Setting Google Ads Budget with Location and Category Wise is very essential with example: Engineering & MBA Coaching Institute

May, 21 2022
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Setting Google Ads Budget with Location and Category Wise is very Essential - Video (English)

Google Ads Budget को Location और Category के  हिसाब से सेट कीजिये | वीडियो (हिन्दी)

Since the budget is set at the campaign level, we should structure the campaign according to category or theme wise first, and secondly, we should take care of location.   

To have a clear conception of setting the budget according to the category or theme, and considering the location. Let’s take an example of a Coaching Institute that provides classes for Engineering and MBA. Let also assume that this coaching institute has three physical branches in Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore.  

This coaching institute has a total inventory of 2 inputs, i.e., Engineering and MBA Coaching, and 3 target locations, i.e., Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore. Let us say that the institute is ready to spend INR 3000 Per Month on Google Ads. 

Hence, the first thing here comes is that we can make 6 campaigns such as:

  • Engineering Coaching Delhi

  • Engineering Coaching Mumbai

  • Engineering Coaching Bangalore

And likewise for MBA Coaching:

  • MBA Coaching Delhi

  • MBA Coaching Mumbai

  • MBA Coaching Bangalore

By doing this, we are basically gaining control over campaigns, which means we can optimize these campaigns further without any hassle. 

It is earlier mentioned that the budget for 6 campaigns is 3000, which means INR 500 for each campaign as we have 6 campaigns. 


Let us say after a few days of the campaign. After campaign review and observation, we came to know that Engineering Coaching Delhi is doing a good job compared to the other two campaigns (Engineering Coaching Mumbai & Engineering Coaching Bangalore). 

After analyzing the campaign that Engineering Coaching Delhi is performing better, we should focus more on Engineering Coaching Delhi. We should try to increase the budget for the same campaign. We can take some budget from Engineering Coaching Mumbai & Engineering Coaching Bangalore’s budget to Engineering Coaching Delhi’s campaign to get a better result at a good pace. 

Now, you must wonder why we should focus more on the same campaign when ‘Engineering Coaching Delhi’ is doing better. Why not the other campaign that is not performing up to the mark?

The simple answer is YES. We should focus more on the campaign that is having a positive result. We should focus more until the campaign ‘Engineering Coaching Delhi’ matures. As soon as the campaign matures, we will try to shift all our focus to the other campaigns that are not performing well till now. 

Likewise, we might have the same type of results for the MBA Coaching campaign, so we may apply the same procedure as we did in the Engineering Coaching campaign. In this way, we have very good control over the campaigns if we structure our campaigns in the same way. 

However, before shuffling the budget from one campaign to another, you should analyze the important metric, ‘Impression Share.’ If the Impression Share of a campaign is more than 80% to 85%, this means your campaign is utilizing the budget well (Of course other metrics to be taken care also), and if it is below 80%, this means you got to work harder for the particular campaign. 

Hence, ensure that you optimize and analyze the ‘Impression Share’ metric before you shuffle the Google Ads Campaign Budget from one campaign to another. 

There is also another tool known as ‘Shared Budget,’ which is used to control your budget better. To know more about the ‘Shared Budget’ tool, we will provide it in a separate topic so that you can have an insight about it.   

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