Add Me to Search : How to Create Google People Card

Apr, 06 2023
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add me to search

As a business owner, you always search for innovative and new ways to market your business or company. It is high time you must have heard about ‘Add Me to Search’ or ‘Google People Card’! However, are you sure you know what it is and how it can help you in enhancing your business?

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Note: The first and foremost step is always to go to Google. Open a mobile browser or the Google search app(add me to search feature is available only on mobile devices- Android, iPhone, and iPad), and type "Add me to Google search" if you see more than one choice, choose "Add yourself to Google search" first then tap "Get Started" to start creating your new card.

How to Create Add Me to Search or Google People Card: Complete Steps

Simply follow these important steps: Go to www.google.com or open the Google Search App

Step-1: Type "Add me to search" ensuring you type the right keywords.

step 1 login into your google account and search for add me to search

First and foremost, ensure that your language is set to English and Hindi. Simply type “add yourself to Google search" and you should see the first option to create your people card. Another option is to go to Google and type "add me to Google" or "edit my people card." You must locate the option and then click Get Started.

Step-2: In Add Me to Search or Google Search Card, enter the correct information.

step 2 tap on preview for one last review


You should now begin by entering your information. The first fields to appear are name, location, about, and job. You can also include additional information if you want. You can also add the following social profiles to search Google cards for me: 

- Facebook Account Details 

- Instagram Link 

- Twitter Link 

- LinkedIn Link

-  YouTube

Then you can add your phone number and email as well. The only two exceptions are email addresses and phone numbers that Google automatically retrieves from your Google account. As a result, you can only change your email and phone number on the card if you do so through your Google account.

Step 3 – Preview and Submit

step 3 All done, Tap on Save

At the bottom, you can see the preview link which you can click and preview the card and its information before it goes live. If you are satisfied, you can finally click the submit button. The search engines should index it. Finally, look up your name and add me to the search. You should now be able to see your Google card.

Note: The Google Search results for your card may only appear for a few hours. If your name is similar to that of a well-known person, you should give your profile a unique word. Other searchers will benefit from using this phrase. For instance, Waseem Akram Web Developer or Waseem Akram SEO Expert.

Gif preview for add me to search first look.

What is Add Me to Search Google People Card?

Google’s ‘Add Me to Search’ is a relatively new addition to the search engine's array of services. However, not many people are known or familiar with it; the Add Me to Search can be a mighty business tool. Who would mind being discoverable on the biggest Search Engine on the planet, Google? 

Till now, only renowned people who have created a name for themselves in various public forums have had a place on Google’s Search Engine Result Page (SERP). But things have changed now, you can find this on the Search Engine, courtesy of Google’s newest feature “Add me to Search”. With this feature, you can build your very own presence on Google Search. 

add me to search- JeewanGarg

‘Add Me to Search’ is it possible to add myself to Google Search? Well, with the availability of adding me to the Google search card, the answer is a definite yes. To add yourself to the Google search card! 

With tons of advantages ‘add me to Google’ is also very easy to create. In addition, if you are in search of personal branding services, you can take help from our SEO Company Delhi- JeewanGarg. We assist our clients get their brand reach amongst potential customers, and reaching the attention it deserves throughout the search engine and mostly with our innovative and premium SEO services. 

In this blog post, we at JeewanGarg.com will detail what Add Me to Search or Google People Card is all about and how to use it to approach customers and grow your business.

Basic of Add Me to Search or Google Search Card

Add Me to Google Search Card is only available in India, South Africa, Kenya, and Nigeria, you just have to possess a Google Account and have the web and app activity turned on. It is easy and possible to add yourself to Google Search with the assistance of this Google Search Card this card is created by an individual whom they can use for adding their personal details and social media links. 

Therefore, this card works like a digital business card that is displayed in the results when someone searches for your name. This beneficial card helps in creating a strong search presence even for unfamed individuals. In this way, searchers can find precise detail about such individuals with this ‘Add Me to Search’ card. 

Rules for Google Profile Card or Add Me to Search

The basic rule is to frequently update your virtual card for it to endlessly get displayed in Google. If the card is not updated or verified for quite some time, Google might cease displaying it in the search results. 

You can edit your personal information anytime that gets displayed in the Google People Cards. It can take up to some hours for the people card to get displayed. On the other hand, Google takes no assurance that everyone’s card will get displayed. Take in more details if it is not getting displayed; include more details if it is not getting displayed on the search results after some hours or so.  

Note- Keep taking serious note of these pointers while creating ‘Add Me to Search’ Google Card!

1. Only personal information is allowed. 

2. Include suggestions with a virtual personal card like a profession. If no suggestions are generated, you can add, personalized free text.

3. Avoid advertising terms such as 'cheapest', 'only', 'best' etc.

4. Derogatory remarks are not allowed about an event, organization, or issue.

5. It must not cause any harm and should respect the rights of others.

Not adhering to the rules can lead to the removal or permanent cancellation of the Google search card. 

It is an online business card that can assist any individual to achieve better visibility in search results. It is of great importance, and below- mentioned are some of the prime benefits that one can obtain from having Add Me to Search Google Card:-

  • Gaining leads with ease

  • Credibly peak your brand, work, or achievement 

  • With ease separates your name for celebrities or popular individuals

  • Best for personal branding purposes 

  • Builds a personal detail section whenever your name is searched by anyone on Google

  • Makes it easy for individuals to connect with you as it is updated with your updated information

  • It allows you to display your website and social media profiles, allowing people to learn about your habits and interests and connect with you.

As a result, adding me to Google search card has numerous advantages. Simply typing the keywords "add me to Google search" will take you through the steps to creating a personalized Google search card.

It is simple to get started with a virtual business card and enjoy all of the benefits listed above and many more. 

How to Edit the Add Me to Search Card?

However, you may be dissatisfied with the information that appears after you enter your name into Google search. Following a simple search query of "edit my people card," simply follow the steps outlined below, which should be similar to how to edit this same add me to search Google card information.

Procedure to Edit:

  1. Turn on the internet on your device. Simply sign in with your Google account and type edit my people card.

  2. At the top right you will see the edit option, click on and edit. 

  3. Finally, modify the sections you want to change. You can see a preview of the edited section. If you're happy with the changes, save them.

How Can You Remove Contact Details?

  • Some people do not want personal information on their 'add me to Google card,' such as their email address or phone number. To accomplish this, follow the steps outlined above.

  • You can now delete your contact information and leave the blank area you don't want to share.

  • Finally, preview and save your work.

What If You Want to Remove Your Google Virtual Search Card?

To remove your Google search card, follow these steps:

  • Visit Google.com and sign in with your Google account.

  • Look up Edit My People Card.

  • Finally, click Remove my Google search card.

How to Optimize Your Google Profile Card?

Check and must review that the information on the card matches the information on the card. A mismatch could result in the search index being removed. As a result, always provide accurate, up-to-date information.

Add me to search for bit-sized Google cards, and make sure your sentences are precise. The people card should be straightforward and clear, with no unnecessary information.

Don't ever post a picture of someone else. Always include a clear, recognizable image of yourself on your Google people card.

Finally, in Google search, type 'Add me to search' from your Google account to see your updated People Card. It will show your unique People Card.

How JeewanGarg Can Assist You With Branding?

JeewanGarg is a full-time digital marketing company with over 12 years of extensive experience. We have helped businesses with their branding hard work and assisted several small and medium sized business establishes names in their sector. However, if you are searching for personal branding services like add me to search Google People Card, the experts at JeewanGarg can assists you with these as well.  

As an experienced digital marketing agency Delhi, we make certain that the best steps for personal branding are taken. With our efforts, we can easily acquire targeted leads. With jeewangarg.com, you can begin your branding journey.

How to Fix Your Add Me To Search Not Showing?

If you are experiencing the issue, please follow these few steps to fix the problem hassle-free.

• Start by enabling and disabling your Feed in the search options. Although it only occasionally works, it can be worthwhile to try it to cater the problem.

• Another intelligent choice is to uninstall the Google app and reinstall it.

• Third, changing your preferences may also solve the issue. However, it might impact some of your Google Cards.

Wrapping Up

If creating People Cards appears to be a difficult task, contact JeewanGarg. We are a leading marketing agency that helps clients in India and around the world in branding their businesses across digital channels. We have a team of experts who can assist you in creating add me to search Google People Card and effectively promoting your brand! 


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why add me to search is not working?

You must have a personal Google account and English as your language. this functionality is only available on mobile devices (Android, iPhone, iPad, and iPad).

Q. What should I add to my Google People Card?

Your Google people card should include your name, photo, cover photo, contact information, education, and social media connections.

Q. Can I edit my Google people card after I create it?

You may make modifications to your Google people card after you are made it. To make changes, give in to your account.

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