Boost Your Remarketing ROI with These 8 Tips:

Apr, 01 2019
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Remarketing is considered the most important factor to reach to the potential buyers in any marketing plan. It lies among both the lowest funnel and most versatile campaign types. So if you are going to invest in remarketing or if you are already investing in it then make sure to follow below tips in order to maximize returns. Or you can take Best Google Remarketing Services in Delhi, India.

1. Feed good, Get good:

Have you ever heard the old saying “junk in, junk out”, that means if you are feeding bad that means you will going to get bad back. You need to think about remarketing as the river that is filled by multiple different streams. And in case any one of those streams becomes polluted, then there’s bound to be trouble in the river.

A remarketing campaign is always created in order to re-engage the traffic that has already got engaged with your content. But just suppose if the traffic was not relevant in the first place, then what is the meaning of re-engaging with them. If we simply put, it isn’t going to convert it.

There could be several reasons of remarketing campaigns not working optimally and one of those several reasons could be that the initial traffic sources are not sending good traffic. So for reaching to the root of that you need to first analyze that, Was Remarketing Initially Working Good but Then Its Performance Dropped Off?

1. If remarketing campaigns were performing well but then started dropping performance, then you need to take a look at any new campaigns or traffic sources that come into existence meanwhile. 

2. In Case the Remarketing Campaign Hasn’t Worked Well Ever Before, Then you need to review site analytics in order to analyze if anything sticks out. You should try to take out any sources, campaigns or landing pages that don’t seem to drive quality traffic. Sometimes the problem may not be as big as a campaign. It could be just with the keywords that are too broad.

3. You need to be Proactive about Traffic Drivers, This is one of the best reasons to be really thoughtful about the types of traffic that is driving to your site and how you are re-engaging that traffic. Although the traffic is free, but still the quality is better than the quantity.

You should exclude those people who are not your prospects or at least you can segment them out for setting up a new ad set or ad group.

2. Analyze the Data & Segment Audience:

As a digital market manager you don’t have control over every aspect of marketing, and rightly so because it is impossible to control all of the external factors that result in traffic towards your website. But what you can do is, you can control the audiences because the most important piece of remarketing is all about the audiences in use.

The goal with audiences should be to define actions taken and level of engagement. After that you need to align those audiences with the purchase funnel in order to ensure that you’re delivering the right thing at the right time. To determine what kind of those audiences should be, you need to analyze your data.

Take a look at the examples of the ways that you can use to classify your data in order to create new audiences:

 First of all you should build custom reports in which you can look at the things like average time spent on your website, average page depth, and average number of sessions per user etc. When you will look at these things, you will find a breakpoint where the audience is more likely to convert. By doing this you will get a sense for the parameters that you need to use in order to build a high-intent audience.

● Then you should build audiences according to the demographics that are most likely to convert.

● You can also divide the audiences as per your funnel milestones in order to track the stages of the buying cycle. You can also use their activities on site which will help you define what kind of content they should receive next.

● Segment the audiences into the people that visit pages that signal buying intent such as reached to pricing pages or the people who added your items to the cart.

● You can also build an audience base according o the different traffic drivers or content pages. That means you can use your targeting methods for taking the more advantage. 

a.) For instance, if you are driving traffic towards your website from LinkedIn and that is toward business owners of tech companies. Then you should use that knowledge to your advantage at the time you re-engage them. 

b.) Another example is that if you know that the visitors were seeking information regarding some adventure vacations then you can use this data at the time of re-engaging with them. Because you don’t want their second experience to be less personalized.

● You can also divide he audiences by their recent activities. Because it is always the case that a visitor that has visited your website within the last 7 days has more chances to convert in comparison of someone who have visited your website 30 days ago. More recent audiences generally convert better and cheaper.

● You can also classify the audience as per their behavior. Segment the lookalike audiences especially high-value customers and repeat purchasers.

3. Evaluate your Content & Audience Engagement:

Using Google Analytics, you can open up a world of possibility for analyzing the performance. With that, you can dig into the things that how certain kinds of audiences engage with your content.

See the Examples below of what you can do with it:

● You can analyze that which landing pages perform best.

● You can also check which pages are most common exit the pages.

● You can find out the content pieces which they commonly navigate through.

● You can check that how the people engage with events.

● You can see that what content formats the visitors tend to prefer.

● And finally you can analyze that what site searches the visitors are performing.

At the end after this analysis you can use all of this information for your benefit. It helps you to make updates of the information and to create content pieces to be delivered to each kind of audience. So that they can find what they are looking for, more quicker ultimately to incite conversion.

4. Create Relevant Ads for your Audience:

The biggest benefit of segmenting your audiences (that we learned in above points) is that now you have the opportunity to create more relevant ads that speak to that particular kind of audience. It’s better in case of text ads because here you can dynamically change the text in the ad so that to really speak to the prospect.

But when it comes to image ads, you need to create something relevant to the audience and with keeping in mind that where they are in the purchase funnel. Generic ads will not always justice to all of the hard-work that you have putted into analyzing & segmenting your audiences.

5. Choose Offers Wisely:

Remarketing Ads with an offer are an effective way to definitely help increase conversion, but at what cost? You don’t want the customers to leave their shopping carts with the expectation of receiving a coupon code at the end. Some audiences are hesitant about the application of coupons but they also might feel compelled to buy if they could receive a discount. 

So please have a look on how strategically offer discounts?

● First of all differentiate the prior purchasers from the new purchasers and offer discounts only to the audiences that are totally new and have never purchased ever before.

● Then you should offer product-specific discounts on the product launches or new products in order to get some traction.

● One of the good tricks is that offer/announce discounts for a limited amount of time so that you can encourage the repeat purchases.

● And also don’t forget to use the minimum spend thresholds with discount codes.

6. Think Remarketing as a big picture:

Remarketing Ads can play a big role that means it doesn’t have to be encompassed with only display remarketing. Just think about the remarketing audiences and how those can be used across the paid social ads, YouTube, paid search, shopping and display to allow you to bid more aggressively.

Benefit:  Remarketing Ads are a great way to create cross-channel content paths. That means that no matter where your prospect have seen your ad, they are seeing an ad that corresponds to the next stage in the journey. And not the redundant ad for the content that they have already downloaded from a different channel

7. Trick of Upsell & Cross-Sell

The most common mistake people make in their remarketing set-up is that they exclude all the purchasers but that is not necessarily always make sense. Another thing which comes in the scenario that people continually show an ad of the products that has already been purchased. Doing this is also a poor practice there are still many other things you can do.

So, basically instead of excluding all purchasers or showing the purchaser same thing they have already taken, try to think about the ways of how they can be re-engaged to buy accessories and other products that could be relevant to their interest.

8. Ensure Adding Incremental Value

One of the benefits of remarketing is to allow it to take advantage from another top performing campaign. So you can take a look at the campaigns and other channels that are driving more sales through repeat purchasers. For taking the maximum advantage out of Remarketing Campaigns take the Best PPC Services in Delhi.

Another option you can use is to test remarketing campaigns but you must then monitor purchase volume from repeat purchases and make sure that remarketing ad is driving an incremental volume once it got launched. It will likely to cannibalize some but that is generally OK as long as it is profitable. But if it is reducing a large volume, especially from a paid channel, then you should consider to reconfigure your audiences in order to increase profitability on the whole.

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The author is SEO Expert, working with Best SEO Company in Delhi. He helps in building value-conscious traffic on several businesses sites. In his articles, he has given tremendous ideas related to SEO and how to increase the user base, and boost web sales and customer satisfaction. There are thousands of tricks and techniques he follows. Get in touch with him @ info@jeewangarg.com

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