How PPC can help in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts.

Feb, 05 2018

How PPC can help in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts.

Many people prefer SEO over PPC for its long-term benefits, and because it is "free".

But SEO takes time. By creating content, optimizing the pages, building links until Google notices the changes, it can take months to see results. This means that you do not know right away if the time you spend on it is paying off. However, PPC provides almost immediate results. And most advertising platforms like Google and Facebook provide advertisers with data and ideas. So to make the most of your efforts, you need both.

One of the biggest advantages of Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC) is that you can instantly monitor your targeting ads and landing pages. Try as hard as you want, you will never get instant results from organic SEO efforts (search engine optimization). This means that if you have not started using SEO or if your SEO efforts are not met, PPC will lead you to the results you are looking for. Remember, even if you get a lot of traffic organically, this does not mean that your SEO is successful. If it does not convert your customers to users, traffic has not done much for you. The following are some simple ways to make the results of your PPC and make them into the revenue from SEO.


Determine whether or not after the appropriate keywords in PPC will allow you to save time and effort in SEO. If you are not already classified as a term, buy your way to the first page of Google can help you evaluate if this keyword should be organically aligned. When you set up your PPC campaign to set up conversions, you can determine how much percent of the people who visit your website from a keyword actually converted into customers. If a keyword has many search traffic but does not convert it is a great indicator that this is not a concept that you would like to spend your time organically. If you bring keywords have a lot of traffic and they do not convert, regardless of the message and the offers, try that is a clear sign, not organic to focus on these conditions.

Landing Pages

One thing that is often overlooked organically is the page that ranks for each keyword. In many cases, the homepage is mattered for your most important keywords of the ranking. Although it is difficult to control the authority of the home page of your inner pages, it can show you how to get your SEO efforts running good page-rank. At the very least, it can show you how the people on the home-page are better converted to a page of interior pages. If you have chosen an inner page for a keyword, you can simply customize your messaging landing page to reflect you as many conversions as possible make sure you get.


Just because a keyword is not well converted now, that does not mean it's a bad term. PPC allows you to test different messages to split the highest Click through Rate (CTR) and highest percent conversion. Using PPC to test your ad copy, you can write your Meta-data for SEO. Knowing that the offer has the highest click and a keyword conversion rate in PPC will result in the Meta description and title tag to write on the organic ranking page. If you target keywords that provide you with the most conversions and more clicks, it will lead you to a better return on investment.

Obviously, how do you utilize this information about your SEM strategy and if you currently use SEO or PPC? If you encounter a difficulty SEO campaign or consider launching a start, it might be useful to consider a PPC campaign to start your SEO efforts.

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