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Aug, 08 2019
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In offline stores, how do people find out you store or should I say how do the consumers discover your products? The business owners of those stores have always been relied on their own storefront and the rent which they need to pay to get in front of their intended customers. But did you ever think how do you get those interested consumers in case you are running an online store?

Here is the answer of your above question. When you pay for an ad it means you are paying some rent to come in front of your consumers. So, basically paying for ads is the new rent for ecommerce businesses. With paid ads you can get exposure just like a storefront but with that you can avail an added benefit of being able to pick and choose exactly the audience who sees them.

However, running paid ads is not that easy, in fact it is getting more complex every day. There is always something new to learn like knowledge of pixels as well as keywords and much more. So, it becomes tough to keep all the knowledge and expertise as a small business. That’s why Shopify has launched Marketing in Shopify Website.

Let’s Explore what’s Marketing in Shopify Website?

Shopify Marketing is a new place to help the e-commerce website owners in creating, launching and measuring campaigns. Shopify has streamlined the process to making & running a successful ad campaign easier than ever, and a Shopify account owner can start a Facebook ad campaign & Google Smart Shopping campaign in Shopify Marketing Strategy very easily.

Shopify "the best e-commerce website design platform" is here to simplify the world’s largest ad platforms: Google & Facebook. As we already know that, every day Google and Facebook attract billions of engaged users. That means your ideal/potential customers are already on Google or Facebook, Shopify is making it even easier to reach those people. You can create, manage and track your marketing all in one place and that is directly in Shopify. You have no need to take more tab overload now, as you can switch between those multiple platforms.

Google Smart Shopping Campaigns

Shopify Store is the first e-commerce platform that has integrated Google’s new feature known as Smart Shopping Campaigns. Smart Shopping allows a Shopify account owner to run an effective Google campaign and that is without having to be much familiar with the advanced ad settings, as Google’s Smart Ad technology handles the hard work for you. You need to just set a daily budget in Shopify Marketing Campaign and your campaigns will be automatically optimized for the highest sales value. It will automatically choose which products to advertise as well as how much to bid and whom to target.

In Shopify Marketing Strategy what Google do? It pulls your product information straight from Shopify only and it automatically creates ads. Furthermore, it shows those ads to the most relevant audiences as well as in the most relevant locations on all the devices i.e. desktops and mobiles and including all kinds of places of showing ads e.g. Google Search, Gmail, YouTube and Google Display Network. Google’s Smart technology analyzes the results as the ads run and then it uses that information for optimizing the ad campaign. That means advertisers have no need to tweak settings yourself. If someone id new to Google Ads then he/she can expect to receive $100 for your Shopping Campaigns at the spent of $25.

Facebook Ads:

In Shopify Facebook Marketing, the businessmen can also run one of the most effective Facebook ad types in Shopify that are known as Carousel Ads. Facebook’s carousel ads are more efficient than a static ad as it provides advertisers more space to tell a story. In Facebook carousel Ads an advertiser can include up to five products and this format encourages the audience to click the ad to learn more. Shopify has even baked a few best practices into their setup process in order to help ensure the advertisers that they are targeting the right audience as per their unique products and goals.

Track Results Easily

When any advertiser sets up ads campaigns in Shopify then he/she can build the entire campaigns in minutes. Shopify will automatically populate the ad with product images, titles, and descriptions from the shopify store only, whether she is creating a Google Smart Shopping Campaign or a Facebook Ads. Once the campaigns are running for quite some time then advertisers will be able to track the results in Shopify. So, basically there is no need to switch over the platforms to compare results. Shopify also helps remove the guesswork as they possess a process of providing recommendations for next steps which is based on the advertiser’s unique store and campaigns.

And as everyone knows when we are using paid ads then we will likely to see those results faster. Paid ads are one of the quickest ways that can grow the business. There are no doubt plenty of free marketing tactics which an advertiser can use, but those techniques can cost them in time. When someone is looking to drive quick results during the key shopping seasons like black Friday, cyber Monday and the holidays then paid ads will be one of the most viable options, especially when the business is just getting started.

Wrapping Up:

Google and Facebook ads are undeniably most effective ways for reaching out to your potential customers as well as for driving new revenue, but the roadblock that many advertisers faced was the growing complexity of each platform, especially for smaller businesses and teams. The partnerships with Shopify streamline the entire process of creating, managing, and tracking the ad campaigns for quickly setting up effective ads and monitor their progress. That means no marketing degree or intensive study is required. However, if you still look for some E-commerce Website Development Company, then you can connect with Jeewangarg.com by calling on 9350809090. Shopify will be adding powerful new tools in the future, too, to help simplify even more of your marketing.

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The author is SEO Expert, working with Best SEO Company in Delhi. He helps in building value-conscious traffic on several businesses sites. In his articles, he has given tremendous ideas related to SEO and how to increase the user base, and boost web sales and customer satisfaction. There are thousands of tricks and techniques he follows. Get in touch with him @ info@jeewangarg.com

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