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Jan, 08 2024
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Running ads on Google involves a lot of factors like choosing the right keywords, creating compelling ad copy, using extensions, and deciding on targeting, bidding, and strategy. Many businesses prefer working with a professional Google Ads agency for this. However, it's important to know that getting a spot-on Google is not guaranteed, and the costs can vary. The impression share, which shows how often your ads are displayed, is also unpredictable. Google's market is a bit like a mystery box where your bid, ad quality, and relevance all play a role.

But here's the catch – it's challenging to figure out how well your ads are performing compared to your competitors. This is where Google Auction Insights comes in.

In this guide, we'll break down Google’s Auction Insights, explaining what you can discover, how to use the tool, and how to use the Insights to make your ad campaigns even better.

1. What is Auction Insights in Google Ads

Auction Insights in Google Ads is a feature that allows advertisers to gain Insights into how their ad performance compares to that of other advertisers participating in the same auctions. This tool provides valuable competitive intelligence, helping advertisers understand who they are competing against and how well their ads are performing in relation to others.

This info is super useful and you get it pretty fast. You can see how your ads are doing just a day after they show up. It's like having a real-time view of how well your ads are ranking. With this, you can quickly decide what changes to make to make your ads more competitive. It's all about getting the best results for your campaigns.

2. Where to Find Your Auction Insights

You can check out Auction Insights for particular ad groupskeywords, or campaigns. To do this, head to your Ads Manager and choose the specific type you want to look into.

Next, tick the box beside the campaign, keyword, or ad group you're interested in for Insights. Once you do this, a blue bar at the top of the dashboard will light up. You'll find Auction Insights (as marked in the red bracket) all the way on the right. Just click on that.

As long as your campaigns are live, you'll find all the essential information you need right here.

If you want to see the Auction Insights report for the entire account, just go to the left-hand menu and pick "Auction Insights" under "Campaigns."


3. KPIs Of Auction Insights

The Auction Insights tool can tell you a lot about how well your ads are doing. Let's check out the main things you can learn from this tool, which we call key performance indicators or KPIs.

               a) Display URL Domain

This shows the domain of the display URL for ads in the auction. It helps identify competitors based on their website domain.


b) Impression Share - (IMP)

Indicates the percentage of total impressions your ad received compared to the estimated total number of impressions it was eligible to receive. It gives Insights into your ad's visibility.

c) Overlap Rate

This metric reveals how often another advertiser's ad received an impression when your ad also received one. It provides Insights into the competition for the same audience.

d) Position Above Rate

Shows how often another advertiser's ad appeared in a higher position than yours when both ads were shown. It helps assess your ad's average position in comparison to competitors.

e) Top Of Page Rate

Indicates the percentage of time your ad appeared at the top of the search results page. This helps understand how frequently your ad secured a prominent position.


f) Abs. Top Of Page Rate

This metric shows the percentage of time your ad appeared as the very first ad above the organic search results. It represents the highest possible position for an ad.

g) Out Ranking Share

Reveals how often your ad ranked higher in the auction than another advertiser's ad. It provides Insights into your ad's competitiveness in terms of ad rank.

Why Should We Use Google's Auction Insights

Google's Auction Insights is a free tool, and the best part is there's no catch to using it. It gives you a clear view of what's happening with your competition.

Your ads aren't alone in the online world. What your competition is doing directly affects how well your ads perform – like how they rank compared to you and how often they show up instead of your ads. Google’s Auction Insights helps you understand and improve your ranking.

This tool works for both Search and Shopping Ads. These are the ads where you're surrounded by other businesses all trying to get the same clicks and attention you want.

As discussed, earlier Google Auction Insights are influenced by many such factors such as:

Keywords Target


Bidding Strategy

Keyword Rank

Quality Scores

Audience Targeting

Location Target

Ad Scheduling, and many other factors.

Suppose we're running two different campaigns for Shot Blasting advertisers. Both campaigns have the same budget, same target locations, and same bidding strategy. However, when we check the Auction Insights, we notice an 8% to 10% difference in the Impression Share for both campaigns.

Therefore, we need to assess them qualitatively rather than quantitatively, making sure the Impression Share is consistently high, ideally around 85%. 


*You- www.maanglobalindustries.com

Let us take another example:

In one campaign for the advertiser, we're aiming for Conversions with Target cost per action (CPA) specific bidding strategy. In the second campaign, our focus is on getting a higher Impression Share using Target Impression Share bidding strategy.

As a result, the campaign prioritizing Impression Share will naturally show a higher impression share compared to the conversion-focused campaign.

So, when we see a difference in Impression Share, it's important to look at it more qualitatively than quantitatively. This difference happens because Google  doesn't show ads to everyone when the goal is conversions. Instead, it focuses on displaying ads to a selected audience that Google thinks might become buyers. Therefore, reviewing your campaign more qualitatively is very essential.

*You- www.shotblasting.org.in

Before You Leave

In addition to the aforementioned scenarios, various other factors play a crucial role in influencing the Google Ads Auction. If your Insights are not performing optimally and your impression share is below expectations, there's no need to panic. You can either reach out to JeewnGarg, a premier digital marketing agency, for assistance or conduct a qualitative review of your ads. By taking these steps, success is within reach. 


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