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Amazon Advertising Services

Amazon Marketing Services Experts / PPC Consultants

We are a young and dynamic company having strong work ethos and commitment towards success. We believe in developing long term associations and work towards client satisfaction. We are the Oldest Amazon Marketing Services Experts / PPC Consultants. We are providing our services to more than 100 sellers. We offer varied services across the spectrum of digital marketing and ecommerce.Specially for Amazon we offer following services:

  1. Amazon Marketing Services (PPC services).
  2. Amazon SEO services.

If you are not familiar with both or either of them here is short description for both:

Amazon Advertising Services (PPC services) : It broadly covers two type of PPC services

  • Sponsored Products
  • Display Advertisement

Sponsored Products is actually a product which is advertised on amazon for a better visibility, which in turn enhances its sale.Seller is charged by amazon on per click basis. The cost of click is determined by the competition in that particular category.

Display Advertising: This service is used for brand enhancement,consist of a banner with product information displayed usually on the TOP/Side of the page & at many other places on Amazon. Once a potential customer clicks on the banner, he/she lands on the online store of that advertiser or customised Amazon page of that seller.

Amazon SEO services: With Burgeoning Products on the E portal, Persistent efforts are required to make your product stand out and get notice when a prospective buyer is searching for same, this is what SEO services does. SEO services focus on Product listings with Right Keywords and Categories, managing reviews etc.

We at jeewangarg.com have a dedicated and effective team which helps in getting your product standout in Amazon product market wherein competition is increasing every day. If you are one of the numerous merchants that use internet platform for online sales, we provide you the best Amazon Sponsored Product Optimization and Amazon SEO services: We have dedicated team of Amazon SEO Experts who can do various optimisation on your listings. Addition of backend search term, product description, and bullet points, titles, category optimisation etc. to name a few. Amazon Sponsored Product services and Display services also enhances the presence of product on Amazon though in a different way than Amazon SEO service, As an Amazon Optimization consultant, we create campaigns and optimise them by adding suitable negative and positive keywords.

We have a huge data for keywords and also some paid tools which help us dugout relevant keywords which potential buyer might be looking for. We are the certified Amazon consultant, that can help your business grow using various tool which amazon has in store for you. With In-depth knowledge and strong understanding of tools for campaign creation /optimization, our diligent and hardworking team, provides our client one of the best ROI. We believe in understanding the requirement of the clients and aim to over deliver on their expectations. We have worked for various product categories and have catered to 5000 campaigns, serving 200 sellers since August 2015 on Amazon and since January 2012 on various other platforms including Google.

Sellers availing our service have seen an average +175% increases in impressions and +135% increases in clicks.

"More than 100 sellers availing the service have seen 184% increases in sales and 30% savings in advertising cost”

As an Amazon Sponsored Product Optimisation Consultants, we do the following to boost your Sales on Amazon:

  • Analyze your existing campaigns or Create New Structured Campaigns with relevant Keywords which a potential customer is using to search your product.
  • Understand page 1 bids and implementing the same for Enhancing Product Visibility.
  • Identify High Performing and Non-Performing Keywords.
  • Identify SKU’s with low sales and also most searched SKU’s.
  • Structure your existing campaigns for better customer targeting.
  • Create new manual campaigns for specific SKUs basis analysis, using tools like negative keywords, exact match and phrase match.
  • Add more products to your campaigns basis your consultation.
  • Monitor campaign performance and provide weekly reports.

What our sellers have to say about us:

'I did not have time to manage my sponsored product account. They did magic and brought our Acos down within a month. They have created a huge positive impact on my campaign.'

-Mr. Bharat Bhat, Mani Sales

'I took the service with objective of professionally managing my account and improving my sales and I am not at all disappointed. The entire experience has been very rewarding. Right from access sharing to payments everything was well managed. I receive weekly reports about my campaign performance. The best thing about the service is prompt communication and satisfactory resolution to my queries’

-Mr. Shubham, Aurave

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