Blogging Tips for E-Commerce Website

Apr, 23 2019
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An E-Commerce website is the hub of a lot of products that attract potential customers and ultimately convert them into regular buyers. It is obviously important to keep on moving with marketing and optimizing the product pages of your store in order to acquire the required traffic from the search engine. But it is equally important that you do blogging, because the addition of blogging can spice up your entire online business game. Blogging helps in business development, outreach, and revenue maximization.

You want traffic to your site, Right. And blogging is here to generate traffic for your site. But the issue that lies here is that everybody understands the first part, but surprisingly some of them ignore the second part. The businessmen should understand that blogging is a great way to build an audience and generate more traffic and sales for the business. No one should treat it as an unnecessary luxury. Forget about frequent posts even infrequent posts can help your business. So, basically, if your e-commerce website has a new blog that means you are going in the right direction. 

Quality blogs keep the visitors to your site engaged. Moreover, it supports your SEO and content marketing tasks. It ultimately helps establish your credibility. First you need to understand that blogging is not just a vacant section of your E-Commerce website that will consist of the news section only. You can in fact add a journalistic flavor, build authority, rank, as well as index in search engines. Moreover with blogs your website will gain a lot of traffic that ultimately super-charge your online business. Let us discuss some of the valuable blogging tips for your E-commerce website which you need to follow and gain traction in boosting your online store revenue and conversions.

Let’s Explore the blogging tips

1. Focus on Educating Readers:

A golden rule for better blogging is that your blog must deliver value to readers. What is the best way to achieve this is to educate the readers and provide them with the credible information that they can actually use and get benefitted from. A large portion of E-Commerce website users is not clear about the quality, usage, and scope of the products you have for sale. For example: If you are into a business of electronics, then there might be a list of the products which a layman doesn’t even know about.

So what you need to do is to help your buyers to differentiate the higher quality you offer in the market from the other products. You should educate them a bit on your corporate blog. You should do this for the making them understand quality traits so that they don’t buy poor product or fall in the prey of poor service providers. Moreover, you can write in the blogs about different uses and practicality of your products. For instance, a businessman selling kitchen utensils can create tutorials of how the products can be used in cooking and baking delicious meals.

2. Create Blog Posts around your Customers:

Always remember to reserve one post dedicated exclusively to customer feedback and testimonials. This will definitely take a bit of work, but it is an excellent way that gives your brand a more human face as well as help you show your customers that you care. So, you should dedicate a corner in your blog to your happy customers, where you can share their valuable testimonials as well as start a series of monthly or fortnightly customer interviews to share their experiences with the products and services you are offering.

Doing this will help you in the following ways:

  • The customers will feel overwhelmed to find their voices on your blog and they will share them with pride
  • More customers will get engaged to your post in order to get their thoughts featured on the blog
  • Potential customers will also get to know about the people who are currently using your products or services
  • These will serve your purpose of having authentic, reliable, and verifiable testimonials.

3. Actively ask for the comments on blog:

Actively ask for the comments on blog

A comment on the blog is considered a token of appreciation to a blogger, but in case of the E-Commerce website, it works as a conversation starter. Write attractive posts on your blog and add a comments section. It will let the users share the appreciations or their thoughts at the end. So, what can you do to acquire comments on your corporate blog?

You can start with compelling content that means share events similar to their routine and ask for the solicit feedback and comments on posts from readers. Besides adding a ‘comments’ section, another easy way to initiate conversation is to add questions like “What do you think of our services?”. You can also ask some other kinds of questions like: “is there anything missing?”, “would you like to share your experiences” etc.

Please Note:  Do not forget to thank the readers for their comments.

4. Connect with the latest news of the business:

You should check if you can relate your blog to recent news of your product/service. Can you tie up the trending or buzzing topics related to your business into your blog? You can also check it for that how can you add your own thoughts and opinions about these news/developments so that you can deliver valuable or useful content to readers? You should let the readers of your corporate blog know what’s going on around your business and within the industry.

They will be glued to the website that share news specific to a niche or business because it sounds authentic, credible, and relevant. You can also cash out on publishing news on your business blog by writing about the recent stories. For instance, an online clothing brand can talk in the blog about how the government is taking steps to reduce taxes on recyclable clothing material and how it will affect the global ecosystem in future.

5. Make your blog sharable on Social Media:

If you are sharing a blog without plug-ins then it may struggle to generate interest among the audience because a blog is part of your larger social strategy. You should add as many social plugins as you can manage. It can interface the conversations easily and more conveniently. Some plugins you can use are Twitter, StumbleUpon, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Reader etc.

Social media becomes the most effective way to supercharge your eCommerce website with relevant traffic. If you are putting a lot of efforts in bringing top-notch articles for your readers then you should also let them share the posts on social media with a click. Install plugin that supports your eCommerce platform and put all the share buttons of the social media channels on the website’s blog post and make sure to enable sharing blogs on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Stumble Upon.

6. Use Visuals in Blog Post:

Use Visuals in Blog Post

No doubt your written content can bring you a lot of organic traffic from search engines but if you use visuals for your blog post then it can make them stay for longer and to convert more efficiently. Visuals like images, GIFs, memes & infographics play an important role for engaging users even when they try to skip huge chunks of the written text. 

Do you know how to make the most out of visual? First, you need to optimize your E-Commerce web design in order to display images in a perfect size as well as perfectly-embedded videos from external sources. Moreover, visual content creates a visual context that can spellbind the audience the user. By doing this you can make the users to scan the image in order to understand or watch the video in full. And ultimately the users become more prone to conversion.

7. Segregate the Subscribers:

Your E-Commerce website attracts many users and as you know they can be from different walks of life. Some of the users may be doing jobs meanwhile others may be businessmen, or there are chances that some of them are students yet. What you can do is to encourage all the users to subscribe and then to segregate them according to their likes and preferences.

What you should do for increasing the subscribers’ list, you can use rewards for the users i.e. provide a free eBook about a problem they face or offer a webinar to help them find solutions to their problems. These kinds of contents will get you their emails as well as the consent to send them product updates on-and-off as well as the promotional mails.

Final Words:

At the end of this discussion we can conclude that marketing your E-Commerce website through blogging can be the most effective strategy. In case of E-commerce website you have no need to have a formal way of writing content for your corporate blog, in fact all you need is to make the blog post relevant and useful at any cost. You can take help from the above-discussed strategies, additionally you should keep on implementing some new and innovative ways of engaging the users. The essence of blogging is not just attracting the audience but to make the users take action to comment, subscribe, and make orders for your products.


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The author is SEO Expert, working with Best SEO Company in Delhi. He helps in building value-conscious traffic on several businesses sites. In his articles, he has given tremendous ideas related to SEO and how to increase the user base, and boost web sales and customer satisfaction. There are thousands of tricks and techniques he follows. Get in touch with him @ info@jeewangarg.com

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