompt and up-to-date vision into how well your search campaign is going. For your clients, reporting dashboards are very useful because they can mechanise the reporting process, saving you valued time to focus on what you do best for SEO.  

Almost all clients will want to know what you have been doing with your time, and, more significantly, how their website is advancing from it.

However, the expert from JeewanGarg create a client dashboard, it often variations, depending on what the priorities are. But all the dashboards display the significant things, including:

● Presentation + a note explaining the top KPIs
● What the experts have been working on over the past month
● Recommendations for the future

The experts have recently written the Ultimate Guide to SEO Reporting, that also includes a Free Data Studio template that is ideal for an SEO reporting dashboard.

Take a look at what our SEO experts have included to create a fool proof SEO dashboard and some primary tips to make it client-friendly.

Goals, Transactions, and Revenue:

This is an incredible opportunity to reflect the ROI to your client. Enormously developing traffic is incredible, however if this is not leading to sales and conversions, your client might have a doubt on your capabilities and question your fees.

The experts here like to make this a focal point when we are having our catchup call because this is what they eventually care about. If your client can see that you’re constantly making money which they are investing for, they will continuously work with you. 

Organic Traffic Summary:

Organic Traffic Summary is an incredible area for you to highlight how your efforts have impacted the customer. Because of this, our expert suggests this to include at the beginning of your dashboard. 

Particularly, you should include a comparison with the previous year. You want to display the data, so be sure to include bounce rate and other key engagement metrics in the statement.

Clients might not be familiar with the metrics above, so be certain to summarize not only what they mean, but particularly what they mean for their business.

Traffic Channel Overview:

This is not essential part of Search Engine Optimization, you want to include an impression of all your client’s traffic channels so your customer can see which is providing the most traffic to their website, particularly if you work on enhancing traffic via multiple platforms. 

In return, this should direct you where to focus your time and money. Furthermore, it will display how the organic traffic enhances compared to other channels. The expert would recommend to include a chart, that includes a first-class session trend chart and then a 100% stacked bar chart to display the percentage differences each platform contributed each month. This assists you to top with the progress that you have made across the channels, but you will also want to explain why you believe this is working.  

Organic Landing Pages:

It is interesting and beneficial to know how audiences are finding the website, but what’s really helpful is to know why they have landed on this particular website. What did they view? Which part of content caused them to click from SERP, and what they found so engaging. 

This simple dashboard will allow clients to quickly see what pages are working ideal and expectantly see that few of the pages you’ve been analysing are seeing increase and converting.  

Keyword Performance:

Several SEO strategies include keywords for you to target, thus be sure to include their status in your dashboard.

Some of the Key things to consider including in this section are:
● Keywords the website is ranking for
● The position of these rankings
● Which keywords audiences are using to search the website?
● Comparison of the website’s keyword ranking to its competitors

The Advanced Web Ranking Data Studio connector is a really progressive tool that allows you to mechanically pull together reports that comprise how the website is performing against the target keywords and competitors within the wider market.
Ranking Distribution Trends:

Ranking Distribution Charts are best for rapidly highlighting rank changes from a first-class view. If your clients want to see if there are any essential changes, Ranking Distribution Trends is the first place to look for. 

When talking to a client about this chart, they would commonly talk about the number of keywords they are seeing and going into first-pages positions. If you have come to know that about 20 keywords moved into the top three positions in the past week, make sure to shut about it.

Visibility Comparisons:

Visibility Comparisons is another useful insight to display a top-level view of performance. What is particularly useful is when you breakdown by different keywords groups. When talking to a clientele about this, give them visions into the cause of the performance changes. The client is going to take care of the most commercial keywords, so the experts have grouped these keywords and really focus deliberations on how they are executing. 
Competitor Insights:

You will find in-house marketers keep a very intense eye on all their competitors are doing. Hence, make sure to keep the client up-to-date with how the SERP is altering. One of the best benefits of using a rank tracker is getting daily updates on performance for your customer’s website, and their competitors. 

The experts at JeewanGarg also like to give client’s insights into what keywords their competitors are enhancing well on relative to them.

Backlink Acquisition:

Backlinks are essential to enhance rankings, but they are not always the coolest to attain, so you will want to highlight your efforts here.

Due to how time-intensive and therefore costly link building campaigns are, you will want to drive home to clients that you are providing incredible value.

One way to do this is ongoing reporting on things such as:

● Volume of backlinks gained over time
● Quality of the backlinks
● Backlink gaining strategy
Ahrefs, Majestic, and Moz are some of the tools that allow you to monitor the links a website has acquired.

Page Speed Insights:

Page Speed is an essential part of providing an incredible user experience. Google continues to repeat the significance of providing a great user experience. Google’s Page Speed Insights and Chrome User Experience Report is an automated reporting free tool to use and that contains exact speed data reported by Chrome from users browsing the website. So, simply hook this up to your dashboard to provide free insights on the experience users have on your clientele website.

Generating SEO reports for your client isn’t the most rousing task at hand, but an unconditionally essential one nonetheless. Look at this as a time to not only display off what you have adept, but also to present your strategy going forward.  

While your strategy will be recognised at the beginning, it is likely to, and should alter somewhat month to month based on the results from your report. 
It is not always plain sailing, so be keen about taking on any challenges that the report has gifted, and be hands-on!

Do you have any own tips? Please do share with us in the comments below!


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The author is SEO Expert, working with Best SEO Company in Delhi. He helps in building value-conscious traffic on several businesses sites. In his articles, he has given tremendous ideas related to SEO and how to increase the user base, and boost web sales and customer satisfaction. There are thousands of tricks and techniques he follows. Get in touch with him @ info@jeewangarg.com

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